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Found 2 results

  1. So I'm writing a whole article protesting Steam and Valve. I'm frustrated with my situation, but most importantly the money I poured into their pocket when I get mine stolen, then they do nothing about it. I love this community and everyone in it for doing everything in their power to help me. You're beautiful and amazing people. But the amount of money I lost due to a mistake that I didn't even make is insane. Until Valve compensates me for my losses, or gives me my account back then it's a war. My baby cousin makes a mistake and I lose over 1000 dollars? No. That's not gonna happen. You can say "look after your account better" sure. Maybe I should have. But a thief is a thief. Someone steals your car you don't say "Oh you should have looked after it better." If you do then I hope you never get your car stolen. I hope no one ever robs you, or anything like that. But I'm currently protesting Valve. No word since my Steam account was hijacked. Not a single one. I work hard for my money, and here it is being stolen from me and Valve is just letting it happen because they get a small percentage. I'll include the article when I'm finished with it.
  2. "Valve has implemented a new "Game Ban" policy on Steam, allowing game developers to permanently ban Steam users from individual games, the company announced recently. Through the game ban initiative, Valve is allowing developers to run their own systems to "detect and permanently ban any disruptive players, such as those using cheats," according to a Steam Community page that explains what a game ban is. This is separate from Valve Anti-Cheat, the technology that is already built into Steam. If a developer discovers a player who is cheating, the company notifies Valve, which issues the game ban on the player's Steam account for that particular game. Until now, only Valve has been able to root out cheaters and ban them. "The game developer is solely responsible for the decision to apply a game ban," Valve noted. "Valve only enforces the game ban as instructed by the game developer." via Polygon. Thoughts? Will this help PZ at all?
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