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Eerie --coming soon--

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956TX   (tophat) = Building Creator, Map Creator, detail editor, Sprites Creator


Atox  8-) = Detail editor, Building creator, Sprite creator, map creator, Beta Tester



VikiDikiRUS  (fedora)  = Building Creator, , Beta Tester



Hello everyone

The Team is working hard to give the community a good map with alot of love put into it. Anyone who is interested in joining the team in doing custom sprites, and buildings is welcome to join. We are doing this not for the team but for the community of PZ, we want this game to expand more and have more variety of places to explore. We promise the community the map will be fun, and maybe in two months or less ( depending on time, and school) you will be exploring the north side hoods, or centeal city avenues. Lets not forget the metro rail system implemented in the city to evade walking through streets filled with undead. This is a good project for all to enjoy and play with friends on friday nights multiplayer coop.

If anyone would like to help in donating buildings, or officially become part of the team, please contact any of us in the top. With the help of the community the faster we can finish this map as a team.

-Donators will be given credit-

-Team members will test the alpha and beta stages of the map-

Thank you all for reading.



update 1.0


Ive set up a Metro System going from South to North, aswell the County Jail sitting in the Center of Town.

Anyone who wants to contribute in helping me do Buildings 2 floors and up
I need the following, and you will be given credits for your help

20x20 buildings 2 floors and up
10x10 small houses (brick walls)
10 x 10 Convenience stores

update 1,2



The Metro....

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Update 1.3


The first map was to small in size, so i upgraded it to a bit bigger one. So far here is how the map looks, remember no detail has been added, im doing building set-up first and creating a few more buildings. So far we want to thank everyone who is participating in the map and several members who promised some building donations. We are not competing with no one, our only task is to release this map bug free and to help some other mapper right after this project. Our #1 goal is to expand the PZ universe  (tophat)


thanks for reading.


(if anyone wants to help out feel free to contact any of us team members)



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Its in the process of detailing. Its a big city to detail and it might take me some time.

On another note, the buildings might remain like that until i get more new buildings done. Its a time consuming project, and time is scarce right now.

Thanks for your feedback


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Im working with a mssive amount of sprites right now, so the progress for the map will slow down. But it will come out guys. No eta's but hope fully +3 or 4 months. I got alot of stuff under my belt, to start off with engineering school.. anyways stay tuned

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The map has been reworked, the city is going to be pretty big i only have three cells done i still got 6 to go. Il post the updated pics tomorrow. The map will be 3x3 cells just the city itself. Later on will add some country side around it.

If anyone wants to help us speed the process donate or help us do some buildings. Thanks


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Shop Center, with real name brands, ;) im giving it all i can community to give you a semi realistic town. 

I have over 20 sheets of custom made sprites.. now im concentrating on adding a variety of buildings to the city.


What do you guys think?





Small Shop Center, probably will be in the Central part of the City





Auto Shops found in the central part of the city





Convenience Stores

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Heres update 1.3, so far, this is how much work ive done, i been creating sprites  thats the reason ive lost time doing buildings.

I require some help with creating more buildings, right now im a one man working team, Vikidikirus has helped with 5 buildings so far (many thanks for your help),

also i been gathering the buildings posted in the building forum, i Want to thank everyone who posted stuff. You all will be given credit for your marvelous work. 


Im going to move the huge buildings around, in stead of concentrating them in the south East.



***if anyone wants to help out, pm me to send you the Custom Tiles, and i hope they are not distributed around***




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update 1.4


I know im using the same buildings in the map, but i got no choice right now, its a one man team operation. My partners are busy with life and school and its up to me to finish this so please understand, having the same buildings for right now will be it. When this is released im going to start doing different type of 20x20 --5 floor apartments to replace the ones that are replicated. So far this is what i have for the community i hope you guys like this. I been working in making sprites in my spare time, so this also takes time away :( anyways il be posting updates every Monday.


any help is always welcome

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