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Found 23 results

  1. Good afternoon. I attempted to search through the Vanilla rendition of PZ's files to find the script that represents the White Microwave, to no avail. Much to my chagrin, it does not exist in the SCRIPTS file and is only referenced in the Translation file. The Microwave sound effect is there, but for the likes of me, I can't see where the Microwave itself is located. The reason I want to know the answer to this is because the "Hydro Craft" Mod has several items that can spawn in cabinets that are exact, but non-functioning, duplicates of placable Furniture. For example, you can find a microwave (HCMicrowave), a mini-fridge (HCMinifridge), and a washing machine (HCWashingmachine). All three of those items have equivalents in the Vanilla rendition. None of the HC versions really do anything outside of being disassembled. I know that it is completely possible to disassemble a placable Furniture piece (e.g. a television or radio), but what about the opposite? What I want to write is a Crafting Recipe that takes the non-functioning HC versions of furniture and converts them to the Vanilla rendition furniture. With this ability in place, likewise, I also want to create a Recipe for the opposite, so that the special parts HC adds to those things can be gathered more fairly. I know or a fact that Vanilla rendition Furniture has a reference as an Item, because you can pick them up and interact with them. Where are the files for the Vanilla rendition, placeable Furniture located? What can I do with them, and how? Thank you. -TURTLESHROOM
  2. @Connall , @RobertJohnson Feature for mod.info (pack=....) needs to be updated to choose .packs. Example: pack1x=... (only load this pack when the game settings is 1x) pack2x=... (only load this pack when the game settings is 2x)
  3. Hi all, I've been working with the mapping tools for a little while now, and decided to look at adding some custom tiles. I've pretty much got it. But when in TileZed, and using the Tile Properties, I've added tilesets, but where can I define if something is a Tv for example? I've noticed not all options are available in the Tile Properties options, but when highlighting a Tv it shows other options that are not available in the sidebar. I've read about a 'Tileproperties.txt' but can't seem to find the file anywhere? So... how can I edit these other options? Or, where can I find the txt file? Thanks in advance -TG
  4. Sparrow

    New item sprites?

    I want to make a mod where you can alter existing furniture items to make them aesthetically different. For example you have the plain beds now with no sheets, just a mattress. I'd like to be able to add sheets and pillows to them by upgrading them through a crafting menu, like you have to pick the item up or disassemble it, add some resources to it then finish it and set it back in the world. The trouble is I feel like I can create a tileset, but I'm not sure how to make an item that would be placeable in the world. Likewise I'd like to make more pictures to hang on walls, decorative items, etc, to add more variety to the game, but IN ADDITION to the items that already appear in game, not as replacements. Any ideas on how I might do this?
  5. How can we make proper custom tiles for both 1x and 2x size textures? Can I add 2 different pack files and somehow define one as 1x and the other as 2x?
  6. Ok so I looked for every tutorial I could find. Most of which are dead links, outdated or incomplete. So I used http://projectzomboidatoxwar.blogspot.com/ By Atoxwarrior Sadly it wasn't in english so I had to replay it a few times to make sure I got everything (of course this is with the old tools as well too). But I managed to do it. I've added my tiles to tilzed. I've created a new tileset definitions I've created a .pack file I've modified my mod structure to include the new texturepack folders as well as modify my mod.info file No matter what I do I always get an error in WorldEd trying to generate lots "Some Tilesets missing in a map cell 0,0" The directory points to the same tiles directory read by TileZed so I double checked that. I've made it this far but now there are no more tutorials to cover this that I can find. So any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks - Capt_Paradox Oh yeah, though i did play with my tiles folder earlier trying to switch directories between Tiles and 2X which caused my buildings to disappear in TileZed but still appear in WorldEd (after switching it back of course since that didn't help). So if anyone knows of a fix for that either let me know
  7. I managed to load my custom tiles into TileZed. I'm trying to add my custom tiles to the building editor. I can find them if I go under the "tiles" tab and browse that way. What I'd like to do is create a new Category and select my tiles from the "ISO" tab instead for building. I went to my .TileZed folder and tried to modify the buildingtiles.txt but it gave me an error after modifying. So I'm obviously missing something......... here's my text But like I said still tossing me an error........ any suggestions?
  8. Anyone know what will happen if you start a game with 2x tiles, but on a map that uses custom 1x tiles? Will they just look shittier or will it display as question marks? Or I guess will it not work at all or force it back into 1x?
  9. I am struggling to remove the tiles I have placed. It seems that when you later re-open a file you can't delete any of the tiles you placed earlier? Screenshot here: How do I go about removing these glitched objects?
  10. The water in PZ is aesthetically flat and a little confusing. There are pixel animations within the game and I was hoping maybe the water tiles could be re-done to look more like moving water, with waves lapping at the shore. This can be done in 3D and turned into pixel sprites, to more seemlessly integrate into the atmosphere of the game. I am very impressed with the 2x Tiles and I'm not trying to devalue anyone's work. But I think creating the world's tiles in 3D would fix a lot of the perspective problems, confusing details, aesthetic inconsistencies and make animations easier. Just a thought. You guys have done amazing work on the game art so far, and I know you're focused more on making the game work well and diversifying gameplay aspects. The water of the PZ world could use a little pixel-love is all. There are some shading issues that make certain aspects of the map look flat, rather than raised. I'm just thinking making some things, like structure, in 3D would help pop out the bridges, along with better shading beneath structures. Perhaps in the distant future boats, docks, floating homes, swimming, and travel via water might be a playable aspect of the game, and with that would need a water overhaul. So really, this is isn't an immediate issue. Just ideas floating around in my brain for future possibilities.
  11. I would like to make a small mod for corn for myself for the feature I suggested here, but I can't figure how to change the tile graphics for the empty/full containers, just like the various kind of shelves are? I tried fiddling with TileZed, but I couldn't find the location of the full tiles nor any kind of tile properties related to this.
  12. I have some ideas to make the game more apocalypticy: Bedrolls. While I feel that a portable sleeping aid would be overpowered, I would love to see bedrolls strictly as an alternate placed bed, in slummy parts of the city/towns and especially in the woodsey cabins and hunting shacks. I kind of maybe really want/need (subjective) a bedroll asset for the map tools.Moar medical assets. Think hospitally assets. Oxygen tanks, life support machines, dentisty tool tables, those overhead lights, gurneys, uhh, you know, hospitally stuff. If you're planning on building a city, you would assume they would build a big hospital no? (Also shamelessly sort of maybe need these assets)Related to the above, but more military-esque contamination assets. Plastic flaps, overhead sprays e.c.t.More graffiti with meaning. I mean like, think Fallout NV classic white words of (not) wisdom. Zombie related. Apocalypse related. People related. I'm not creative, maybe something like "I'm dying!" (< no creative talent right here) or "I got bit" or "Blame the military" (Or insert government, umbrella or specific dodgy company here) As a general suggestion, just a lot of shit-tier stuff. Slummy, dirty stuff. Think cardboard box houses e.c.t. Sewer assets maybe? (I know there are some already, I mean containers and stuff to populate the ground). knocked-over garbage cans, broken tvs, microwaves, fridges missing doors. Garbage clutter. Make PZ look less like a nuclear town and more like a ransacked apocalypse scenario (This is not an insult, I love the current assets I just think they look a little too clean for my [dirty] tastes)More industrial stuff. I feel PZ atm is focused more on residential areas than industrial, I'd like to see more industrial stuff. Girder stacks, brick pallets, pallets in general, pipe stacks, shipping crates. Expand on the construction and industrial asset trees. Trees? Trees. Probably categories. But trees.Security cameras you can chuck in the top corners of walls. Don't have to move at all, considering I work for a company that distributes them from Germany, I can tell you 90% don't move, nor need to. Okay sorry, mini-rant over. More security stuffs in the security "tree". Oh gawd don't google image that.Dirty bathroom assets. Not everyone who has to go and is potentially being chased by a zombie has time to flush. I swear that's not me. I take time and flush. What's a widdle zombie bite for proper toilet etiquette? Placeable dead bodies (Map tools). Dead people. Bullet holes in their heads. Scratches all over their bodies. Bites too. Dead zombies with spiked baseball bat marks, stab wounds, gunshot wounds, chests blown out by shotguns, half-eaten corpses, skeletons with minuscule flesh remaining. (Also probably been suggested before a bazagillion times, but decomposition that ALSO affects these dead bodies too! Like dynamic tile updates? Yes? No? Hell yes!Sorry if this is a mess. TL;DR/English version: Bedrolls on the ground, usually in remote places. Map tools assets. Non-OP, non-pickupableMore medical assets. Hospital-related mostly - oxygen tanks, life support machines, doctor tool tables, overhead surgery lights, gurneys e.c.tDecontamination/military-medical assets. Plastic flaps, overhead sprays e.c.t.Common general word graffiti - "Blame the military" "Got bit. RIP me 2k15"Dirty, slummy assets. Knocked over garbage cans, broken microwaves, tvs and fridges, soggy cardboard boxes e.c.tMore Industrial assets, more construction assets. Girder stacks, brick pallets, pallets in general, pipe stacks, shipping crates. Security cameras on walls and more security assets. Consoles, screens, alarm boxes, klaxons (maybe not) air raid siren poles.Dirty bathroom assets, fallout style.Placeable dead bodies (Map tools). Dead people. Dead zombies with wounds, half-eaten corpses, skeletons with minuscule flesh remaining (from being eaten). (Also dynamic tile updates, in this case: decomposition)EDIT: Added another suggestion
  13. Greetings PZ survivors. Alas it's a been a while since I've gotten some good PZ play time in. How long a has the zombie cam been in play when you die(Watching your survivor who just turned go shuffling around was rather interesting). That one was new to me last time I fired up PZ. Anyway, Just wanted to let you know that my company is making a sequel to our original zombie themed game ZPocalypse. You start off on the loan apocalyptic streets having just escaped the recently nuked urban zombie infested wasteland. You’re tired, wounded, and hungry. You need SHELTER, a safe house, where you can lick your wounds and regroup. Not just any house will do though. First you need to make sure it’s safe inside. Clear it out, board up those windows, clean out those beds. Setup guards for early warning systems, and get patrols to go out on scavenging runs, b/c food is in short supply. But they keep coming, every night. What will you do? How long will you last? Is their any end in site for this zombie apocalypse? So much so, have I enjoyed the crafting and base building of PZ that we felt we needed to incorporate some of those aspects into our physical game Zpocalypse 2 which is up on kickstarter right now. ATM we are funded, but we'd really love to open up some , what I feel are vital stretch goals, to really get this game fleshed out and fully specked. (Aka, I'm talking about campaign mode). Campaign mode is going to take alo of time, play testing and play testers to get it so you can play jsut like in PZ to literally see how many days you can survive. So far we've added new foods types (Good Food, Raw food, Rad Food, Coffee, Booze, smokes). You can combine the Raw food and Rad food, using a camp fire upgrade to make various pots of stew which remove the negative status effects that raw and rad food give you if eaten unprepared. Next we got our resources conversion upgrades, such as the Workbench, which lets you build other upgrades, in addition to granting the ability to disassemble armory cards into scrap for you use in building other things. Reload bench lets you craft more ammunition and make improvised bombs. Infirmary lets you remove negative status effects with a night of rest. Beds lets you regain hit points faster overnight, instead of just idly sitting on the ground attracting more zombies to your safe house. You can now build pit traps, upgrade those pesky sandbags with spikes, and maybe even make a propane bomb. The game is being redesigned so you the player have alot more decision and choices for what your survivors do each day. These choices dictate how bad nightly combat will be(if there even is any combat), all the while trying to improve the fortifications’ of your base, feed your survivors, find more survivors, and of course kill as man of those ghoulish zed heads as possible! Anyway, it's up on kickstarter for another 2-3 weeks. Please check it out. There are some areas of the game which are purposely unfinished as we are trying to get community direction on where to take the game. Which new locations, mechanics, and concepts will we put into the game? (I'd personally love to add the cloth part type, and allow hung sheets crafting to block line of sight, just like you can in PZ). Zachary Parkes Vice President of Greenbrier Games Inc. Lead Designer for Zpocalypse 2: Defend of the Burbs https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gbg/zpocalypse-2-defend-the-burbs press pics for Zpocalypse 2 defend the burbs
  14. Hello everyone, I am looking at producing my own buildings and hopefully (Eventually) a map, but I need a bit of help understanding Sprites and tiles and I have a few questions. They are shown below: 1) When placing objects using tilemode on the building editor, if I place a wall tile on the door layer, furniture layer or roof layer, will it behave differently or behave exactly the same no matter what? For example would you still collide with it no matter what layer and could you still demolish it with a sledgehammer no matter what layer. 2) If I place furniture objects in tile-mode rather than using the furniture tool will they still behave the same? E.G if i place a 2 tile wide cupboard using tilemode will it still appear in world as two lootable sections and spawn loot normally. 3) I cannot find some tiles/sprites in the building editor despite them clearly appearing in the zomboid map. Some notable examples are the mannequins found in the mall at http://pzmap.crash-override.net/#0.8355907133538171,0.19491794658321468,1255.3734309738713 and the elevator also found there http://pzmap.crash-override.net/#0.8331898134094702,0.19476161261440364,1506.4481171686452 4) Some people are creating awesome custom sprites and posting them on the forums (http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/7280-where-do-i-post-sprites-maybe-here/?hl=+sprites Credit DoubleBrain) How does one go adding these to the building editor and if someone wants to use a map with these objects in will they have to be downloaded seperately beforehand (Like a mod) or are they automatically added by downloading the map. Lots of questions some of which I'm sure have obvious answers but I woul appreciate some help Thanks in advance
  15. Good morning, today I bring this idea a while it occurred to me that Project Zomboid, is a game that has reached different parts of the world and many of us, especially those we love creating new things with mapping tools, we would like to include our banner in the game or in any building we create. I say that would be great to see that kind of things that give it a touch of personality to every job we do, in my case I'm doing an embassy of Venezuela and is undoubtedly what distinguishes an embassy q is the flag of your country . And I'm glad if been united in the zombie apocalypse a run to the embassy na lie lol I'm going to a gun shop .... Anyway ... here'll give them to fellow fans q serve them some guidelines to make your flag. Buenos días, hoy les traigo esta idea, desde hace rato se me ocurrió que Project zomboid, es un juego que ha llegado a distintos lugares del mundo y muchos de nosotros, en especial los que nos encanta crear cosas nuevas con las herramientas de mapeo, nos gustaría incluir nuestra bandera en el juego o en algún edificio que creamos. lo digo por que seria genial ver ese tipo de cosas que le dan cierto toque de personalidad a cada trabajo que hacemos, en mi caso estoy haciendo una embajada de Venezuela y es sin duda alguna, lo q distingue una embajada es la bandera de su país. Y yo con gusto si estoy en estado unidos en pleno apocalypsis zombie de una corro a la embajada jajaja na mentira me voy a una tienda de armas.... En fin... aquí les daré a los compañeros fans unas guías que les servirán para hacer su bandera. This is the reference that you create for use when locating objects Esta es la referencia que cree para usarla a la hora de ubicar los objetos And this is the shadow of the flag, add a little more realism and will save them time and have easier shade only accommodate their flag flying Y esta es la sombra de la bandera, agrega un poco mas de realismo y les ahorrara tiempo mas fácil ya tienen la sombra solo acomoden su bandera The result that I went I was this ... El resultado que a mi me salio fue este... The result that I went I was this ... If you like and want to do the same here will leave them a package of images of different flags of the world ... I hope to see one day an embassy with the flags of all fans of different countries represented in one building to include in the game Project Zomboid. Si les gusta y quieren hacer lo mismo aquí les dejare un paquete de imágenes de diferentes banderas del mundo... espero ver un día una embajada con las banderas de todos los fans de diferentes países representados en un solo edificio que se incluya en el juego de Project Zomboid.
  16. The Embassy. hello Zomboid community. Today I bring you a new building, as I have time without much activity on the forums I want to share a new building for all. An embassy of Venezuela that I have created, I will include them also custom tiles having this building. Here the link fails TBX file. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3auf0pj6d6w1uzm/Embajada.tbx?dl=0 Custom tiles here fails to utilize this building. https://www.dropbox.com/s/r9ssju8odb9ff7p/00ATOX-Embajada.png?dl=0 Special thanks to Doublebrain. for their contribution in making computers that I included in my building hopefully also serve to you. http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/7280-where-do-i-post-sprites-maybe-here/ well this is it, I hope they like my contribution I will continue working for future publications, enjoy ....
  17. Hey!!! I got a bit bored with the Radcliff Project and saw that 956Texas was looking for gun racks and counters. So, I decided to make some and share them with everyone! There are 3 different rack types: one empty, one with two rifles and two shotguns and one with 3 shotguns and a single rifle. I can do a couple of others with only shotguns and/or only rifles, if I find that people are actually using these. And there are also all directions for the counters and one extra south and east facing counter for variety. So without further ado, here's the pic and the link for the file. Download updated link with the wall mount stuff. I'll just add that this is just the .png picture file. You'll have to do your own tile definitions for them to spawn weapons and export them into a .pack or .tiles file to work in game. I don't precisely know how either works yet, so you'll have to figure those out for yourself. Oh, and if a mod sees this, could we possibly have a section for textures etc? It's a bit bonky here. Yay for modding! <3 EDIT: I forgot this:
  18. Hola mi nombre es Oliver Guerrero soy de Venezuela había añadido previamente la idea de querer proyectar instrumentos Zomboid con el fin de dar el toque musical, artículos decorativos para dar más realismo. Hola mi nombre es Oliver Guerrero soy de Venezuela anteriormente Tuve la idea de querer agregar Instrumentos al Proyecto Zomboid Con El Fin de dar el toque musical, Objetos decorativos Que dieran mas realismo. Tengo aquí el enlace de la primera publicación. Tengo aqui el enlace de la Primera publicacion. http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/7744-tienda-de-musica/ Momentáneamente pospuesto. (Pospuesto) Yo tenía un trabajo duro ya que no soy bueno en eso del arte del pixel, pero me las arreglé para hacer algunos instrumentos como guitarra, batería, micrófono, entre otros ... al final y tuvo varios instrumentos, pero que tenía un problema, no tienen en cuenta las dimensiones del personaje en el juego, y las guitarras eran más grandes, que ciertamente no es poco realista, por eso quise hacer este anuncio, y le dije a hacer un post sobre esto en Inglés porque hablo es el español, así que lo hice para entender mejor la mayoría aquí. Tuve Trabajo duro ONU ya què no bueno soja estafa ESO pixel art del pero Logre HACER algunos Instrumentos de como guitarra, bateria, microfono, Entre Otros ...Al final, ya tenia Varios Instrumentos Pero Tuve Problema un, no tomo en Cuenta las Dimensiones del Personaje en el Juego, y las guitarras Eran Mas Grandes, ciertamente ESO no Realista nada es, Es Por Eso que Quise HACER this Anuncio, y Por Que me Dijeron Que hiciera sin mensaje de this in ingles ya Que Yo hablo es español, entonces lo Hice Para Qué entendieran aqui la mayoria Mejor. imaginar entrar en una tienda de música en el Proyecto Zomboid.SE imaginan Poder Para entrar un Una tienda de Música en Proyecto Zomboid. por los momentos que tratan de organizar y pasar el rato con este problema tan quieto un rato antes de enviar instrumentos, sino hacer de sobreviviente se desespere futuros instrumentos musicales entraron en su vida. Por los recuerditos tratare de una organizadora de Que ya ando estafadores ESTE PROBLEMA ASI de Que AUN en Falta TIEMPO Para Qué Pueda PUBLICAR el los Instrumentos de Pero no desesperes Futuro sobreviviente los Instrumentos Musicales llegaran a tu vida. Propuesta- propuesta.-Estoy diseñando objetos sólo son decorativos, pero quiero tener este apoyo, para que en el futuro se incluirán en el juego oficial alguna mapa personalizado o algo por el estilo. -También quieren que estos instrumentos podrían utilizarse para reproducir música al final del día es la mejor manera de pasar tiempo en soledad o compañía, así que si alguien sabe cómo hacer mods, que sería genial para convertir mis objetos decorativos más instrumentos reales , para traer una guitarra, tocar el piano, tocar la armónica, así que si alguien puede desear que usted cumplir con esa máxima.-los Objetos de Que Estoy Diseñando hijo decorativos Solamente, Pero quiero del aire ESTO Tener Apoyo de USTEDES, Para Qué es el mar Futuro incluido al Juego oficial en algun mapa del personalizado o algoritmos Por El Estilo.-Quisiera tambien Que ESTOS Instrumentos sí pudieran USAR Tocar musica en el fin de los dias es La Mejor Forma de Pasar el rato en la soledad o estafa compañia, porción Lo Que Si Hay Alguien de Que mods HACER separado, seria genial convertir mis Objetos decorativos en Instrumentos mas reales, Llevar Poder Una guitarra, Tocar el piano Tocar la armónica, entonces si Alguien Pudiera meet ESE Deseo seria lo maximo. Y el último y más sería genial para usar la guitarra como un arma contra los zombies, una guitarra acústica sería romper nada al golpear un zombi, pero la guitarra eléctrica más seria mejor peso pesado celebraría más golpes antes de romper por completo si se incluye como nuevo arma seria increíble XDY lo ultimo y mas seria genial Poder USAR La Guitarra Como Un ARMA contraindicaciones del los zombies, Una guitarra acustica sí romperia de nada al GOLPEAR zombie un, Pero Una guitarra electrica seria Mejor mas resistant aguantaria mas golpes los antes de romperse porción completo si ESO sí incluyera COMO NUEVA arma seria alucinante XD estos serían los ejemplos más claros si alguien sabe crear un mod que incluye una guitarra como arma, sería muy apreciada, Proyecto Zomboid es el juego que yo era más como el género zombie y esto es lo máximo para mí ya que soy un guitarrista. ESTOS serian los ejemplos Más claros Si Hay Alguien Que sepa CREAR mod Que incluya Una guitarra de Como arma, le agradeceria Mucho, proyecto Zomboid es El Juego que mas me ha gustado del genero zombie y ESTO es lo maximo para mi ya guitarrista de soja Que un. Finalizando- termina Quiero compartir una pequeña muestra de mi trabajo se trata de una guitarra eléctrica les paul, quiero saber tu opinión, y si alguien está interesado en ayudar con las herramientas de dibujo y agradecería que muy real necesidad de salir de los dibujos. Gracias por ver mi anuncio por encima de Zomboid!!! del quiero compartir Una Pequeña Muestra de Mi Trabajo de Esta es Una guitarra electrica les paul, sable del quiero do opinión, y si heno Alguien silencio Interesado en ayudarme Con El dibujo de los Instrumentos le agradeceria ya Que Necesito DEJAR busque Real los dibujos.porción gracias ver mi Zomboid arriba publicacion!
  19. dred

    Custom sets of tiles

    I have wondering about custom set of tiles i made for my buildings - if they stay assigned to the building when i export it or not? I have this doubt and i'm not sure that when i share my buildings on the forum, people using them will have missing tiles. Can someone confirm/deny this? Thanks in advance.
  20. Hello everyone! inspired by Doublebrain i started to do some sprite work as well, starting from 3ds i speed sculpted. I did some experiment to upload them on my buildings, but for the moment i'm just doing them and waiting for the (hopefully) upcoming update... otherwise it will be nice to have them for my games nonetheless! I'll put here some images, but still i don't have figured out the best way to create the larger file... probably i'll need to write a small program in c++ if there's no another one! impressions? they look pretty well near to the official ones, but some parts can be worked to have less antialiasing, maybe! The function "Posterize" from Photoshop might do the work!
  21. Howdy folks! I've been working on alot of buildings for a costum pack I'm designing currently, following Thuztor's amazing guide. I've been encountering some problems though, recently. My main problem is the creating of costum tilesets. By that, I mean, the creation of tilesets in Building-Ed, where I simply move existing tiles into a newly created section. If I try to do that though, every new object I place in the tileset is invisible, meaning that I only see the grid below the tile, but not its texture. The same goes for when the object is placed in the building, only the tiles it stands on are marked, the texture remains unseen. Looking forward to your answers. EDIT: I'm dumb. You just have to drag and drop the image of the object onto the grid...
  22. Ok, quick question. Is it possible to make your own tiles in-game? I would like to know, if there is ny possibility for this. For example, I want to create my own walls, roofs, accents and other things. To be able to suit the style of buildings I'm going for. But I don't know where to start. what size do the tiles need to be, what program can be used, how would the tiles be recognized as stairs, or a door or whatnot. Can I import other tiles from regular pngs. If anyone has any idea please let me know. I'd like to create some tiles. If at all possible.
  23. Ive been thinking and life in the muldraugh zombie apocalypse still isnt unfair enough ! So I came up with the ideas of either tiles, or random noise making by the sadistic ai director. However what I mean is, ever saw these movies, or had that moment yourself when you were sneaking somewhere, thinking "Im such an epic badass no one will take me down, because im such a badass ninja and s-" and bam! You accidently tripped into something, or knocked down a bottle and woke someone up / made someone notice you. Imagine sneaking past a zombie horde, thinking "HECKYE! THIS GAME IS SO EASY :D" and suddenly you trip on some glass shards, shattering them, and attracting the horde of zombies nearby. Oh man that would be just so unfair, what do you think bout that? Also! It would make things easy for you as in stuffs of knowing when a survivor is around ( when they're added which will probably be soon, and please dont friggin ask for an eta because I said that now ) or when zombies are near and you hear some glass shatter / something fall over.
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