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Found 1 result

  1. So started in March and the biggest issue is staying warm. Even with a down jacket I pretty much am freezing to death most times. A few times I was freezing even standing next to a lit BBQ grill inside a building. So I was wondering if for warmth rating that smaller rooms are easier to heat up to a very warm rating while trying to warm up say a warehouse would make it only a few spaces next to the heat source being any good. Lets say a room 8x8 can be warmed up at the outer reaches by a small amount while slowly going in warms up more. The room being larger the over all warmth would be low. In a room that is only 2x2 a heat source would/could be blazing hot so that even the coldest nights would not bother you. Also wondered about the ability to add more to a fire instead of one at a time. Logs and lumber is not to bad but trying to add coal it takes ten clicks to use a bag. It would be nice if we could just drop the fuel on a heat source and it uses all that was dropped into it. Maybe another option on the context menu when over a heat source you get the option of one half or all, similar to the grabbing of loose items.
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