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Immunity of a badass

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Hey all


This is my first post here, so hello! Finally made an account, been playing PZ since early desura days, but finally had a suggestion that I wanted to share. 

Basically, during play I noticed that while my character has survived for a few months, killed thousands of zombies, he still panics just as easily at the sight of a zombie, or a horde even. Now, the panic mechanic is fine, great even because it makes sense, but wouldn't you start to feel slightly less intimidated or afraid of oncoming zombies after you've just beaten the skulls in of 3000 or so prior, sometimes taking on 20-30 at once, I know I would. In fact, I think I'd be a little TOO cocky and that would probably cause me to make a mistake. The lack of fear would perhaps cause you to think too little of the threat you face perhaps. Nevertheless, I think a decent addition would be the diminishing returns of panic the longer you're exposed to zombies, or maybe this could be measured through zombie kills as an alternative, or a cumulative tally with time exposed to the panic moodles.

Let me know what you think, perhaps this would make endgame characters too good? Having the extreme panic moodle does certainly take effect on your ability to fight, but I find it hard to believe my character begins to panic at the sight of a single zombie after 3 months of butchering them :P.

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Welcome To The Forums Friend!


Lol, look at the guy in red's face!

Found this randomly on Youtube when I spent hours and hours on it, you find some strange stuff in there...


Since the question has been answered and it's going to be in the next update... Welcome to the forum!!

Yeah, I came only here to say hello  :mrgreen:


You're welcome - and welcome to the community!


Thank you all for the warm welcome ^_^

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