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If you have a server with "Zombies" set to 1/high, and then later it's lowered to 2/3/4, what exactly changes?


I assumed zombies where spawned once, on server creation, so would changing it even do anything untill the server itself is wiped?


Also in the sandboxvars is it possible to still have a random integer for the electricity and water outage dates, like would using "X-Y" work instead of just "X" ?




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Older post :l i shall take it upon myself to answer it for I am god.


I should correct you, every in game day the zombies respawn (Around the edges of the map) I believe.


So changing the numbers to higher or lower would change it to how many zombies after the initial ones spawn into the map.



I am not sure on the second question, but that would be a lot better if that was the case. I will take it upon myself to add it to the suggestion of feature forum unless you would like to do it.


God out!

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