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Found 3 results

  1. In a game when you not only can drink bleach (that will kill you), but also eat (uncooked) unbutchered dead animals, raw worms and insects, plus things like salt, pepper, butter, mayonnaise, remoulade, ketchup, raw noodles and recently uncooked rice, pasta and mac and cheese you can't eat sugar, flour, yeast and vinegar, coffee or tea bags, even if you are starving to death. The same applies to CakeBatter and PieDough items (currently having Item flag), but you will rarely have a reason to eat them raw (as they have to be make from other unperishable items), though it would be nice to have the ability to do so. Also, when it comes to coffee, tea bag and sugar, the items would have to be made food to be used in evolved recipe from what I understand anyway: It would also automatically make coffee "drainable". I think these items should be marked as food and have hunger (and recently nutritional) values added to them, along with proper boredom/unhappiness maluses, Nor of these food are toxic to eat - may be unhealthy, but not any more than some of the current items I mentioned. I would love seeing a proper mechanic other than boredom and unhappiness to make eating whole bottle of mayonnaise or drinking a bottle of vinegar unbearable in the future, but for the time being I'd like them to be eatable. What I think may be preventing these from being added as food is the fact that they are drainable. However, when it comes to food items, I noticed that the decreasing hunger value serves the same purpose - it's decreased when you eat 1/4 or 1/2 of the food, but also when you use it in evolved recipe. It is also represented with in-game bar image, so they would only require minor adjustment. I'm just not sure if spawning items with less than max hunger is currently possible, but it's one of the features I'd love to see (some partially eaten food or half-full mayonnaise bottles or butters). Also, it would be nice to have the changes now, as the food items are generally being tweaked upon now, which I loosely mentioned here:
  2. Odinsreaver

    Ultimate Food Perservation

    Kinyoshi put up mods that implement the perservation of foods; such as curing meats and canning foods. Another thing I would like to see in the game is building up an ice house to store ice. Have it impleneted during the winter when it snows (if it ever gets added) Ice harvesting and put it in an ice house to store the ice, and building an icebox (cold closet) to store foods so you can perserve foods once everything goes dark. - Implementing canning foods and curing meats into the game and not just a mod.
  3. kinyoshi

    Food Pickling Mod

    DON'T READ THIS SPOILER Includes a lightweight spice-bag that spawns in the world.Many new items to loot, including spices, food and jars.Spices are very lightweight so they don't take up too much space.Straight forward vanilla-like and realistic recipes and ingredient lists.Recipes are based off of real life pickling recipes.Now you can pickle almost every food item, even some new items.GET SOME!!!! (you'll get it...)Okay so I know the brine should be cook-able, but I can't carry the cooked tag over to require it, so right now the brine isn't needed to be cooked, not yet, soon. Most of the pickled foods have the same nutritional values. This will be changed, some day. And yes, I know some of the textures don't make sense, reusing vanilla textures for now. Some stuff may be needed to be tweaked, let me know. You might want to use Craft Helper Mod to look at recipes.*BUG* The Craft Helper Book pop-up with all the recipes bogs down from all of the recipes. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ If you put all your spices in your main inventory, it will make this all a-lot easier. Use a Pot of Water to make the brine, bowls for the starters. How to make a brine starter:Get a bowl and the needed spices, craft with one of the spices or the bowl to get available brine starter recipes. Some brine starters have more than one step but are not labeled as such, they are only labeled "unfinished". The recipes in-game are based off of real life recipes, which I'm not sharing (I'm far too lazy to do things like that), so think real life and you got it, just tap it in, tap tap tap-a-roo, you're doing great.... How to make a completed brine:Get an empty pot and fill it with water, then get the vinegar of choice for the recipe of what your making. Different types of vinegar makes different types of brines. With the exception of the thin brine and a few others, you always need a brine starter to make brines. Some brines need vegetables like onions or extra spices. Some brines need the Kitten knife. Brines have twenty-four (24) uses, just like the pot of water. How to measure with mason jars:Filling small and large jars takes different amount of brine. the small jars are one (1) pint and the large jars are two (2) pints. It takes two brine uses to fill up one small jar, four brine uses to fill up large jars. One pot of brine will fill twelve small jars or six large jars. You can dump out left-over brines and starters. How to pickle stuff:Get your brine(s) together with your mason jars, sometimes needed extra spice or onions or other needed item. You are also going to need a Kitten knife and the item or items you are pickling. Each recipe is different on the amount of items you need, for example the candied ginger only uses a small amount of fresh ginger because you are chopping off small pieces. Pickles of course are going to require less cucumbers. Some pickled jars have more pickled items in it than you used for the recipe, this is because you sliced or chopped it up into small pieces, like the ginger. How to eat pickled food:Get your Jar of pickled food in your inventory, then use the menu to Get Some ***, then the pickled item is in your inventory available to eat or whatever you want, as long as it gets in your body, somehow... Once you have gotten all your some, the jar will become empty. You can then either drink the left-over pickled juice or dump it out, it is recommended you drink it, because your thirst it will quench, plus it will make you happy and reduce boredom. After drinking or dumping the juice, you will get the empty jar back, which can be then used again for pickling or filled with water. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The Food Expansion Pickled Rat Expansion requires Tooks Food Expansion Mod and my Food Pickling Mod. Updates:1.1c removed the pickled rat from the food pickling mod.1.1b all brine and brine starter recipes should work now. 1.1 fixed some stuff, added a spice-bag. Upcoming(Soon):Moving spices to a separate new Spices Mod, which will make it easier to use for other modders.More spices, foods (some will be a separate mod), brines, pickled items and boredom reducers.Adding in suggestions. (Still need some of these)Some fixes. Upcoming(Later):Better nutritional values for pickled foods to match brine qualities.Cookable brines. SOME SCREENSHOTS AND RECIPES: Some fun things to reduce boredom at cost of happiness or thirst, or both are fish sauce and red chili peppers.Brown sugar can be used in place of sugar and it uses a-lot less.You can re-use vinegar bottles for water, just like mason jars.The spice-bag makes two pounds of spices weigh only one pound. (changing soon though) DOWNLOAD: Main Download (PZ-Mods) || Mirror (Xeno-Mods) | Mirror (My Dropbox Link) Food Expansion Pickled Rat Expansion: Mirror Download (My Dropbox Link)