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Found 3 results

  1. So I disabled all of my mods and I'm still having trouble with this visual glitch on the linings of walls. I have no idea what could be causing it but it is so frustrating trying to play with this. Anyone have a similar experience or a solution?? example
  2. I'll categorize them into 3 sections, hopefully it can help the devs pinpoint the issues easier. Pre 41.28: Carrots have mismatch sprites for when they're Ready For Harvest and Seed-bearing. Still happens in build 41.29. Introduced in 41.28: - Dryer now has a "Plumbing" option. - I have 2 generators placed outside my base, in the corner of the building. After build 41.28, they turn invisible, I can still hear them and able to right click on them but they do not show up visually. I've tried picking them up and placing on the same spot but the bug persisted. Placing them anywhere else made them show up however. Introduced in 41.29: - Sheet curtains over door windows no longer show up visually, right clicking on the door still shows all the interact-able options however. (I haven't checked if this was caused by .28 or .29 build, but I'm 100% certain .27 wasn't bugged) - With the HD quality of zoom build coming in, some textures got really blurry comparing to pre .29, carrot patches for example.
  3. When playing 3 people together in split-screen, the 4th empty window in the bottom right corner is bugged out, causing constant visual glitches. Any UI window that is opened, that covers any part of the 4th window, will continue to remain there after being closed down. Going into the Main Menu will remove any glitch, but problem comes back as soon as another UI box is opened. Problem has been persistent for about 2-3 months.
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