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Found 1 result

  1. The mall is now entering public beta testing now =w= Download the mall testing version here: Mega Mall.rar?dl=0 The building is finished, the parking lot is still under construction If you see anything (except the railing, there are coding issues in the editor and the fix is on the way) that you feel odd inside the mall building, just post to this topic =w= And thank cardenaglo for contribute to this mall project. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This topic is continuing updating, just check the new progress in the posts. My second building. A lore friendly mall (no custom tiles) with over 70 stores. Operated by the same company which built the mall at Valley Station. This mall could be located at Louisville. It contains almost all the existed brands in the game, includes a massive furniture store with showrooms, a cinema with 11 halls, a department store, a Giga Mart, an E.P Tools mega center, a gym with sauna, an arcade, a massive food court and independent restaurants like Spiffo's, Pile-o-Crepe, Yummmess Bar and Grill, Rust Rifle Steak House, The Drake Bar, Seahorse Coffee, and so on. There is also a playground on the roof. cardenaglo is currently making the parking lot for the mall. Overview Below are the high res pics provided by cardenaglo , click to check them out in full size. The first level Second level Third level Fourth level