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Krash on Planet X and Precision Lander

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Hello everyone,


Im an indie game developer at EGGHEAD. I am happy to announce my first 2 game which is available at EGGHEAD . Please visit my website for details.


1. Krash On Planet X

The story so far.....

You are Commander Krash and your Assistant Engineer Bubo are escaping from General Zolt Army. You crash on Planet X after depleting the energy crystal. Collect all the crystal on planet x to excape.  15 level to complete, The  Desert, Underground Carven, Ghost Castle, Frozen Ice and The Forest.






2. Precision Lander.

The story so far....

Control your Lander on an unknown planet. Avoid hitting rock and wall or you explode. You have a limited fuel for 300 sec. Refuel at any station for extra 15 sec. You might encounter hidden relic. Collect them. 34 maze level to complete.



Best regards,



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Hi GerbilSchooler,


Dont worry, i dont post any spam stuff in this forum. (fedora) .  FYI, I took the idea from Lunar Lander and create a different kind of game called Precision Lander. The only difference is you need to control your craft in 34 level of maze and collect hidden object.


I will be creating another game base on the Alien movie. Its a top down arcade similar to the classic 90s alien breed. Its a 3 part series which consist of 10 level for each part. Hopefully i am going to make it and distribute it for free. You can visit my website at wackybrain.weebly.com or my facebook pages at EGGHEAD for any upcoming work in progress game.


Best regards,


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