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Found 1 result

  1. xGamache


    Hello survivors! I propose a new system/skill to be created - Teamwork I feel the ability to accomplish tasks as a team is vital in any zombie survival scenario. What better way to reward such actions than with new abilities and skill-sets. How i imagined this working is having an option upon right clicking another player / NPC thereafter would display a list of options for said player to choose from. Examples: Ask for a boost - Used to boost another player/NPC into a otherwise unreachable height. Fairly simple but possibly cause falling damage if failed. Help walk/ carry- One day i imagine someone might lose a leg from an emergency amputation, or a person might pass out from drinking too much whiskey. However the scenario plays that person will need a shoulder to lean on and this will be the way to do it. Push object - The bigger the object the more strength needed to push it, two is always better than one. The ability to move larger objects than one could themselves. These abilities would require a confirmation from the receiving player to assure both parties are game. Various difficulty levels would be assigned to the new abilities and unlocked by gaining experience similar to other skills. I feel this request is one that would clearly take much time and effort to implement but also could be one that changes the dynamic of the game to push players towards a more team oriented play style. Thus creating more dynamic player interactions and game depth. Please share you opinions/ ideas