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THE GOLDEN RULE, from which all will follow:
1) Be Lovely
We want a friendly, helpful atmosphere here :)  Of course there will be disagreements from time to time, but civil discourse only, please.  No flaming, trolling, newbie-bashing, or similar.

Newbie-bashing, in particular, will not be tolerated.  We will ban with no warning beyond this one.

1) No hate language/content
Offensive racist/sexist/homophobic/etc. language and content will not be tolerated.  Do not just simply asterisk your words, we know what they are.  Either find another way to express yourself or keep quiet.
That said, regular swearing is okay.  Just keep it within reason ;)

2) No links to pirate/warez or other illegal content sites
Self-explanatory, really.

3) Take your time, and do your best with spelling/grammar
No one is expecting perfection, but making your posts easier to read will make it easier for people to respond to you.  Effort is appreciated! :)

4) Put warnings in titles
As a courtesy to others, if your link is a little "blue", or if your thread is full of spoilers, please indicate so.

5) Take a look around the forum
Remember, people replying to you takes effort, so put in a little effort of your own by using the search function and reading through some threads first :)

6) Unless the thread in question warrants it (and it will be very hard to fulfill that criteria), any graphic images posted that are deemed inappropriate (hardcore pornography, scat, dead bodies etc are prime examples) will be deleted and the posters treated like spam bots and banned with no warning beyond this one.

7) Do not name threads with spam-like titles, and do not post in spam threads
Due to unpleasant content, some of us (eg me) will not look inside spam threads but will immediately delete you and all your posts from the database, both of which are unrecoverable.  Don't risk it!

8) From experience, there are some topics that could follow all the rules above and still be likely to cause arguments and unpleasantness (eg. when is the next update out?).  We reserve the right to lock these and any other threads we see fit.

9) No begging threads.

10) Do not publicly post private PMs unless you have permission from the other party to do so.
11) Don't spam.


12) General rule for avatars: Keep it classy. Animated avatars are fine, as long as they're nothing trippy or otherwise potentially harmful.
13) Any charity threads soliciting donations in which pledges do not go directly to a registered charity will be locked immediately. ie, there cannot be any way for fundraisers to receive the money themselves.


14) Please make an effort to post in English outside of the translation-related posts, even if it's through the use of a Translator. We're unable to moderate and read posts made in other languages, and it'll save both parties a lot of time.
15) In the cases where we have a problem with your conduct and there's no specific rule against it, what we say, goes ("we" being both the admins and moderators).  If you have a problem with a moderation decision, please contact nasKo, our community manager. Do not start a thread complaining about it.
If you have a question about the rules, please PM one of our lovely moderators. You can find a list of the Green, Blue and OrangeNames here   If your issue relates to a specific thread, just report the thread and someone from the moderating team will address it in time.
Have fun!

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