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Heyo everyone!


Xeno Mods (aka Xenolith) is still here!



For those who don't know: Xeno Mods offers free mod hosting, with all kinds of goodies (feature list below).
Xeno Mods, helps you stay consistent. Instead of updating forum posts and pasting new urls, all you need to do is update at one central location.
Check it out! Also no ads. I hate web ads. I do this for the indie community.


- Upload directly to our servers or use the built in Link-System to continue using services like Adf.ly or other filehosters.
- No download limits.
- Upload files up to 250MB
- Add screenshots or explanatory images in a gallery.
- Add descriptions.
- Gain exposure, thanks to our popularity system.
- Add as many files and images as you want.
- Track your visits and downloads in detailed analytic data. Full Graphs and everything.
- Rank yourself among other modders, if you like.
- Add source code for other modders to use.
- Optional: Choose from six creative commons licenses and let others know what they can do with your creation.

For a more detailed list: http://xeno-mods.com/features




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a cool site that doesnt afraid of anything. when i put my mods up i'll definitely have a mirror to this site. seems a tad slow for me at times but i think its just my connection

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Next month I'll be looking into adding a couple more things to site and optimizing it bit more (most code refractoring).


Anything you'd love to see on Xeno Mods?

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