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Found 1 result

  1. haha i changed a letter to a z im so creative give me an award for that ive done that for creative freedom so thats cool its not a google maps replica that has been too hard for me way too hard way too hard so im being creative and just using yukon as a template to create my own stuff i built tons of buildings too well only suburb houses and cabins atm but eh ive based em on yukon and georgia usa housing. since its a very cold state i have also created frostbitten zombies and cold human textures that im very proud of all in all this map is like 2 weeks of planning and work since as i said this map isnt a real full replica of real life yukon i have to change all the names of towns and whatever ill just name them the opposite of what they are called for example ill call the town dawson "thedad" cause its not a 100% replica ill call whitehorse "graydonkey" cause its not a 100% replica either i will also build destruction bay (construction harbor in the zukon) yukon river = zukon river; zombies are present now and its not replicated 100% get it now? good heres a map wip i just started working on it a few hours ago if you steal it i will do unimaginable things to you i spent all my freetime on this ALL OF IT SO DONT YOU FUCKING DARE STEAL IT OR ELSE THESE MOUNTAINS TOOK ME 2 GOD DAMN HOURS TO ACTUALLY MAKE EM LOOK DECENT OK?! now tomorrow ill post the buildings ive worked on which also took me lots of time to make i love every single one of you until you piss me off so please dont do that as long as you dont insult or shame or steal were cool the picture is the map preview its 25% zoomed out and is like 2 hours of work and totally not done maybe just 4% done the zukon emphasized on lots of wilderness vs some patches of civilization to make it more of a living off the land map with civil elements for those who prefer rich suburban homes as their base of operation vs cabins in the woods the mountains are supposed to be shown using dry grass stone and mud and they will be increasingly void of trees and foliage the higher they go. i will make parts of the river bigger to add tiny island in between.
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