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The Struggle Roleplay | PVE | Build 30 | Cooperation-Story Based | Private Server | Non-24/7 | SHUT DOWN; RIP TSRP|

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The Struggle Role-play





Port: 16262

Need to be white-listed to join.

I'll be changing song's randomly through the year.


Server Lore



         Prologue -                                                                       



 Slot Available:
Slot Available:
Slot Available:
Slot Available: 





  • Server is Private you must APPLY to join!
  • No randomly shooting.. don't charge 5-10 zombies at once if you are alone..
     Fear RP and Run if needed
  • PVP will be activated when I have a good reason to activate it.
  • Do not steal from others meaning; Don't drink their water, Don't take their items, Don't even walk inside their base..
  • You must add Warsow [TSRP] once you applied or add that account on steam if you haven't already.
  • Server isn't that strict, just play like your actually in-game.. sure you can OOC: In "Y" for OOC stuff but without "Radio:" it's not IC.
  • Be Mature on the server admin has the last word well because it's my server ^^.
  • No Power-gaming.
  • No Meta-gaming.
  • There are no Vaccines for zombies, once you are bit it's over.. no admin heals unless you fall down something unintentionally or you encountered a bug.
  • When all players log out, Server will shut-down.. Server turns on at 12:00 on SS and 3:00 PM on MTWTF  [sMTWTFS are the week names via; "Monday"]
  • Have fun on the server please.
  • I look at logs daily.. so I know what you are doing.

All applications must be on Indie Stone, previous ones are an acceptance.
You can add me by typing in the username below in steam, it should come up with that funny little Nicholas Cage picture.

That's for the group page on steam, you will be invited once you are accepted.



    How to Apply on the Server

ATTENTION: You can apply on this server most likely you will be accepted but put EFFORT into the applications the server has no current staff and will be getting a player wipe soon. So PM me on steam that you are active within the 1st day of December. 

Post your application on the forum i'll most likely see it rather than on the website ;)


[b]Steam ID[/b]: http://steamidfinder.com/[b]In-Game Name[/b]: [b]Character Biography[/b] (2 paragraphs minimum) [b]Why do you want to join our server[/b]:[b]What will you do on the server[/b]:[b]Notes[/b]:





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Steam Username: ________

In-Game Name: ________

RP Experiences: ____________

Character Background: (2 Paragraphs Minimum)

Why you want to join the server: _______

How can I contact you: _______

Notes: ______

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SteamID: Sheogorath (Profile pic is the tic)

Username:If you mean character name Thomas Morgan

RP Experiences: Played on a Day z RP server with some people from my old gaming community, Played D&D a few times.
Character Background: Thomas lived in a small town, his parents had died when he was still a baby so he was raised by his Grandfather for who, for and old guy, was surprisingly active, he taught Thomas how to survive off of the land. Thomas loved his Grandfather he was the only family Thomas had ever known, so when he fell ill and passed a few months after their annual camping trip, Thomas was devastated, he fell into a deep depression, dropped out of school, he stopped socializing, Thomas' world was crashing down around him. A year later and Thomas moved to the city, he was starting to get better, he had a job as a worker for a construction company, he had an apartment and friends, his life was getting better every day, so when his friends wanted to do a camping trip he couldn't say no. They were going to the same lake that Thomas and his grandfather visited every year when he was younger. They had spent a couple of week in the woods camping, none of them could have known what they would be in for when they got back to the city. Corpses littered the streets, fires blazed uncontrollably through small neighborhoods, they could hear gunshots and screams off in the distance, they didn't know what was going on, they tried to listening to the radio but they weren't getting anything but static, so they just drove as fast as they could back to the city. They all decided to go to Thomas' apartment so they could figure out what was going on, they pulled up to the curb and got out of the car, they could see a small group of people running towards them, they thought they were running towards them for help so they waited at the door and shouted for them to follow but they weren't answering, as they got closer Thomas could see their faces covered in blood and torn flesh, those weren't people. Thomas ran into the main lobby thinking his friends would follow but they didn't, the door closed and locked Thomas tried to get his keys out but he kept fumbling them, by the time he got the key into the lock it was too late those things, whatever they were, started ripping his friends apart, he just collapsed there in the lobby, thinking about what had just happened, he couldn't believe it, his life was just beginning to get better and then the world goes to hell and takes everything away from him again. Thomas didn't know what to do, he spent a sleepless night in his apartment then decided he would go back to his old home town, maybe nothing has happened there, maybe he would find someone who knew what was going on, all he knew was that he could't stay in the city anymore, he had to go home.
Why you want to join the server: I've been looking for a decent RP server ever since multiplayer went live but so all the ones i join die out way to soon, or the people running it were kinda dicks.
How can I contact you: Through Steam, skype, email
Notes: I haven't really played much multiplayer in project zomboid but if I had a good server to go on, with good people to play with, I don't think I'd be able to stop playing

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 You have been Accepted



  • Fix your Steam ID using http://steamidfinder.com/
  • Very Excellent Story.
  • Welcome to the Community.
  • Hope you enjoy your stay Sheogorath.
  • Also, no need to name your in-game character your character name (Since, admins can't change their names to player names like "John Doe" so you can join the server as "Sheogorath")
  • Server turns on at 3:00 PM each day, contact me on steam for the server information.
  • Do not leak the information.
  • Your class has been set to Independent, you are free to join any other faction.

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Pending Server Update


  • Bedford V2 will be added
  • Admin controls are in the update
  • More maps will be added
  • Loot has been re-spawned
  • Zombies have been tweaked.. they are less slower!
  • Day Cycle is longer.. for longer role-play and travels.
  • Names will be changed to real life names via; "Maximilian De'Santa"
  • Server open up early on the weekends.
  • Debating if the zombies will get stronger throughout our play through.

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You have been Accepted



  • Player didn't want to make an account.. but gave me a one of their previous role-play post and I liked it.
  • Cool Application Addition (Even though it's not my format)
  • Great Biography!
  • You will be whitelisted at 10/10/2014 at 3:00 - 4:00 PM Central Time
  • Add me on steam "Warsow [TSRP]"
  • The Server is story-cooperation based so when all players are done we will log off.
  • Have fun
  • Do not Leak Information
  • Your Class has been set to "Independent" due to your backstory.





This is the players application.

(I will only make this acceptation once)

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Server News

10/9/2014 11:18PM


Information: Apparently a few survivors took it upon themselves to shoot up the neighborhood getting rid of many infected at Sun Star Hotel.. but for that result there will be an infestation problem and will force survivors to temporarily leave Muldraugh.. the slightest noise could trigger the entire horde

      It will be hard to leave Muldraugh those who are already in there of course.. and don't you dare think about entering.

The name of those responsible of the shootings are

Maximilian Bryne

Emile Jacques

Thomas Morgan (Forgot his last name)

They have gained the title: The Sheriffs, due to their heroics of clearing the horde.. but is that a good thing?


The Zombie Infestation Event will happen at 10/13/2014 4:30 AM Central time.

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Sounds interesting. Count me in.


Steam ID: leoivanovru (contact name "LeoIvanov", same avatar as my forum picture)

Name: Leo Ivanov (not L, - it's capital "i" in Ivanov)

RP Experiences: I've had a few moments of roleplay in the past on some moderate RP servers, but I would like to join the "real deal" where people actually take everything seriously. In the long past (around several+ years ago) I've also used to do some text-based roleplaying on SA:MP (San Andreas Multiplayer) and got majority of my skills from there.

Why you want to join the server: Because majority of the servers are all "moderate" with only a handful of people actually roleplaying + not very active admins.

How can I contact you?: through steam (mentioned above) and through my twitter @LeoIvanov1 ;

Character Background (2 paragraphs minimum) : 

Leo has originated from Russia, moving to America along with his parents in the early 90's, after the collapse of Soviet Union. The first couple of years had shared their list of tragedies, following with the death of his father and a near-poverty lifestyle where they basically had to survive on what little they've earned. But as time moved on, things got themselves under control and Leo managed to find a steady, good paying work. Granted, he has built quite a physical build in the past, which came in handy when looking for a suitable job, atleast enough to pay for rent and buy the food.

As everyone, Leo has had a couple of other problems regarding the lack of friends and having to deal with constant depression of being in isolation due to language problems, but he has managed to handle those problems and learnt how to speak pretty fluently in a span of 3 years. Building relations with his co-workers, he found out a better opportunity of working in West Point, Kentucky, considering how much construction is going in there and a lack of manpower to keep it going. Taking the opportunity, Leo decided to move from Muldraugh (which, to be fair, wasn't really that far away), it, however, doesn't mean that it didn't bring some new problems to take care of. Including whatever has happened just recently. Dead, waking up from their graves, people biting one another.. Nobody knows for sure when it happened, but when everyone realized the intensity of the situation, it was a little too far gone. Communications, TV channels, Radio broadcasts... Everything cut. More and more dead people out on the street every day, and their numbers keep getting bigger. Whatever happens to Leo after the outbreak is a whole different story.

(Sorry for the story being so bland and short, not in my writing mood at this exact moment).

Notes: As long as roleplay in groups is encouraged and players aren't left wandering around all by themselves, I'm pretty hyped to be playing here.

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You have been Accepted



  • Great background, would've like to know more about Ivanov though.
  • You will be whitelisted at 10/10/2014 4:00 PM
  • Add me on Steam, "Warsow [TSRP]"
  • Story is cooperation, no need to RP in the group yet.. you can do some loner role-play.
  • Server turns off when all players are done playing
  • Do not leak the information
  • Have fun on TSRP
  • Your "Reputation/Class" Has been set to Independent due to your backstory.
  • Looking forward to playing with you along with the other players that recently joined, I also started on SAMP, used to play on "Los Santos Role-play" and such.. you should be a good player, good luck.

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Server Updated

10/11/2014 9:42 AM


  • You need to have Bedford V2 and Dreadwood 1.7 it is a priority to play on the server.
  • Zombies have been decided to be stronger by next month.
  • Server will be turned on early on the weekends.
  • Days will be longer, for Role-play purposes and of course to be a bit more realistic.
  • Sorry for the inconvenience of not being able to play on 10/10/2014.
  • Additional mods have been decided and I will add them once I know which ones I want.
  • I will not add spawn-points for Bedford V2 and Dreadwood 1.7

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 Steam ID: Winged Snake


 Name: Alexander Shulgin


 RP Experiences: Played D&D live with friends a lot of times.


 Why you want to join the server: I see in Project Zomboid a great possibility of role playing, and I really wish to have fun with this as I used to do with some people some time ago.


 How can I contact you? Using steam, or asking for my email by PM.


 Character Background (2 paragraphs minimum)


 - Alex is a 20 years old guy who has nothing. Never worked, never studied. He lives in a small cabin in the woods of Muldraugh and passes most of the time consuming lots of analgesics and whyskey with a friend who is just like him; a miserable looser. This big adiction to drugs makes him look like he's crazy, but far from that, he's not a bad boy.


Now, the dead is rising up and his friend died in front him. Scared, he runned to the city, expecting to find some humanity. After all, he's been far away from everyone all his life. Maybe the zombie apocalypse it's a good excuse to hang out and discover the real world...



Notes: Well, not a lot to say. Im spanish and my english level is not as high as it shall be. But I don't think there will be any problem. I'm a friendly person and I really wish to join this server!


Edit: do I have to download bedford and dreadwood or they get downloaded automaticlly when joining the server?


Reedit: I'm checking you'r from EE.UU... May the lag can be a problem and the playing time another one. What do you think?

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You have been accepted



  • Alright, I'm from NA (North America) ILLINOIS, CHICAGO, Not Eastern Europe if that's what you mean.. so I don't think there will be any lag problems.
  • You do indeed need Dreadwood 1.7 and Bedford V2 all you need to do is put them in your c:/programfiles(x86)/steam/steam-apps/common/projectzomboid/media/maps after that you should be set.
  • Pretty short on the background but in all cool backstory.
  • You will be whitelisted on 10/11/2014 3:30 PM
  • Do not leak the server information
  • Add me on steam, "Warsow [TSRP]
  • Look for the maps in "Mapping" tab on the forums.
  • If you can't find them, add me on steam and I'll send you the links.
  • Thank you for applying.

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Steam ID: [AnarchyMod] Unicorn Wizard


Name: Cameron Feliciano


RP Experiences: I have played a lot of Serious Roleplay, and every now and then I might play a Semi-Serious, but I would like to play a roleplay that is fun, and worth my hours of time that I waste playing games. Technically not really waste, but whatever I guess.


Why do you want to join the server: I want to join the server for great role-play, which no doubt this is going to be a great role-play, and to have some fun!


How can I contact you?: You can contact me through my Steam account, which I am frequently online. Therefore it won't be a problem. (Just message me)


Character Backround (minimum 2 paragraphs):


     Cam is not a well known man. This 22 year old never had a lot of friends, but was addicted to law abiding, and keeping justice within Kentucky. He would never leave a man behind. Cameron would haveten spend most of his time patrolling. But once the apocalypse broke out, he was forever changed.


     To this day, he still wears his police uniform, and he swore to never take it off unless if it was an emergency. Cameron started to change a lot during the apocalypse. He is a looter, and most of the time spends his day either running from the undead, killing the undead, or looting. Even though he has changed, he would never, ever hurt an innocent soul.


Notes: On weekdays, I am available starting at 2 PM EST time. Weekends, on the other hand, depends. Sometimes I might be online all weekend, and sometimes I may be offline all weekend. I am also trying to fix my LAN server, myself. If anyone could give me some help that'd be great! For anyone who is willing to help, the problem with my LAN server is that whenever my friend tries to join, it says "Connection Failure" or just stays on "Connecting..." for hours on end.

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You have been accepted

Unicorn Wizard!


  • My god.. what a beautiful name, to fix your connection problems.. I don't even know about LAN maybe you need to port-forward a server it's not that hard.
  • Great background.. would've liked it to be more.
  • You will be whitelisted at 10/11/2014 3:00 PM
  • Do not leak the information
  • I hope you fix your LAN server
  • Add me on steam, "Warsow [TSRP]"
  • Welcome to TheIndieStone forums.
  • Don't forget to add the maps to your /maps folder.
  • Your default class has been set to "The Sheriff" due to your background.

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Steam ID:LeedleLeeddle

 Name:Noah Bernal

 RP Experiences: I have been on many G-mod HL2 RP servers.

 Why you want to join the server:I'd like to try something new, I have never had to actually RP in Project Zomboid.

           How can I contact you? Through my steam account.

Character Background (2 paragraphs minimum):     Before the outbreak, Noah used to be a farmer. He had a wife named Katelyn, and two kids, Jimmy and Daisy. Noah worked from 6:00Am until 6:00Pm. Noah was that type of guy who wwas generous and would help anyone in need, he would give money to the homeless people, feed feral animals, and even step out of his way to help people.

     Ever since the apocalypse has began, he's been lonely. His entire family died in his arms, and he always blames himself for their loss. Noah doesn't function very well surviving alone, he's used to having a partner on his side. He's become desperate, looking very ill, and will do anything to survive, even if that means murdering someone in his way.


           Notes: None at the moment

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You have been accepted


  • I'm lazy..
  • You will be whitelisted 10/11/2014 11:37 PM
  • You should have the information.
  • Add me via, "Warsow [TSRP]"
  • Do not leak the information.
  • Your class as been set to "Independent" good luck




I apologies for turning the server off early it seemed like everyone

was having a great time, I'm going to enforce some rules soon and there is going to be a story background and local logs.

My family member is alright.. so I'll keep hosting, and sorry for the horrible ping issues it's either build 28 fault or my server saving and causing it to over-load.

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Steam ID: Ice Baby

Name: Jayden Smith

RP Experiences: Uhh, TTT, D&D, WoW

Why you want to join the server: I want to play the game with other people, this server looked the coolest.

How can I contact you? Call me babe. 347 583 2524. not from 8am to 4:15pm eastern time though.

Character Background (2 paragraphs minimum)

Jayden is a sassy grandma with a craving for revenge. She knows what she wants and is willing to do what she needs to to get it. If you cross her path, you'd best be careful, she's packing heat (of all kinds). Not many survive after they wrong Jayden, and she likes too keep the pants of the people who's souls she's claimed, and keep them in her cupboard. Is it efficient? no. Is it maybe filler so that I can get through these two paragraphs? maybe.

Jayden never had a job, before the apocolypse. She's old and weak,  but she has a keen eye, and has never been sick a day in her life. She may not be strong, but what she lacks in muscle she makes up for in cleverness and wit. Jayden always has a corny one-liner ready for any potentially fatal situation, should the need arise.

Notes: Please dont turn me down, I don't want to have to go through this process again.

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You have been accepted



  • Odd application, I recommend you take this server seriously... like seriously serious, no jokes mang'.
  • Welcome to the Forums.
  • Server will turn on at 3:00 PM sometimes we have low players.. but who cares the less the more loot.
  • You will be whitelisted 10/14/2014 (Whenever I wake up) and I will give you the server information.
  • Do not leak the information.
  • Have fun.
  • Your reputation has been set to "The Outlaw" you are known to be the meanest granny around the block.. due to your "background" knowledge we should be careful to cross paths with a "Old Lady" so.. yeah Outlawed reputation
  • We also are starting on Season 2 which started today.. Bedford V2 has been added for the RP.. (Do not touch Bedford until I announce it's out of quarantine)

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Server Announcement!



  • Bans will be on deck if people continue to dick around and act like it's Regular Project Zomboid.
  • I added logs so you guys can pay attention and not mention the same shit over again, and missing what the person you are talking to in IC said.
  • Do not enter Bedford V2 Map until you know ICly that the quarantine has broken down! If you do so you will be banned!
  • I'm going to redo the whole server info post, and add a server story lore.
  • Server is in "Season 2" now.
  • Start being serious, no bullshit and no "noooob" shit, understood? Good.
  • Thank you for reading my retarded rant, I hope you "don't" follow my rules.. I really need this ban in... Oh it won't be a regular ban.. it'll be a Ban IP
  • The Picture you see below that is going to be the new server's logo or whatever.


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  • The Picture you see below that is going to be the new server's logo or whatever.



Oh for the love of everything, can we NOT have those mecha fallout-like suits roleplayed in THIS server, pretty please? I don't know why, but I HATE them in a zombie apocalypse scenario (they're fine in near-future apocalypse scenario like Fallout, but not in this lore.)

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Fineeee, I'll see what I can pull up.

I wouldn't mind you guys sending me pictures on steam.

or here.

In All!

You got to love the server's lore.. it's not "Plausible" sorry for my English mistakes by the way.. I'm not American so.. yeah, I do live in the US though.

Uh-.. Also, that was the best I could come up with so.. you better like it.. if not I'll change it once I have more ideas


God I need a coffee.. 4:17 AM is bad for your eyes.

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