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The Beginning Of The End

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My name is Jonathan Hall. I am a 26 year old construction worker... or at least I was. I am white, with a medium build, and short, messy hair. I was in my house when this thing kicked off. I was born in West Point, stayed there all my life, rarely even venturing down south to Muldraugh. It's not even a few days past the first infection, which, as you of course know, was August 15. I'm not writing this to anyone in particular, hell for all I know, I'm the last one on this earth who doesn't want to eat my neighbor. No, that's not true, I do hear shots from time to time, and I once heard a helicopter fly overhead, so apparently I'm not completely alone... just mostly. I'm going to be carrying this on my person, so if you find this, I'm probably dead. I just hope it was quick. I'm writing down my journey, A: so it's not lost to time, should civilization ever start up again, and B: to keep my sanity.


Day 1: This is the first day since I dug this journal out of the attic. The Hendersons are dead, I put them down this morning. After that, I went outside to look for somewhere to hole up, as nice as my house is, it's just not gonna cut it when the dead start beatin' down my door. I managed to grab a good amount of food, and the mouse traps I kept under the kitchen counter. Roast rat is sounding really good right now, never thought I'd say that. I live just across the street from the school, The Hendersons were the closest ones, one house away. I headed that way, to search for some food, and holy crap did I hit the jackpot.

       In the bedroom alone, they had a baseball bat and a pistol. I had some spare rounds, but I had dropped the gun in the beginning, when I was running away from a large group of them. I learned quickly that noise draws them. Not only did I find weapons, I also found a trowel under the kitchen counter. I had always been lucky, but my luck was really shining today. After I took care of the Hendersons' house, I started to head southeast towards the school, but there was a large group of them, so I chose to head southwest instead. The more distance I can put between me and the large groups, the better.

        I came to the entrance of a housing area, and a large group was on me before I could move. I managed to escape the initial attack, and survived by leading them on, letting the fastest ones catch up and putting them down. The reason I didn't just run off is that I saw a house that looked pretty well fortifiable. It was two-story, with a pre-apocalypse fence around back, and a forest leading to a road on one side. It was at the opposite end of the road I was on, so I could loot the other houses as I made my way towards it, but the sun was setting and I just wanted to get inside and make sure it was clear.

        By the time I reached the house, it was 6:00. I found some poor girl in the living room, just standing there looking at her feet. I silently pried the window open and climbed through, as the door was locked, and bashed her brains in with the bat. I looked around, but the house seemed empty. It was MASSIVE, much bigger than I would ever need, but that's good. By the time I was done putting the perishables I had in the fridge and searching the house, it was 7:00. I waited one more hour, and then headed off to bed. I'm an early sleeper, what can I say?


Day 2: I woke up around 5:50. Not exactly the best, as it is still dark out, but it gives me a chance to write in this a little. As I was drifting off to sleep, I had an idea. I remembered seeing a farm house on the outskirts of town when I was making my way to my current home. Maybe I could hole up in there instead, it would give me a lot of space, and, being out of town, it probably wouldn't draw them to come knocking. I can see the sun rising, so I had better start preparing for the move. I left around 9:00.

     It was pouring. Lightning cracked the moment I went out the door... that couldn't be a good sign. Boy how wrong I was about not that many dead ones, I put down more in that small section of road between the town and the farmhouse than I did in the city. I finally made it to that farmhouse, pried open a window... and I heard a horrifying sound in my ears. The damn place had an alarm! And I had seen the makings of a horde as I was heading towards the farmhouse... not to mention it was raining hard, and I was already drenched. Yesterday had gone perfectly, so today had to be extra terrible, of course. I ran to the north, trying desperately to escape that damn sound.

     I reached a small shed, followed by 4 dead ones, and I began trying to dispatch them. The rain had stopped by now, and I managed to take them down. I made my way inside and found a good amount of supplies, including a fishing rod and 3 hammers. I kept heading north, south was probably crawling with them, and eventually reached a road. I saw a church on the opposite side, and started heading towards it. The parking lot was swarming with them, I managed to take down one who seemed to be smashing her head against the door, but the rest of them chased me... through the graveyard... and I thought graveyards were creepy enough BEFORE the dead were trying to chew my face off. I made it through the graveyard without incident, and began heading northwest.

      My bat was breaking more with each hit, and I didn't know how much more it could take. Pretty soon I'd be forced to use my hammer, and get in closer to them. I was not looking forward to that. I followed the road to a bend, and found a house that looked like a nice place to set up shop in. It was long and low, and tan. It was one story, but I could deal with that. As I approached the window (I had stopped trying the doors, seems like everyone locked them before they were eaten alive,) I heard a gunshot to my right, north of where I was. Doesn't make much sense, as the only thing to the north was forests and the lake, but if I heard a gunshot there, then that means someone is most likely in between here and the lake, which means they may be heading this way.

      I am simultaneously hopeful, and dreading it. The first window I tried couldn't be pried, but the second one could, and I managed to climb through. I saw one woman in the corner, by a wall, just looking at her feet, like the other one. After I had disposed of her, I went through all the rooms, coming eventually to the master bedroom. I opened the door, and was staring a woman right in the face. She must have been right up against the door. She extended her arms to grab me, but I squeezed out of her grasp and led her and her friend out into the hallway, before I dealt with them both. As I was taking out the last one, my bat broke in half on her skull... both bad luck, and amazing luck. I dragged their bodies outside and by the time I was done, it was fairly late, by my standards. 7:00. I went through a couple drawers, and waited a few hours, and then I went to bed around 9:00. 


Day 3: I woke up around 6:30, and I spent until 8:30 gathering my supplies, sorting my things, and otherwise getting ready for loot runs. I grabbed an orange and headed out the door, hammer in hand, backpack relatively clear. I then headed south, to a shed I could see from the kitchen window, that appeared to be full of crates. I didn't find much of interest, just a lot of paint, however, I did find some barbed wire, a plank, and a shotgun. Why someone would keep a shotgun in a shed that didn't even have a door, in a crate, is beyond me, but there it was. Still had the problem of not having any shells, but that could be addressed later.

      I dragged my sack back to the house, as it was already getting fairly heavy, with the shotgun and the planks inside. Then, I began to head east, back towards the houses I had passed when on my way to my current lodging. I figured now that I'm not being chased, I'd have an easier time looting them.  I was wrong. I reached the first house and noticed quite a few people outside, so I attempted to sneak to the door. I tried to open the door, and me rattling it must have attracted a few eyes, as three dead ones broke off and started heading towards me.

       I dispatched of them, after quite a while (I kept swinging too early, as I was used to my baseball bat's reach,) and then headed towards a window. Through the window I saw an American flag, hanging in a room with a chair that seemed otherwise empty. I pried open the window, and then I hear that dreaded sound blaring in my ears once again. Another alarm, this one RIGHT next to my safehouse. I back off and manage to sneak around the side of the building closest to my safehouse, thankfully it seemed fairly clear. I then headed along the road north, hoping that any houses I found wouldn't have an alarm, as I seemed to be creating a man-made horde, all I need is to connect the dead ones by the farmhouse and the dead ones outside this newest house and there's a force to be reckoned with. 

       I didn't find much, just a single house, to the north. I opened the window and climbed in. I searched the place, and then I came to the fridge. Hunger pains were striking me by now, so I wasn't quite thinking straight, plus what I found there was too tempting. I found a piece of bacon, probably my favorite food, pre-apocalypse, and without thinking that it may be better to cook it, jammed it into my mouth. Stupid of me, right? Meat can kill you if it's not cooked... I'm just hoping I get lucky. I'm kinda scared now, I'm not going to die... am I? A single strip of bacon can't be THAT bad, can it? I returned home, realizing that I may have just gotten myself horribly sick.

      There was nowhere else to go, I didn't see anywhere else that I could loot, not with the horde in my way, it would take way too long to go around them, as it was already 1:10. I figured I could try the field behind the house, past the trees, I thought I had seen some buildings from the shed, but I wasn't sure. I decided to take the risk, nothing else I could do for a couple hours, and headed out back. I found two buildings, one, a fairly large shed, and one a smaller version. Searching through the large one first, I didn't find much, just a couple screwdrivers (two to be exact, I only took one,) some glue, and some twine.

       In the smaller shed I found even less, just 5 nails. I returned home, and my stomach started to feel horrible, that bacon must have been coming back to bite me. I began sorting out my things into the different drawers, and then I started to go to bed... but then I heard the shots. They came from the direction the horde I had drawn was, two short shots, sounded like a rifle. Then I heard a scream. A horrible, blood-curdling scream. It sounded like a man... Whoever it was, he's now one of them. I'm gonna head off to bed now, as soon as I'm done writing this... but I don't know if I'll sleep.


Day 4: Well, on the bright side, I had a lot of time to write today. Food poisoning sucks, especially if there are no doctors around. I woke up around 4:30, and just wandered around the house till daybreak, I didn't want to aggravate the illness further. Apart from a few home improvements (mainly consisting of using my only board to board up one of the bedroom windows, the other one I left open as a possible escape route.), I didn't do much. I took a short jog over to the open-air shed, to look through it and make sure I didn't miss anything, and when I did that, I heard a shot. Sounded like a pistol. It was one, short bang, northeast of me.

         After I had double-checked it, I headed northwest, towards the two sheds, to go over them once more. By this time, I was feeling like I was about to vomit, and I did once or twice in between the house and the sheds, near the road. Once I return home, I grabbed something out of the fridge to eat and then I dug into a good book: Fishing for beginners. Lovely. I figured since I was this close to the lake, I would try my hand at fishing. I'd never been one of the more "outdoorsy" types. Then the fever struck. I started feeling a crippling pain, and made my way over to the medicine cabinet in the bathroom, to see if I had any painkillers. I didn't. I sighed, went over to the bed and laying down on it. After a while, the fever faded, but I was still in agonizing pain. After a while, I began to drift off to sleep.

           As I was drifting off, I came to a horrifying realization. If that horde around the American Flag house didn't dissipate, then I would starve, or have to take a huge path out of my way to reach the city. Either the horde will have to disperse, or I would have to make them, and shooting a gun would just draw more of them, so it would be a melee fight. That would be fun.


Day 5: I got up somewhere between 4:00-5:00. I spent until 7:30 preparing for the fight ahead. I grabbed my hammer and a pistol, plus half of my 30 rounds (15) just in case, and I grabbed some vitamins, to keep my strength up. I also grabbed a bag of chips, in case I got separated from the safehouse and couldn't get away. This is either going to deal with a massive problem, or BE a massive problem. Let's hope it's the latter. I stepped out of my house and headed south, to the corner, so I wouldn't lead them back to the safehouse should I have to run. I managed to pull one off of the group, and disposed of her quickly. I repeated that tactic multiple times. This horde was a fairly large one, but it was also very spread out and disorganized. I just kept drawing zombies away one by one until they were all gone. At least, enough for me to loot the American Flag house.

           These guys must have been into construction before the Fall... I found an entire room with 3 crates of construction materials inside, including a bunch of planks, some wood glue, some plaster, and some brown paint. There was even a flashlight. I ran my loot home, as my backpack was filling up, and as I was piling things into the counters, I heard a few shots to my north. Sounded like a rifle, maybe the guy from before had survived... or maybe someone else had wandered into the area.

            After I had put the heaviest of my supplies in their spots, I headed back out, continuing down the road, hitting more houses. I got home around 6:00, and spent until 9:00 organizing my stuff, at which time I headed off to bed.


Day 6: I woke up around 8:10. I had a quick bite to eat (A strip of bacon, cooked this time,) organized my things, and headed out the door around 10:00. I headed east towards the church, skipping over the houses I already went through. I checked through the shed, and found another fishing pole, some rope, another hammer, some more wood glue, and a saw.

            After that, I headed inside the church. In the back room, I found something that was more beautiful than any gun I had ever seen... a fire axe. I had no idea why there was a fire axe inside a church, maybe they were worried about fire safety, but I wasn't complaining. In the office, I found some books that were fairly strange for a church to be carrying, maybe they were one of the more outdoorsy type churches... Trapping for intermediates and fishing for intermediates. I grabbed them both, maybe they could give me some tips on how to fish. I left the church and headed one more house down, going into the garage before the house. I found a propane canister in the garage, and that alone was enough for me to carry, so I had to head back. When I exited the garage, it started storming, a thunder storm. I headed back, ducking into buildings to dry off so I wouldn't get sick. When I was taking cover in the church shed, I heard a scream amidst the thunder... Probably another poor man fallen to the horde. I can't believe I was starting to get used to hearing the screams. I got home somewhere between 6:00 and 7:00, and went to bed around 8:10, after a good day's run. Tomorrow, construction could begin, as I had both an axe to cut trees down, and a saw to cut logs up.


Day 7: It's been a full week since the dead started eating the living. Strange, it feels like a year. I woke up around 8:10, and immediately headed down the bloodstained hallway to the kitchen and grabbed my construction materials from the cabinet I had them stashed in. I began with the windows, barricading all but one in the bedroom, to leave myself an escape route, should the front and back doors be unavailable.

            Once I had finished barricading the windows, I went to work on extending the house from the back, to create a protected garden of sorts, for a future farm. It was a relatively uneventful day, and I managed to create a basic backwards L shape heading south of the house, heading inside at around 7. As I was putting all my supplies away, I realized something... I hadn't saved up nearly enough for when the water runs out (as of course it would,). I may have to go on a run tomorrow, and bring back things I can fill up with water while I still have it. I went to sleep around 8:30, thinking about future plans for this would-be fortress.


Day 8: I woke up around 5:10. For once, that was a good thing, it would give me a chance to improve on the construction somewhat before the run. I decided I was going to hit up to the church, and once I hit the church I would come back. I grabbed my construction supplies and was about to head outside when I heard something. A low growl, sounding like it came from outside. Not a growl from a zombie... it sounded like a dog or wolf, or something along those lines. Needless to say, I rethought my plan of heading out, and quietly put my supplies back, waiting for the sun to rise. Zombies I could handle, they were dumb, slow, and easy to knock over. Wild animals are a whole other problem, fast, usually quick on their feet, and vicious.

             I had a quick breakfast of strawberries and pie while I waited for the sun to rise. Not exactly the most filling, but it did the trick. I left around 7:00, through the front door, avoiding the back of the house. I didn't want to risk that the animal wasn't gone yet. I went through two houses, clearing them of anything that could hold water (except for a small container filled with bleach... I could have poured it out, but I didn't want to risk putting water in the same container as something that could kill me horribly.) At the third house, I searched through the drawers and realized something... I had skipped this house.

              I must have seen it, meant to go inside, then been unable to and when I saw it next forgot and thought I had already gone through it. As I was going through it, I heard a dog barking from the direction of my house. Probably the growl I heard last night. Then, I heard a yelp. Where ever it was, it's probably dead now. I finished with the house and moved on to the church, finding nothing inside, not even a bowl. I went out through the front door and headed back down the street towards the safehouse.

              I returned to the house to find a zombie in the backyard, leaning over something, eating it. It stood up as I approached, jaws red and dripping with blood, and I bashed its head in with my bat without hesitation. Then I saw what it had been eating. A golden retriever lay behind the house, once-yellow fur dirty, and stained with blood. Its chest was open, eaten by the abomination I had just killed. It hit me hard. You don't think about it, but humans aren't the only ones affected by this plague, pandemic, whatever you want to call it.

               I realized there was an upside to this... not one for humans, but for the rest of the world: No more pollution. Or at the very least, a much smaller amount. We wouldn't be cutting down natural habitats to create housing developments anymore, and nature would have a chance to recover from the things we had done to it. It's not that big for humans, but it's something.

              I dragged the corpse of the zombie to the road, and then I buried the dog beside the house. As I was burying it, I heard something, really close-by. It happened almost lightning-fast. Three short bursts, from what sounded like an automatic weapon, and then another dog yelping in pain. I don't know where it came from, nor who attacked first, but it was really close by. I finished with the burial, more warily now, and headed inside, as it was getting late. I went to bed around 7:50. As I drifted away, I thought about what might have happened had I gone outside this morning. Maybe the dog was friendly, and I could have saved its life... or maybe it would have killed and eaten me. That's the thing about looking back on things... you don't know... you'll never know.


Day 9: I woke up around 7:00, and had a breakfast of one cooked chicken. I am very surprised that the power isn't out yet. I figured today would be as good a day as any to work on my construction skills, and I dug my "Carpentry For Intermediates" out of one of the cabinets, so I could hopefully better my skills. Let me tell you, there is nothing more boring than looking at a how-to book for a few hours. I sat on the couch from 9:00 to 5:00, just reading. By the time I was finished, it was raining outside. I decided to get some construction done anyway, just so I could be somewhat productive today.

      The day was very uneventful. I managed to extend the wall a decent amount before 8:00 rolled around, and I decided to hit the hay. I wasn't very tired, but I wanted to attempt to keep my sleep schedule from being too screwed up. I went to bed at around 8:30. As I was drifting off, I heard a rifle shot in the distance. Hopefully whoever it was would stay away.


Day 10: If my calculations are right, today is the first day of September. Winter is approaching steadily... I don't know if I'll be able to keep warm enough, but I should. I have a couple sweaters in a cabinet near the bed, should I need to drag them out. I woke up around 5:10 and immediately grabbed my supplies and headed out the door to the back of the house.

        I have to say, I'm not a fan of having this heavily wooded area around back. I was hearing movement in it as I was building. It can act as a good warning, as zombies are fairly clumsy, must be something about them being dead, but it can also freak you out. It started raining around 6:00, but I wanted to get this wall finished. I wanted to get a farm up and running as soon as possible, so I could have a sustainable food source, and I couldn't have zombies stomping all over the plants, or they wouldn't last a day. I stayed out there as long as I could, but around 7:50, it was raining too heavily and I was soaking wet, and I didn't want to catch a cold. I went inside to wait it out, drying myself off with a dish towel. The rain stopped about 9:10, and I went back to work.

        After a few minutes, I decided to try my hand at making a door. I needed some pre-apocalypse materials though: Two hinges and a doorknob. I had an axe, so I decided to head out right then to get the materials. I put my construction supplies away, apart from the axe, and ran over to the American Flag house. I broke down one of the doors, managing to keep the hinges and doorknob intact, and returned home and rebuilt the door in a frame I had created earlier. It wasn't amazing work, but it would do. There were a few holes here and there, but nothing too big. I continued with the wall, and then I had an idea.

          I could make a water collection box. I had seen a few trash bags in the cabinets here and there, I could use those to line the inside, that way, when it rains, I would be able to collect the water in those boxes and use it as drinking water. I was getting fairly tired by this point, although it was only 3:00. Waking up at 5:10 will do that to a person. Ironically, the moment I had this idea, it started to rain. I built the water collection box fairly quickly, and was able to gather a lot of the rain. I also continued work on the wall. In the past two days, it had gone from a backwards L shape, to a U shape. The rain wouldn't let up, and I stayed out until 4:50. By then l was soaking wet and exhausted. I know it was early, but I stumbled over to the bed and passed out, hoping I would wake up at a decent time tomorrow.


Day 11: I was wrong. I woke up at 5:10. It was still raining heavily. That would be good for my rain barrel, but not so great for me. I had grabbed some logs from a tree I had cut down yesterday, and I went to work sawing them up. By the time I was done, it had stopped raining. I had gotten better at building, and my walls began to look a little bit nicer (they had less holes in them, at least.) I created another door frame at the back of the house, so the back yard had two exits (one at the side and one at the back), but I didn't put in the door, yet.

            I've just had an idea for a fairly large undertaking that could give me a better view of the area. I could create a makeshift watchtower using the roof of my current house, as it was flat on the top. It would take a lot of wood, but I lived next to a forest. My main problem would be a lack of nails. Then I remembered a fairly large neighborhood full of garages that would probably be filled to the brim with nails.

            I ran out of nails around 2:00, and decided that making a fireplace in the field nearby would be a decent idea. It was relatively empty of dry brush, and I had plenty of twigs from the deforestation I had caused. I didn't want to put it in the back yard, because there is always the chance the fire would spread, plus the back yard is fairly overgrown, and I was most likely going to be using most of it. I decided I would also create a basic storehouse, for cooked and to-be-cooked food next to the campfire, so I didn't have to drag things all the way there. That was a project for when I have nails, however.

            On my way back to the house, I heard a woman, screaming loudly. I looked around, but I couldn't see her, and I didn't want to go out into the wilderness blindly towards what was probably a dead woman, by now. Plus, whatever was making her scream was probably not too friendly.

           Tomorrow, I'd have to head out in search of the nails. Today, however, I'm going to try to get some rest. I'm going to take a decent amount of supplies with me, in case I get caught out. I had a quick dinner of cooked chicken and went to bed at 7:10, thinking about tomorrow's journey.


Day 12: I woke up at 7:20 and immediately headed into the kitchen, grabbing a bag of chips and a drink, as well as a spare baseball bat. I left the house around 8:10, and began heading southeast, towards the farmhouse. It was 12:30 before I reached town, since there were so many zombies in between the safehouse and the town. By 1:20 I was starting to get hungry, so I snuck into a nearby house and grabbed something out of their refrigerator, after I disposed of the previous inhabitants of course. By the time I had found a way in, killed the zombie, and had a bite to eat, it was 3:00, and it had started raining heavily, and thunder was crashing outside.

            It was already getting late, so I decided to make this place my abode for the night. I hadn't really planned on staying in town, but I hadn't taken into account that I didn't have a car, so it would be a much slower journey. I went to work, checking the other rooms and clearing out any other occupants, of which there were none. Then, I headed into the smaller guest bedroom, further down the hall from the master. It would be easier to defend, should the need arise, as it had a hallway that would funnel them towards me.

           I closed the blinds, and the door, checked through the shelves in the room, and then lay down to go to sleep. As I was drifting off, I thought of something. What if I were to create a safehouse in the city, as a sort of "base of operations," or "home away from home." I'd have to find a good house to board up, but it would be worth it, if it kept me alive longer. I decided that would be a thing I'd be looking for as well.


Day 13: It's happened. I woke up at 4:40, which would not be great for my sleep schedule. I gave the house one more once-over and left, heading east along the road. At around 7:50, I came to an intersection. You would not believe how many of them I saw. At least ten, probably more, just standing there. I tried to sneak around, but 4 of them came after me, causing me to have to take them out. That caused me to lure more of them, and I ran to get away... around a corner... and into a group of five. They grabbed me, and I couldn't get away. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't escape. They took a bite out of my shoulder, and I knew it was over. I managed to get away, but I'm dying. I can feel it inside me. I've already thrown up twice, my body trying to purge the abomination inside it, but it won't work. My shoulder is killing me, the pain is shooting throughout my body. I've attempted to bandage it using a sheet, but it's going to get infected anyway, they always get infected.


If you can read this, if you're even alive... stay out of the city. It belongs to the dead now.


Notes: Most of this really happened in-game, except for A: anything that is obviously not true (such as John washing the blood off his face in a sink). B: any interaction with other people (for obvious reasons.) and C: Anything otherwise pointed out. This will be getting updates as it transpires. I hope you guys enjoy listening about the adventures of Jonathan Hall! Tell me what you think, please, even if you hate it, but please keep it constructive.

Profession: Construction Worker


Negative: Light Drinker, Brooding, Short tempered

Positive: Stout, lucky


Btw, I usually play Muldraugh, and West Point is fairly new to me, so I AM using the map, as my character is supposed to be a native to West Point


Things that aren't true:

Day 2:

I did not drag their bodies outside (there were still zombies outside, so I figured it wasn't safe, but I also figured it didn't make sense for him to sleep in the same room as two dead bodies.)

It was actually 6:00, when I finished getting everything in order. However, I did go to sleep at 9:00

Day 3:

I did NOT eat the bacon on purpose. I found the fridge, and I had drawn a box to try to take everything out, then I got hungry and tried to eat something at the bottom (some strawberries) and it chose to feed me the bacon. If this ends the series, I'll probably start it back up again when the new update comes out, with a new character.

Day 4:

Obviously didn't vomit, as vomiting isn't in the game, that was just for effect.

Instead of laying down, I actually took the three bodies outside. They're now laying on that dirt road. The fever went away as I was taking the second one out.

Day 8:

The whole scene with the dog was not real, obviously. There wasn't even a zombie outside (although the growl and the barking did happen.)

I also did not bury the dog (obviously.) Instead, I used the time said in the video to make some improvements to the back yard wall (it's now approximately 2 wall pieces and a door frame piece longer.)

Day 10:

I did not put the materials away, I just dropped them on the ground by the dirt road (it would take too long to go into the house and come out again.)




Day 13: (Irony!)

I did not get away. I knew once I heard that bite sound it was over (and I had already tried to get away, it was failing miserably, my character wouldn't run, they had a good grip on him.) But I had to have him get away, to write the journal entry.





I will be restarting this when the new build comes out.

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Day 12: The Quest For Nails!


Btw, I've heard that roofs aren't solid (unless you can walk onto them via a door, like the roof of the Muldraugh warehouse.) Is this true? Would me putting wooden flooring down fix that, if it is, or leave it unaffected and I would still fall through and break my legs?

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Very entertaining! Really enjoyed all the poetic license included too. It's funny, all your character build options are exactly the same as mine (shouldn't be too surprised I guess, it's a good set). Everything but the name...my character's name is Howler Monkey...

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