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Found 3 results

  1. I'd like to suggest to you: Gabions aka wire mehs walls Ingredients: Make use of and to create the wire mesh with the metalworking skill, , and Using to dig a trench for foundation Creating the foundation with , (?), and Adding the mesh to the foundation with (from ) and the use of Finally filling these with excess stones ( and ) from foraging (good way to get rid of them) Procedure: 1 - Shovel: Dig a small trench for a concrete foundation 2 - Bucket: Create a unit of concrete from sand out of sandbags (optional - finite resource?), cement bags and water 3 - Metalworking: Craft mesh units from wire and metal scrap 4 - Assemble: Pour concrete into trench, wait some hours till cured (optional), screw mesh unit onto concrete, add stones to wire mesh 5 - Profit! These walls could possibly be an alternative to the log walls in mid / late game Please like, share and discuss on these
  2. I am unable to craft small metal fence even though all the requirements are met. Wire says 1/1 with what I am currently carrying. I tried with an unused (full) piece of wire and it would let me but I am not understanding why I can't craft with what I am carrying.
  3. Little idea : display room light I read many post on electricity with interresting idea, many are on objects, some talk about connection. i start this page to give my opinion and try to centralize "network" idea ex : I think an other solution, for realism with simplicity : Each square and wall could be declared energizable if a wire is posed on it. Pose or pick a wire with screwdriver + tool of surface (hammer for wood, trowel for dirt, blowtorch for metal). Auto generation for houses : wires from each wall with switch, square with electric object and garage to a mandatory point (ie close to front door). 2 energizable square (with wires) are connected by one of the four edge. An electric object is connected if placed on a energizable square or wall A variable for each square and wall : Watt = -1 : no-energizable (no wire) 0 : energizable (wired) 1-9 : static variable, like central powered (infinite) or court circuit 10+ : Watt on wire (wired and power) If Watt change, check if one of the four edge is energizable , then share to close square Watt. Powering : Powering object add to Watt (on square) like generator ( ie +3000) and change state to switched on. If Watt = 0 switch off Mandatory point Watt = 1-9 Consumer : TV, radio, etc... If < Watt of square, switch on and decrease Watt If > Watt of square, stay off and Watt = 0 if Watt = 0 switch off For generator = 3000, oven = 2800, tv= 500 Switch on tv : Watt = 2500 If add oven Watt = 0 Everything switch off hided wire system, viewable at electricity skill 4 with show/hide layer option. court circuit can destroy object. this system allow good possibilities in futur. more : Active an other layer at lvl 8, big wire, high tension network between houses/shop (mandatory point) and "power plant" who become infinite (Watt1-9) Switchboard on mandatory point of house : If Watt1-9 on big wire then (on house) Watt = consumption else Watt = 0 If Watt decrease, then add to Watt (switch on tv) If Watt increase, then decrease to Watt (switch off object) Menu on switchboard like radio/tv : switch off and consumption displayed. "Real switch", display room light, allow to control remotely object (ie motor, contactor) differents color for wire to cross without connection switch + detector to automatise What is your opinion or idea ?
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