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Zombie Life [PvP][Whitelist][US-East][24/7]


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Zombie Life! 

 (24/7 US PvE Server) 


*Now with the Walking Dead Prison!!!



Server Status


Status : ONLINE  


(the server is whitelisted as of now! Please join teamspeak or message me to be added)


Address: Port: 16261


Teamspeak 3: chi-voice2.fragnet.net:10069


Website: www.zombielifepz.enjin.com



The Walking Dead Prison


Get ready for some serious excitement.  Community member Leolvanov did an excellent job at creating TWD Prison so I have added it to the map.  It is located just north of the logging company in Muldraugh, KY.


The players now spawn at the prison.  This is a safe zone and PvP is not allowed unless an event has been created.  This area will be dense with zombies so it is best to stay inside if you spawn here.  You can always venture out, but don't say you weren't warned!  



Please feel free to join us in the fun. 


Thanks and take care!

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Hello all, I have been super busy lately.  I updated the server to 29.3 and would like to see this server grow.  Please pm me any suggestions or ideas you have for the server.  I am looking into increase the capacity.  What do you feel is a good number?  I am looking for active admins on my server.  If interested send me a pm and let me know why you would be good at it.  Thanks!

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