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An idea to share our experiences and stories, in a fantastic way.


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I don't know how game design works, or how difficult this would be to set up, and I suppose it doesn't nessecarily have to do this.
One thing I always enjoyed from dwarf fortress, (Even having never played it) was that the story of your dwarves were so in depth. They all had back story, and the backstory was very far down the line. I would browse the internet and read in depth stories of how peoples kingdoms fell, and great warriors that were born in their kingdom, who fended off entire hordes of demons by themselves, dying and taking their fortress with them.

Something I always thought would be cool for a game to do, would be if the game followed your charecter, and sort of took notes of the actions being done, all the important things they ever did, with logs and dates listed. Then on the forums, there could be a place where you can post the story of your survivor, and how they died. I feel like it would fit the over arching theme of project zomboid, since the story is essentially "this is how you died". I feel like this could be done without the game doing it for you, but details would be missing, and people would be less encouraged to post about their charecters demise. It would add a deeper level to your charecter, and when they die, you can look back and read their story, share it with your friends, and reel in the nostalgia. It also opens plenty of avenues for one to improve, by seeing how they made mistakes. Of course this wouldn't be a recent thing, but it's something I ponder about from time to time.

Feel free to post your feelings about it, maybe we can get the attention of the big dogs (raccoons?) at the head of this company.
Thanks for taking the time to read, and post if you did. -Redx6504

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If the devs get on with their ever generating plot idea, then just adding a diary to record plot events would do half the job to it. Second half would be maybe a mod to alter text of the diary from purely informative to a bit more dramatic.

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