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Found 4 results

  1. I hope it's not too contentious a thought to be said but... Any chance the team could get someone to help put @nolanri's Survivors on MP? Secretly, even? This is just such a game-changer I don't even think of it as a "mod" anymore. It's at the point where playing Zomboid means choosing between playing a quiet scavenger game with a handful of friends, OR diving into a chaotic zombie apocalypse. I would REALLY love to do both (as would likely everyone who subscribes to Survivors). I don't mean "quiet scavenger game" to be a disparaging remark- I've had a semi-regular group going at this game for most of the year I've had it, so obviously things are doing fine! Props to the team for where the game has gone over just my year of playing it. Anyways, there it is, cheers all! I hope I incur no wrath in posting this, and I will not be offended if this comment gets shut down or removed for being too similar to a demand for the three letter N word! Dirty, dirty word...
  2. Not sure if this one was already suggested, but here goes. When a player dies, they drop their weapons, I think. Correct? ( Haven't really died enough to be 100% sure. ^_^' ) Anyways, what if there's also a chance that, upon dying, they wind up KEEPING that weapon in their hand(s)? Doesn't necessarily mean that the zombie will be able to USE it, though, as... y'know... ZOMBIES. No "Learning". Only "Eating". (Though a pistol-holding zombie's finger pulling the trigger COULD be a threat, though mostly because guns are freakin' LOUD...) But what if y'all made it where, instead of dropping their weapons, survivors' zombie forms hold onto said weapons, at least until they start "Reaching" after the living survivors when close enough, to which they THEN drop the items, instead? This way, we could easily spot the "Dead Survivors" who may very well have valuable loot, as well as add a bit more variety to the zombie hordes, without necessarily making things that much more difficult to deal with, and yet, also make things simpler for "Loot Priorities" when it comes to looting a dead horde. Perhaps in addition to that, the zombies that DO spawn with weapons could also be holding onto them, so that we don't "Magically pull an Axe out of a zombie's arse" when looting the dead bodies... and besides that, it could also add a bit of variety to the "Survivor Zeds" whenever the backpack updates roll out, so we see a bit MORE variety between the "Bag Carriers" as well. Anyways, just a small idea I had. Didn't see it in the "Common Suggested" thing, so figured I'd throw it out there.
  3. Hi, I'm Eduardo do Brasil and I met the game recently in a downloaded version, it really is rich in details, very good indeed. I have two questions: Why not put other survivors in the game (I'm not talking about online play), other characters that we have to protect, or he follow us for a while? Allow me one more question: Who does the shooting at night and who pilots the Helicopter? Sorry for the two questions in one. and thank you. EduardoAN - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. Olá, sou do Brasil e conheci o jogo recentemente em uma versão baixada, realmente é rico em detalhes, muito bom mesmo. Tenho duas perguntas: Porque não se coloca outros sobreviventes no jogo (não falo de jogo online), outros personagens que tenhamos que proteger, ou ele nos seguir por um tempo? Me permitam uma outra pergunta: Quem faz os disparos na noite e quem pilota o Helicóptero? Desculpem as duas perguntas em uma. e Obrigado. EduardoAN - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil.
  4. Okay, so I know decomposition is in. But I was curious at some point if we could add bodies decomposing to skeletons? Then maybe using the human bones for different crafting recipes? I've always been fascinated with decomposition and it would be cool if you opted to start in later game if you walked into houses and saw skeletons in them.
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