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Multiplayer sandbox settings?


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So last night I was finnaly able to get my server running and had 3 other friends join it.


Before starting the server I did a lot of looking around and reading about how to set those sandbox variables for my server.


I found the tool to generate the file ( SandboxVars.lua ), I changed all of the settings to my liking. Since this was our first time ever playing I wanted it to be easy so we could at least learn the game without dying to often.


I made the loot abundant, made the water/electricity shut off 0 to 5 years and made the zombies very easy, and also made it so that we wouldnt get infected.


I then proceeded to place that file here...




and in here as well...




I read a couple of conflicting posts and went ahead and put it in both places figuring that it would cover everything.


I also sent my friends the .lua file and had them place it in...




After reading another post mentioning that we must have the same file.


When we played some of the settings seemed to have taken effect, but some didn't. The zombies were slow and when we got attacked we didnt get infected. The loot did not seem to change and the water/electricity went out really early on.


What am I doing wrong? Since the water / elec was set to 0 to 5 years is it possble that it got 0 years and that's why it shut off? Also the loot did not seem so special just regular clothes / food / mele weapons.


Any tips or advice for me?


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Not sure on the topic of loot but yes, you should change water/electricity to something like 9 to 10 years, it being 0 to 5 years means it can cut off any time during that period, including 0 which is right when you spawn in / create the world.

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I used the sandbox settings tool to generate the document, which gives me a dropdown for both water and electricity shut off time, I don't manually set how long I want it to be, I pick from the preset values that they offer.


Is there a way to never have the water/elec shut off? The value for those fields in the generated document ends up being 3 or 4 is there a special value I can change it too?

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The newest version (Build 29) lets you choose the exact number of days before the water + electricity go out.


The name of the file should be NAME_SandboxVars.lua, where NAME is the name of your server.  By default the server name is "servertest", but you can change it with the -servername option when starting your server.


The servertest_SandboxVars.lua file only goes in one place, C:\Users\Erick\Zomboid\Server\servertest_SandboxVars.lua.  It shouldn't go into the game folder, that will affect single-player games as well.

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