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Found 3 results

  1. Good evening. I am writing because I am experiencing a serious problem with some of my home inprovement projects in my current game. Please see the attached image below. As you can tell, I am simply unable to remove the Diner table. Both Fifties Seats were easily lifted from their bearings with the Carpentry Skill, but the table would not move. I tried using the Pick Up function, right clicking the table, and even drawing out a Crowbar, a full Propane Torch and Welding Mask, and so on. Funny enough, despite the seats being removed, I was still able to Rest and Sleep by right-clicking the unmovable table. What am I doing wrong? I really wanted to make my home base more comfortable, and I was going to add a Bed there. Is there anything I can do to move this table? Thank you for any assistance. -TURTLESHROOM
  2. Hi, Is there a way to program my custom drop, without modifying the vanilla tables/rolls, for my custom items? the problem is that with the perk "lucky" I can obtain VERY EASY my super rare MODED ITEMS on zombies (in 10 minutes I managed to get 1/4 of them with that perk, and in theory I should get one of them per month). I want to create RARE items, with probabilities lesser than the 0.1 imposed by the perk "lucky". I already tried to see other mods, but they got a VERY complicated and long code, without comments and I need the "basic code" to do that on my way.
  3. Hey everyone, Quick question, when using table.insert does it insert the new entry at the top or bottom of the table index wise? Thanks!
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