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Found 1 result

  1. Good afternoon. I got back into "Project Zomboid" for the first time today, and I am thoroughly enjoying the new updates and graphics. I am currently playing on Build Forty-One, with the latest "I Will Back Up My Save" enabled. However, I have noticed that zombies are vastly stronger, more durable, faster, and harder to kill in every aspect. They are nothing like before. I set the zombie settings to the slowest Shamblers with normal (untouched) toughness, strength, and durability. Their hearing and vision are normal, their smell is poor, and they have no memory. When I attacked the zombies, I was neither exhausted nor tired. I had no bad stats until one bit me (more on that to come). My character was not extremely weak or underweight. Here's the problem, though. I had a Crowbar in both of my hands. Two years ago, a Crowbar was one of the best Melee Weapons in thegame. It could throw zombies back at least a yard. Melee Weapons are intended to be swung like baseball bats, striking zombies from a distance at which they cannot make the "grabbing" animation that can hurt or bite you. That is no longer the case. Melee Weapons, like the Crowbar and especially the Frying Pan, are useless unless you are in a range so close that you could use a knife more effectively. They offer no defense from the zombies that a knife cannot provide. This is critically dangerous, if not lethal, in the new game. Worse yet, I tried to kill a zombie with said Crowbar in both hands. I was unable to hit them except once or twice, so I kept shoving instead. When they hit thefloor, I started counting how many stomps or swings of the Crowbar were needed. With the Crowbar, it took me over seven times to kill one zombie, and four or five times to kill another. Another thing that I have seen is that characters attack a fallen zombie in extreme slow motion. Compared to two years ago, I am fully aware that it takes twice as long to make a full motion swing, collide with the zombie's face, rise up, and swing again. There was a time that I could take on two zombies, rarely even three, with a trusty Frying Pan or elite Crowbar. Now this is impossible. Despite being on the default strngth and weakness, the zombies are acting like brick walls. I really, really do not wish to turn down the zombie health and strength to Low, out of Normal. However, if weapons are all broken and the zombies are brick walls, I will be forced to do so. Has the META really changed that badly, or did Indie Stone just introduce a glitch? I want to be able to fight zombies without a gun or knife. Frying Pans are fun, and Crowbars were once legendary. What am I doing wrong? Thank you for any assistance you may render. Warm regards and bodies, -TURTLESHROOM
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