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A tale from the not so distant past

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Reeeee Uploading the thingy, enjoy
So the story is basically starts as a diary of a girl in a zombie apocalypse (Who'd have guessed?) I know that's not very original, but I will try really hard to keep it unpredictable and fun to read  ;) Of course, any constructive criticism is WELCOME so leave it below. I understand that writing this up may take a while so bare with me.

Oh and how do you add spoilers on these forums?   :???: 

More of the story will be added in due time.
And without any more stalling here we go:
June 21st 2013
I guess this is my first time writing a diary, never saw the appeal of writing all your deepest darkest secrets somewhere anyone would find and them them against you, but Mom brought me this diary notebook thing for my birthday and she expected me to use it. So, what happened today, well not much to be honest, at school we did boring old maths, Philosophy and religion and a bunch of other crap we don't need to know. I guess the only thing that's of any interest is that new virus thing that everyone's losin' their minds over, 'cure to all ills', 'cure to cancer', cure my ass. I heard you're completely healthy- that is if you can up with the side effects: 85% rise in hostility in the first 42 hours, going numb, and they go on blah blah blah. Uh, will this satisfy your needs to intrude into my life? Guess I'll write another entry tomorrow  How do you even end these? Goodnight...


June 22nd 2013

Oh crap Ok, I don't know what's happening, I never knew it could happen- anything could happen, here in Muldraugh- it's just so boring and well average and I never thought... Ok ok just spit it out Jess, It was only this morning...


7:45am- I was walking to the bus stop, about a quarter of a mile walk from my house, with my patchwork backpack slung over my shoulder. I had a couple a school books in my bag: Maths, Science ect. my PE bag swinging my side, I had rounders after school so I had a bat and my kit, except my shorts, which I forgot...again.

8:04am- I climbed on the bus after five minutes of waiting, which is exceptional (for my bus that is) and sat on my own, roughly four seats from the front. Most people sat behind me, although three people sat behind me, Dave sat at the front by the driver; No-one sat by Dave, he had big round glasses that were obviously his grand-dads or something, and a lazy smile that screamed 'I'm not even trying' He was tall and gangly for is age, his arms drooped down by his side and his trousers hung just short of the bottom of his hairy legs. His spotty, pasty face was always glaring around the bus, hunting for someone to 'grass on' to the driver, daring someone to sneak a bite of food, or speak a bit too loudly. Harley and Jack were the opposite of Dave- The two 'love-birds'- they sat to the right of me. Harley with her long golden hair, a shining outline to her perfect heart shaped face, and her striking green eyes. As you can expect, her boyfriend was no less gorgeous: Silky brown hair, cropped around his ears and baby blue eyes that could stop your heart. Behind me sat at least ten people, aged eleven to eighteen, the 'cool kids' sat right at the back, the less cool ones.. well who wants to her about them.

8:30am- We should be at Muldraugh secondary school soon, about fifteen minutes give or take. I had my white ear plugs in and I was whiling away the time by tapping out the tune to one of my dads old Elvis songs. We couldn't have been far away from school when I looked at my reflection in the window and at first glance all I saw was Harley leaning over Jack, well practically straddling him really, with her face buried in his neck. At first I looked away, let them have their privacy I thought, I almost did until I saw something a little more unsettling than a bit of snogging... Blood was trickling down the front of Jacks shirt. After a second look I saw Jacks petrified face; Skin as pale as paper, his baby blue eyes glassed over and his face frozen in a look of pure horror. I was frozen with shock for a brief second, what the heck was she doing to him? Slowly and carefully I shuffled my PE bag onto my lap and cringed as I undid the zip. I reached into the bag and retrieved my baseball bat (The one I brought to rounders) A trickle of sweat ran down my forehead as I struggled to wriggle around my bag and out of my seat, If she did this to her own boyfriend, what would she do to me, Someone she neither knew nor liked. Suddenly, to my utter horror, the bus abruptly stopped and Harley whipped her head around and locked her bloodshot eyes on me. Her elegant, golden hair looked out of place, hanging around her once perfect face- she was unrecognisable her flawless skin now falling apart, literally  the slightly tanned skin peeling off to reveal bone and flesh. Her green eyes now bloodshot as they stared into my very soul and I saw the desperate hunger in them, and even behind that I saw her, for a second I saw behind the monster, for a second I saw Harley, a innocent, terrifed fifteen year old girl trapped in her own body. She wasn't in control of her body, this monster... No that doesn't fit... cannibal? That's even worse. The only word that seems to fit is... No she can't be, there's no other way to describe it, she is.. a..a zombie? For a precious second I got caught in the terror behind her eyes, the only thing that brought me back to my senses was the brilliant red blood dripping from her lips. In a split second she snarled, exposing her bright white teeth, tinged with blood, and lunged reaching with her sharp nails up to grab me. I acted on pure instinct and adrenaline and brought the bat up to meet her, I squeezed my eyes shut. I felt her nails raking my face, I could smell her rotten breath. I bit my lip and opened my eyes to see her desperately trying to reach me, only just held back by my bat. I squealed and brought my knee up to push her off me. She fell to the flood in a heap, but she was quickly on her feet again, rushing at me, however this time I was ready: I gritted my teeth and swung my bat at her blindly. I heard a horrible crack as it connected with one of her ribs, but she carried on, seemingly oblivious to her injures. Horrified, I leapt forward and kicked her back while aiming the bat for a second hit and swung it at her head. Her head cracked open like an egg shell and she stumbled towards me, screaming with rage until she fell at my feet, dead. Oh god, what had I done, I'm a m-murderer. I shuffled to the back of my seat and curled in a ball and hugged my knees. I peeked over the top of my knees and watched as the blood drained out of her head, what had I done? I clamped a hand over my mouth to stop myself throwing up.

8:48am- Everyone on the bus was shocked into silence as soon as they saw Harley, with her rib protruding from her blouse and her head cracked open, lying in the gang way. One of the girls at the back broke her cool act to let loose a ear splitting scream. Then, the silence broken by her scream, everyone leapt up in panic and rushed to the door, trying to escape the confines of the bus. The bus driver, at first blissfully unaware of the dead body on his bus, shouted at everyone to sit down and drove on. He seemed to think it was a joke, arrogant fool, right up to the point he turned around and saw Harley... or what was left of her. Sorry Mr Bus man but, this is all too real. Everyone continued their rage, screaming and banging on the door and no-one got let off. The bus driver started shouting, I didn't catch it all, I was still in shock. The words went right over my head, I heard something like:

'What the hell! Fu... Messed up! Sit down! ... said SIT DOWN! .. Gonna call.. bloody police if you don't...'

I curled up in my seat, clutching the bloody bat to my chest.

8:50am- The bus came to a stop almost immediately after he saw the scene and everyone flooded out of the bus. The driver turned around, his face contorted in rage apparently still believing it was a sick joke. He set eyes upon Harley and stalked towards her each step showing his anger.

'Get up' He spat at Harley 'Do you think your funny?' He asked, raising his voice, although he was soon silenced as he approached her. It took him a second to take it in, a second to realize that that blood wasn't fake, that the crack in her head wasn't just a good makeup job and only a second to turn and run like death was on his heels. I hastily slung my bags over my shoulder and, clutching my bat to my chest in case any more of those.. things attacked, forced my legs to carry me out of the bus. I couldn't bare to think of Amy as one of those things, couldn't bare to think of her trapped in her own rotting corpse watching helplessly as it consumed her friends, her family even people she didn't know. Do they feel it when a knife sinks into their neck, not quite severing the head? Would Amy feel the pain her body rejects, unable to react? I can't let that happen to her. We'd been friends for so long, ever since my first day at school, I remember it like yesterday. My copper colored hair tied up into two messy pig tails of the side of my head, my freckles even more prominent than they are now splatted across my nose and cheeks. I remember the uniform, it felt so grown up back then a whole decade ago now it just seems so childish. We wore a light green and white pinafore that fell down to our knees, where it was met but knee length grey socks, we walked around in little black slip-ons. When I first saw her she was now older than four, neither of us were,  she had her silky brown her in a plait that laid perfectly down the front of her pinafore the way she had always wore it now and ever since. From the first moment my emerald green eyes connected with her deep brown ones we knew we were going to be friends. Neither of us were ever in the 'In crowd', destined to be outsiders not that we minded it gave us a freedom to be us. Now here we were, with those 'things' outside I had to find her, couldn't let her become one of those. Determined to prevent this from happening, even for just a little longer, I ran. One foot in front of the other, faster and faster. Fear mixed with the adrenaline as I ran through the corridor, checking every door, and still no hint of Amy, No hint of anyone(alive that is.) Finally, I found her, frozen with fear hidden under a table in the English classroom. Just on the other side of the window, the thin glass that separated us, were four of those 'things', each as horrifying and hideous as Harley was, even with her natural beauty she couldn't pull off the act of being dead(or undead) and beautiful. I dropped to all fours, but they had already seen me, and with even more force they banged on the thin window, widening the crack they had already made. I motioned to Amy to crawl towards me, knowing that if they saw her that would only shorten the time we had to escape. She crawled towards me and I got to see her face properly: Her big brown eyes wide with fright and her pale face now red from crying. She reached out a shaky hand towards me, grateful when I grabbed it. I smiled at her reassuringly, we were going to be OK. It seemed the 'things' had other ideas, almost as soon as Amy reached me they broke through. A choked scream escaped my throat as they crawled through the window, not even wincing as broken glass scraped against their stomach, shredding the skin like paper. I leaped up and ran out the door, dragging Amy behind me. I'd watched enough horror movies to know Zombies are supposed to be slow and shambled, these certainly weren't, they ran after us like we were escaping prey, and they were the hunters. I risked a glance behind us, compared to them Harley was gorgeous: Their hair was patchy on their heads, their mouths hung open exposing the trade mark blood stained teeth I didn't need any more proof to know what our fates were if they caught us. The worse was their eyes, they looked as though they belonged to another creature, they belonged to a human not...what ever was using their bodys  I saw my terror reflected in them eyes, I saw the same conflicting emotions I saw in Harleys' eyes, the person was still in the body, they just couldn't control it. Not once did I look back again, I couldn't bare to think what it must be like, a prisoner in your own body in your own mind. We ran like the wind to the only place we knew to be safe, or safer, the school gym at least it had no windows low down. We could have ran for fifteen seconds or fifteen minutes, it wouldn't have made a difference, the only thing that I could focus on was the noises our feet made: The slapping sounds as mine and Amy's slip-on shoes hit the floor and the worryingly faster sounds that the feet of the 'things' made before us. The double doors of the gym came into view, we ran straight into it slamming our body's onto it, it didn't open. A thousand thoughts ran through my head, what if it was locked? or barricaded? I went with the second option, at least then there'd be at least some hope. I took a intake of breath and screamed at the top of my lungs.
'Let us in! Let us in!'

The 'things' were gaining on us, I was about to give in, when a deep voice answered calmly.

'Are you bitten? Infected?'

'No time! Let us in! Quick!' 

I screamed back. Hesitantly they began to open the doors, as soon as the crack was big enough I pushed Amy through, I quickly followed. Almost immediately as we were through the doors slammed shut again and I heard the 'things' scream in rage at their food escaping and they began scratching at the door. I turned around to thank my saviors and found we were surrounded by over twenty children, everyone from Eleven year old year sevens to sixth formers that were practically adults. One of the older ones stepped forward; Broad shouldered and calm headed, he was a natural leader.

'Are you bitten?'

He asked the question slowly, letting each word linger in the air before slowly pronouncing the next, as if we had all the time in the word.


I answered quickly, if I hesitated he may suspect we were lying, and the last thing we need was to be thrown back out the doors into the welcoming arms of the 'things.' He nodded and, just as he was about to turn and leave us be, I asked the question everyone wanted to know.

'What are them things?'

The leader turned to a gangly nerdy boy, not unlike Dave, and nodded.

'Luke'll tell you.'

Luke, the boy, pushed his glasses up his nose and began to speak in his grainy voice sounding as though he had caught a bad cold.

'Well, they are umm ill' He coughed 'See they took that medicine, It would appear that the last stage of the um medicine working would be a stage of zombification' He chuckled as if it was an inside joke. 

'Spit it out.' 

I told him in a aggravated tone.

'Well what i'm trying to say is, well think of the human body as a host. When the virus takes hold it pushes the still human part of the brain to the back and takes over. It immediately starts shutting down organs it doesn't need. Like the liver, lungs and so on until only the brain remains, see the virus needs the brain to send signals to the rest of the body. This is why the people that made the 'legendary cure' that cures all things made their biggest mistake, they only had time to test the effects in the first three days, when the virus it taking hold. At first, it destroys any diseases before shutting down the organs, this creates the illusion of curing the person.'

'Wait, so if they're sick, can't we cure them?' 

I asked

'Why are they so hostile?'

Amy whispered, her voice still hoarse from crying.

'Well Amy' Luke said, his voice softening 'They are hostile because the virus needs to feed, since it is inefficient at digesting due to the lack of organs, the brain is tricked into eating and eating. The only thing that keeps the virus alive is the cells it gets from... eating other non-effected beings of the same species as it's host.' He looked at the floor, grimacing.

'Can we cure them?' 

I asked, louder this time.

The leader butted in.

'No. Luke I think that's enough. They need to sleep, it's been a busy day.' He leaned into Luke and whispered 'They don't need nightmares, Luke' He spat Luke's name like a bad word. Luke heeded his warning and disappeared into the crowd. 

'You didn't answer my question!'

I shouted after him. I startled when I felt a big, warm hand grip my shoulder tightly, I turned around to find the leader glaring at me.

'What's your name?'


'Jay?' He smirked 'What? Like the bird'

I rolled my eyes 'Jay, Jay-me, Jade Harper.'

'Oh' He said, obviously suppressing a laugh 'I'm Adam, but you can call me Sir, I run this place. Y'know making sure your still alive in the morning.' He said in a very serious tone. I stared him straight in the eye before replying.

'Goodnight... Adam.'

I walked over to Amy, suddenly I realized how tired I was, after a look at the clock in the gym I realized it was already 5:43pm. Wow time really does fly when your scared for your life. I slumped by Amy, who had managed to claim a space by the still working radiator, and she looked like she needed it. She sat with her arms wrapped around her legs, her pale face buried in her knees, she was shaking considerably and I don't think it was because she was cold.

'Jay? Jay i'm' She stuttered 'Are we going to be ok? W-what are we going to do?' 

I sat down by her and nudged her playfully.

'Hey don't worry. We'll make it, Adam'll sort something out.' 

I smiled reassuringly, I hoped I looked confident as though I knew what I was doing, for Amy's sake. She'd never never spent more than one night away from her parents in all fourteen years of her life, the thought of never seeing them again would be terrifying. For her sake, I had to be brave, when every second a billion ways I could end up like one of the them, then again maybe you could only become one from taking the 'medicine.'  Then again, Luke said they're sick,right, maybe they can be cured. Until then, we just have to stay away from the...sickos.  I dragged my school bags and make a makeshift pillow by the radiator and fell into a restless sleep with this comforting thought at the front of my mind: Maybe, just maybe, this could all be cured.

'Good morning Jay-dee'

Chimed the tell tale voice of my mother as she glided into my room. I pulled my lilac quilt over my head and snuggled down in my bed as my mother pulled the curtains back, letting in the blinding light. 

'Mooom' I groaned as the light flooded my room and peeked out the top of my quilt putting on my best mock outraged face. My mother laughed, her voice so silky smooth it could calm a storm, and walked over to my bed. The bed tilted towards her as she sat down and she reached out to pull the covers down from my head. I blinked my eyes, just once, and my mother slipped out of my grasp, her silky soft voice now replaced with a throaty growl, the sky blue eyes I had become so accustomed with no bloodshot and baying for my blood. 

'Mom?' I whimpered 'Mommy, mom...' 

My mo-the sicko- turned to me, her face was completely different, as though the virus had ravaged her body for years, not seconds. Her once smooth, creamy, skin now cracked and scarred, the skin around her right cheek had been peeled back to reveal her jaw bones and muscles. The thing that was once my mother reached out and opened her mouth greedily, she leaned forward, saliva dripping onto my neck. I lay in the bed, frozen with fear.

'Mom!' The word exploded from my mouth before I could stop myself, I shot up into a sitting position hands ready to push away my mother. Sweat dripped down my forehead, and had already drenched my back. When I realized where I was: I wasn't tucked up in bed, I was stuck in a stinky gym with twenty odd kids I'd never seen before with no food, no water, with the bleeding Undead banging our door down and worst of all... No Mom. I brought my knees up to my chin and, hugging my legs and hiding my face, rocked slowly back and forth. I felt someone sit down next to me and, assuming it was Amy, I stubbornly didn't respond. The person beside me coughed to get my attention. I sighed and turned my head to my right. 

'Hi' He said 'I'm..'

'What do you want?' I croaked before he could finish his sentence, struggling to hold back the tears that had flowed freely just seconds before.

'Alex... A-and you looked... Are you hungry?' He stuttered, producing a chocolate bar from his pocket. A laugh escaped my lips and I nodded, forcing a smile. I closed my eyes and we sat in silence, I felt like something should be said, but not a single word came to mind. The chocolate melted in my mouth, sweet and sticky on my tongue, It brought back memories of better days; Days When my farther would hold my hand, his hand easily twice the size of mine, and we would squeeze each others hands as we walked towards the sweet shop. What I would give to have my farther here today, just to have him stand there and protect me from the monsters, from everything. However, when I opened my eyes there was just this strange boy. His messy brown hair falling over his face, covering his striking blue eyes as he propped himself up on the radiator as he stared at me, waiting for me to say something.

'My name's Jay' I whispered 'Jade Harper'

He smiled, as if by knowing my name I had chosen to trust him, Maybe I had.

'Alex Forlark' He whispered back, still a soft smile playing on his lips.

Without warning, a heavy bang sounded near the door, and an alarming crack followed as the barrier started to splinter. 'Sir' Adam shouted, his voice cracking slightly with panic.

'shi- Everybody to arms!' He ran to the door, wielding his baseball bat as though it was a sword. The others trickled in behind him, shakily raising their weapons. Another bang at the door, another crack appeared in the makeshift barricade. Alex and I jumped to our feet, sweat pouring down our faces, the reality of the situation slapped us in the face: Enless something was done about this we were going to die, right here right now. Clawed and bit to pieces by these cannibalistic sickos. Amy, brought to her senses by the noise, was by my side in seconds shaking with fright having realized our fate. My eyes darted around the room for an escape, almost skipping over the air vent in the corner of the gym. I motioned subtly with my arm to Amy and Alex, we were only half way there when Luke caught on to our plan and started inching towards us. The others were too concerned with the disturbing groans and screams coming from the other side of the door as bodies crashed against it, the creaks of the doors and the inevitable snap as the barrier broke. Our slow creeping towards the vent broke into a all out sprint as the barrier broke and an unending stream of sickos flooded into the hall. Only seconds remained before they finished off our futile attempt at a 'guard.' I reached the vent, grateful that the builders had built it quite low, and swung my bat at the grate. The first hit landed a bit off, only just glancing off the grate. The older kids were still fighting the sickos, swinging the old bats, they were going to be swamped soon the sickos outnumbered us at least five to one and half of us had already fallen to their attack, leaving a mere thirteen of us left including me, Alex, Amy and Luke. The remaining eight kids that had been fighting fell back to create a half circle around us. I hit the grate another time, knocking it off it's hinges, as the fighting continued around me, closer now I could hear the screams as another ally fell or a sicko ran into the wall of kids bravely protecting me as I struggled to make an escape. With a final hit the grate gave way, without thinking I pushed myself through the grate, hoping I would fit. I crawled through the vent, one hand in front of the other. I'd been forced to leave my bat outside the vent because it would fit and would have only slowed me down. As I crawled through the vent, I listened to the banging and terrified screams as the sickos dragged people out the vents, or the sounds of struggle as they attempted to escape their clutches. One hand in front of the other, never knowing if the 'person' behind me was alive or just another sicko struggling to catch it's 'prey'. Eventually I came to another grate, fueled by panic and adrenaline I pushed with all my might, limited by the lack of space. It must have took twice as long without my baseball bat, but the grate eventually gave way and I tumbled out of the the vent into a tiny care keepers room. It seemed like hours until other people started tumbling out of the vents, although Alex must've been right behind me. I tried opening the door and, upon discovering it was locked, panicked and told Alex and in high pitched voice.

'We're gonna die in here Alex, Its locked, they're gonna come in and eat us and.. and' 

My words stopped in my throat, I choked back the tears and slumped in the corner, defeated.

'Shh, It's ok Jay, there have to be some keys around here or something. We'll get out.' He replied calmly, with a hint of empathy. Alex started routing around in the buckets for keys as Luke and 'Sir' Adam rather ungracefully tumbled out of the vent. I stood up and peered inside the vent, whether it was see if Amy was coming or if the sickos were I'm not even sure myself.


I croaked. Having recovered from his ungraceful landing coming out the vent 'Sir' Adam replied.

'Not many people...were able to...escape the...' He looked to Luke for help, unsure of what to call them.

'Untreated Patients?' Luke offered helpfully.

'Unable to escape the... sick and we are unlikely to see them again, alive at least' He muttered 

I shook my head, unbelieving. As if on cue came Amy's scream, shrill and loud with unmasked fear. I saw her face appear at the vent and I reached forwards, without hesitating, and grabbed her arms and pulled her out the vent. She struggled, kicking out at whatever was behind her desperately before it released her. As soon as she was clear of the vent I saw what she had been trying to escape; A grisly looking man was crawling through the vent behind her, his eyes drooping and bloodshot, mouth open and drooling his teeth broken and dyed red with blood. 'Sir' Adam was quick to act and slammed the grate back on the vent, although I doubt that could hold back our former teacher 'Mr Ausley' for long. Alex had found the keys and was flicking through the keys, trying to find the one that fitted. Amy's face was bright red and her eyes as wide as saucers, she was shaking so bad it was a wonder she could stand. I slid her arm over my shoulder and told Luke to support her other arm. Alex had found the key and fumbled with it until the door open with a click. With Luke to help me, I carried a traumatized Amy out into the hallway. 'Sir' Adam was out last, he dropped the grate and ran out the door, which Alex slammed shut and hastily locked, leaving 'Mr Ausley' Slamming on the tinted window of the door furious that his prey had deceived him.

After that we locked ourselves inside another classroom for the night, hoping that the majority of the sickos were still inside the gym. I sat Amy down on a classroom chair and knelt beside her trying to get her to speak, while Alex and 'Sir' Adam kept watch for sickos.

'Amy, are you alright? Amy talk to me.' I said as calmly as I could manage. 

'I'm tired of this Jay, I want to go home now. P-p-please just say this is a joke.' She stuttered.

I looked at my feet and bit my lip, I wish I could go home this is way beyond a joke now.

'Are you hurt?' 

I managed. She paused for a moment before shaking her head, slowly at first then more quickly, more certain. 

'Good' I said 'Until we know more about them I don't wanna risk even touching them' I laughed, a quick brittle attempt at humor.

'You girls should get to sleep' 'Sir' Adam ordered, somehow still thinking that he was still in charge. Despite my contempt for Adam, I agreed, sleep somehow felt like the best thing at the moment. I lay my head down on the stiff carpet of the classroom and suddenly exhaustion overwhelmed me.

The same nightmare came to me that night, I lay in bed as my mother floated in. Cried out in outrage as she pulled the curtains, and felt the same wave of joy overtake me as she settled beside me, despite knowing what happened next. The same stab of horror overtook me as my mother lunged forwards, eyes red rimmed and bloodshot, mouth open and snarling.

I awoke, yet again, in streams of sweat and tears. Caught in the horror of the dream for just a moment before I came to my senses again. I sat up held a hand to my head, the other hand stretched out behind me supporting my weight, as the fog cleared in my mind. I clambered to my feet, still relying on my hand to keep me steady.

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Hmm perhaps just copy and paste?

You appear to start writing the story as a diary and then it suddenly trickles off into a full-blown story. If you were to write yourself a diary, would you explain the full events of your day in the utmost detail? Also, you seem to jump between past tense and present. May I suggest sticking with just one?

However, I do like the character and she seems like she could handle herself. You do have quite a bit of room for character development, and as I understand there is still more to come from the fossil forum?

Also, you say how her (Haley's) flesh has become rotten? Surely she would have turned on the bus (otherwise, how else would she have got on and sat next to her boyfriend?) if this is the case, how could she have decayed to the point where her face is falling off in 21 minutes?

You have done a good job so far, and I look forward to the next few chapters.

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First of all thanks and I'm not very good with tenses :P ,I was gonna sort that out later by basically lets say she lost the diary and it switches to real time, but my idea was that she was having a sort of flashback? Sorry if I didn't make that clear There is quite a bit more to come from my old forum, I was going to copy and paste, but that kind of failed on me plus i'm adapting the story slightly to add more detail and such. The idea of her flesh falling off, Harley of course, is because when things are dead they go all white and the skin starts peeling, (I know this when I accidentally put a plaster too tight on my thumb and I stopped the circulation oops) and I may have slightly exaggerated, but hey that's the fun part
Thank you for replying, I may go back and make it just a bit more obvious on what I was aiming at on the points you  pointed out.

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June 22nd DONE.
Oh, if anyone encounters any problems with the code please tell me. By this I mean it appearing in raw format instead of in colours and bold text. Thank you.

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