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Found 2 results

  1. I am a pacifist (When it comes to animals) and an animal lover but I'd love to have a fox pet and to still be able to enjoy the presence of animals without killing them. I realize that taming adult wild animals is unrealistic and unfeasible but I have a different idea. I propose a system where you can find baby animals and raise them, the baby animal will then trust you and not run away from you. That way you could eventually have a fox or deer pen. I think this is a nicer alternative to hunting but it also gives animals a purpose for those who just wants them around. What do you think? (Also please include Foxes)
  2. If there's a topic for this already, I do apologise. When I searched for one, there was really only results that only mentioned what I was looking for briefly. I also understand that animals were confirmed for being added later, though this is not just a suggestion for adding animals. I kind of wanted to help broaden the addition of animals, if at all. Mostly in the departments of finding ways to tame or befriend certain animals to sticking by your side and seeing you as their 'alpha' in some cases. With dog food and tuna already being in the game, I can assume that dogs and cats are already two different animals that will make an appearance. So... deviating away from them here for the first part, what about farm animals and being able to lead them back to a location that you set up for them? That, and having a way to create hay bales from tall grass so that you can care for larger animals down the line (or setting up a fenced in area where they can graze). Maybe carrots, apples, or more enticing greens can be used to lure now free roaming bovine, horses, and pigs to a location that you have set up, or if you can get close enough, be able to use a lead rope on them to take them back. Of course, it would be a tricky process if you haven't already cleared the area -- unless you so happened upon one of the preexisting farmlands that have the animals on them. Back to more common household pets -- given the nature of the game, it's highly unlikely that animals that a player would run across would want to trust said player. So how would being able to befriend them work? I imagine that tuna, salmon, or fresh dead rats would be ways to coax a feline friend, whereas dogs would be happy to receive the canned dog food, and other various meat products. On the note of giving meat to the animals, I personally would cook the meat to give to the animals rather than just giving it to them raw -- though I'm sure this could be an optional feature. In any case, I suppose I also wanted to talk about added benefits of having pet companions, so here's a list of things that I have talked about with my fiancé that we think could be viable possibilities: Positives: All animals being able to be stress relievers, and happiness inducers if interacted with. However, the more work you do with them or for them, the less they make you happy, and can even start to stress you out. Cats bringing back fresh dead rats, birds, or lizards (if the devs wish to incorporate more animals than just the standard) as 'presents.' Chickens being able to produce eggs for the players (though eggs seem kind of useless due to eggs only being used in soups currently). Cows providing milk (and thus allowing the player to possibly make other various dairy products if given the correct tools and learning material). Dogs helping the player hunt game and take down zombies (the highest chance of becoming infected or dying due to most likely accompanying the player the most). Horses/Donkeys/Mules (or all the above) could be used as pack animals to help carry things that you otherwise couldn't, or... or they can be used for transportation with a decreased item carrying option to help accommodate for player and wanted items. Also has faster speed all around, though still gets fatigued if running for too long. Pigs... ah... other than raising them for slaughter so that you have a good supply of ham and bacon, there's not really much else that I could add onto this, other than their poop makes excellent fertiliser.Negatives: Should animals going in heat be a consideration, then interacting with them will cause stress -- or even injuries if an animal is given the coding so that it can lash out. Animal noises (such as roosters crowing, dogs barking, cows mooing, etc.) will attract zombie attention to where you are holding out, or have the animals located. Cats and dogs are capable of ruining certain things (maybe peeing on newspapers or clothing -- or tearing up books). Upon meeting certain animals (dogs, bovine, pigs) that are unconstrained by fences, they are territorial, and will attack regardless of if you are wanting to tame them or not (this is not to say they cannot be tamed). Everything is still a work in progress. I'm just going ahead and spitballing ideas, and am going to add, or elaborate upon some when community feedback is provided. ^ v ^
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