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Hello !

First of all i want to thank you for the work you did and still doing on this mod, it's really awesome !

So, in fact, i came here to ask, since the mod is giving me more pleasure to play, and i got a MP server, i would ask if I can do a French Translation of this mod ? I'm French and my community really love this mod too so i thought it would be a really good idea to do it, but i want your approbation ^^


There is already a FR translation but it's reallt incomplete. I would like to have the .txt item list and reciepe list, the most recent you have, please :D I will send you my finished work so you could add it to the mod. What do you think about it ? :)


EDIT : Ok I find the error on the actual FR translation ! I comparred it to the TR translation and there is actually 1581 lines on Items_FR while 4072 on Items_TR and same for Recipes_FR (945 lines, 2554 for the TR) so, i will go on translating all of this ! Do you want me to send you the files when i'm done ? So you can add it to the mod so people can have the complete french translation


Thanks for replying me ^^

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