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Found 2 results

  1. Good afternoon. I was surprised to learn that the most recent stable update (Build Forty) and the current IWBUMS version (Build Forty-One) added a mechanic where any form of backing up into zombies caused significant damage to an automobile's trunk, no matter how slow or meticulous. I find this both odd and unrealistic, as the only thing running over something at a very, very slow speed could do was burst the tires or significantly damage the suspension. As I search for a Mod or setting to change this, I should indicate what I do not want: I do not want to strengthen any part of the vehicle but the trunk. I do not want to affect crashing into the environment, into trees, into buildings or signs, or other such objects. I do not want to affect running into zombies at a high speed. What setting would adjust the damage to a vehicle's trunk when it collides with a zombie in slow motion? Does the setting for hitting zombies differ from the setting for hitting the environment? Thank you for any assistance you may render. Warm regards and bodies, -TURTLESHROOM
  2. Vehicle Cutaways: A Solution to the Camper Conundrum Hi everyone, I've been giving some thought to the vehicle interior issue. There have been suggestions in the past of having interiors on large vehicles like RVs/Campervans, but it seems the discussion always ends at something along the lines of "you'd need the car to convert to a structure when you stop, which is not possible on the Project Zomboid engine." What's different about my proposal is that I suggest that we utilize a feature that is presumably on the way to Zomboid already. Let's look back at a teased feature from an older Thursdoid: Lowdown August 15, 2019 As you can see, Easy Pickins has managed to add an interior to this car. Sure, you can't move inside it like you're in the game world, but its a fine addition to the game. Now I suggest that we use the same system, and give the illusion of an interior in the campervan. Here is a concept I've produced in Photoshop: I'm not the greatest editor, so obviously the scaling and quality will be off, but I think it gets the idea across. (The camper van here is courtesy of Filibuster Rhymes' mod) There should be an option to seamlessly toggle the view of the cutaways on and off while in the game, but bear in mind that these interiors would not be an actual part of the game world, but rather just a look inside the car in the same way Easy Pickins' interior was. As a passenger when you press V I think should get the option to click on an appliance in the RV and then depending on what is feasible for the developers to do, the game will A: play an animation of you walking in the van to the fridge and opening it, or B: teleport you to the fridge. Tangentially, I imagine that having system in place will also permit the addition of interiors for more ambitious vehicles in mods, in case someone wants to make a boat, plane, or a train with an interior. I think it would also be nice for characters to have idle animations while sitting in the vehicles. Please leave your thoughts below, and thanks for reading!
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