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Found 2 results

  1. I was waiting for 2 zombies behind a fence. When the first one vaulted the fence and fell in front of me, the other one was just beginning the vault animation. I attacked with a hammer, but instead of hitting the closer zombie that was on the ground, I hit the one that was beginning the vault. Then, despite hitting the zombie during his vault animation, he only got the short stun animation (when you hit them with a weapon), and was already on the other side of the fence. Hitting him resulted in a faster recovery, skipping the whole vault/get up animation of the zombie. In this kind of situation (hitting a zombie at the beginning of his vault animation), maybe he should stay on the other side, or fall on the ground because of the hit.
  2. Hi guys, so since a few days I've been creative only during late hours of the night (23:10 PM right now) and I was thinking about how PZ was handling targeting and began to think how we could change it or improve it. So first, I remembered RJ who spoke about a turn based mod for PZ and I thought « Uh yeah, I can't see how else we could handle better the aiming with guns without using a turn based system » So yeah. the main problem in PZ now is the targeting with guns and I think I might have two solutions to the problem. 1. A simple target system, just like any typical MMOs out there, when you pass your mouse over someone, its character highlights and when left clicking on it, a small "profile" of it appears up the screen. That person is now "selected" as your target of interest/interaction. While selecting someone and raising/aiming and attacking, the attacks will be focused on the target and not randomly change targets except if its in the way. Small bonus, when close enough, a small arrow can be clicked to see possible interactions. 2. Radius, while raising your weapon or aiming, a highlighted radius representing the range of your weapon's reach appears in front of where your character is aiming. Withing that radius, your mouse becomes a target icon, anything alive withing that radius can be attacked/shot if clicked close enough or accurately on it. It's important to keep in mind that if anything gets in the way, that thing/person will get hit by the attack and not the target. So these are my ideas, They were quick thought, I admit they appeared in to my mind suddenly out of nowhere. The goal is to create something accurate, easy to use and efficient, but also quick. Bonus idea: While aiming with a scope, the range of using CTRL camera move, should be upgraded when holding a gun equipped with a scope, (If not already the case) but the radius should be waaaaaayyy less wide, I think it would also make sense for binoculars. Sincerely yours, Darkwhip
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