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Found 3 results

  1. Apologies to the couple of people I promised this too a while back, I was unsure how to get it to work together right and be realistic enough to post, so I shelved it. Until now... I made (tried) textures (sprites, whatever...) Here ya Go!! Instructions in the form of a gaggle of recipe images!! Bugs: Towel to dirty water recipe needs to be changed (Just made it this way to finish it for now) You lose the towel when you save the water (can't fix, in vanilla item scripting code) Can dupe bottles of water if you keep clicking the crafting option to filter water (I have no clue how to fix ) Coming: Adding more items and steps to make the filtration feel more realistic. Fixing the dirty water part of the recipes. fix dupe bug? DOWNLOAD: Mirror Download (My Dropbox Link) HOW TO TEST THE FILTERING OUT (If you don't want to loot the items): Install the Optional "GimmeFilterStuff.lua" and press F8+0 (zero) to get all the items you need to construct and filter some water. DOWNLOAD GIMME LUA: Mirror Download (My Dropbox Link)
  2. So here goes nothing: I've been learning some lua on my freetime and gotten in to the point where I'll be publishing my first mod. I've gotten the code working so that it changes the getting wet values to 0 but there's still some problems with the events and execution of the stuff (that will hopefully start going thanks to RJ and the .14patch! Thanks man invaluable stuff!)... The Umbrella can (when released) be found in wardrobes in bedrooms and maybe in the small storage shelves. The umbrella, when found is closed and can be used as a stabbing weapon (KittenKnife stats for now...). It can also be opened and when held in primary slot provides you shelter from the cough inducing evil that is rain. Since I was going to keep this to myself until somewhat done there's still major flaws that need to be fixed but I'm slowly but surely getting there. I just had to put this out there because kinyoshi as clever a detective he is, found my secret! thanks a lot no pressure now... First I'll try and make it work like it should (I'll take all the help I can get!) and then I'll release the hopefully working version at some point. Definitely no ETAs (I'm a busy bee at the moment)! After that I'll try and take some suggestions, but again no promises I'm only learning the stuff. So in due time I will present to you teh UmbrellaMod!
  3. So... Umbrellas, not rare but not super-common as loot in houses and the stores. It would require both hands to use and would open in three seconds but take ten seconds to shake dry and close. Both of those timers would require you to be standing still. The noise from the water hitting the umbrella would make more noise than the rain around it making you a little more noticeable when walking around in the rain if zombies are about. It would be usable as a very limited bat like weapon and would break pretty fast, maybe one to three uses. It would have the close combat jaw kill move like knives, maybe four to five uses. If in multi-player, two or three people can stand under it and not get wet. It would wear out over time from the wear and tear and from the water damaging it (long-term). And if hot and sunny, you stay cool when using it.
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