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Found 5 results

  1. I apologize firstly for the small book below, and if this has been suggested previously, as I am new to the forum. I've been playing PZ for a while, and have thought that a reloading system (similar to "Fallout: New Vegas") would be a major addition to the game. As an avid shooter in real life, I understand the advantage of having the tools required to reuse my spent shell casings. It isn't a hobby EVERY shooter does, but I'm sure every shooter appreciates. In the game, I understand that we are trying to survive, and not scrounge on mall parking lots looking for little brass shell casings (hard enough to find when you aren't looking over your shoulder for zombies) but if the player were able to find occasional small and rarely large caches of used, empty brass (or hulls, for shotgun...of course) and able to find lead fishing weights or tire weights, BBs or anything that could be melted and poured into a mold (nails for a shotgun shell...picture it...you know you want to), it would add to the atmospheric realism, as in a war-torn suburban region (especially in Kentucky) these would be fairly common. Regular smokeless gunpowder would have to be scavenged, but blackpowder can be made from natural materials (no, I'm not familiar with what exactly they are, but it is something a lot of preppers talk about doing). The only other element would be finding primers (the part of the cartridge that ignites the powder...makes it go boom). These come in sleeves of 100 in real life, and if a cache of reloading supplies were found, they would likely be in the mix. The best example i can give is to check out "Fallout: New Vegas's" reloading system. You can find the brass and hulls in the world, and for every round fired, theres a percent chance (i don't know what, maybe 20%) that you will recieve an empty case. The powder is found in jars, and cannot be crafted. The bullets are constructed from a parent materieal simply referred to as "lead." Primers are also found in the world...there are different sizes but i wont go into that for the purpose of this post. An example cartridge would require 1 case (of respective cartridge, since PZ doesnt deal with cartridge, it would simply be 'pistol' or 'shotgun shell'), lets say 5 powder, 1 primer, and 7 lead. Bigger cartridges would take more powder and more lead and so on. In F:NV the player must use reloading stations that cannot be moved...however in PZ, the use of single-stage, hand presses could be used to allow hauling back to base camp. The other advantage this could allow...again pointing at Fallout...is the ability to craft different types of rounds. Although armor piercing (until you have the military to deal with) wouldnt be practical, the use of hollow-point (HP) and jacketed-soft-point (JSP) would grant some combat bonuses. Maybe I'm getting too deep with this, I just know it's a valid skill. I'm aware it would really take some doing to do it right, but it would give an extra dynamic to the shooting element of the game. The use of smokeless vs blackpowder would cause some grief in real life, and would demand constant cleaning of guns...so it would be a matter of where do we draw the line. It would also possibly open up a new 'profession' for participants in a role-playing server. Someone who can keep you in ammo is as important as your botanist and your doctor.
  2. Wouldn't it be cool to see airdrops in the mp? They could contain food, water, tools, ammo and possibly weapons. The point of this would be to force survivors out of there bases for the valuable supplies sadly it would attract a horde of infected and also attract other survivors.
  3. Gunsman


    Hey Guys, I was thinking of an idea for NPC's such as a trader.... Where you would find a trader... The way it would work is you would find a base fenced off with thugs with rifles outside that would stop you to search you before you enter, When you enter there would be a man standing behind a fenced off counter (Like the pawn stores in Dead Rising). How to trade... When you enter the man would welcome you, to talk to him you would press Q which would bring up a small screen that would have 2 different inventory pages, 1 being yours and the other being what the trader would sell. The way you would trade is by highlighting certain things in your inventory and when you do the trader would highlight things in his inventory that he will think would make a fair trade. The more things you highlight the more things the trader will also highlight some things. What he would sell... What he would sell is obvious it would rage from seeds and ammo to salmon and shotguns. Extra ideas... Some extra things i thought of is that before you start a new game there would be some new thing to select, like your past job there could be Salesman, Lawyers, etc. And for extra traits there could be something like stubborn for negative and fast talker for positive. All these things would affect your way around traders on getting better deals or worst deals. Also every trader would be different some would be very fair about there deals like trading some ammo for fish, and some would be complete thugs that if you gave them a shotgun they would trade you a box of nails Thank you everyone for reading please post a comment on what you think about my idea..Thanks!
  4. What if while you were looting a house when you hear a plane/helicopter fly over when you hear a parashoot. And some where in that general area you could find a crate either full of medicine, weapons, or food that was dropped from it. Maybe while you were looting or wandering through a street. When you see a survivor limping or holding his stomach and you could try to save him or shoot him to take his stuff. That Npc can be wearing a certain set of clothing that designates what he drops like if hes military looking he could drop a gun or something. Or a random event like a group of survivors holding out in a building getting over run and you could leave them to die(come back later and take their stuff) or help them and they will give you something in return? Yeah, that's it.
  5. With the NPC survivor system coming out, I'm curious what kind of thought has been given to how any groups formed will be handling supplies among themselves. I've been reading a bit in the forums and the blog on how NPC interactions will work, so I don't want to get in to that too terribly much here, but have been chafing a bit during my sandbox mode of play in ways that I think could be a real headache if one was dealing with a community of folks. For example: I've been working on walling off a section of a neighborhood block to start a fortress of sorts large enough for a small group of folks to live, farm, and otherwise survive in. At its most straightforward, the player and NPCs could just move in to the existing houses, storing their own supplies where they live, and that's that. However, when it comes to maintaining supplies more generally, that doesn't sound particularly efficient. Light eaters, for example, could really stretch their food supply while big eaters would run out relatively quickly. As any group requires some give and take, it would seem reasonable that a general pool of supplies would be established to manage the differences in what's retained in individual houses. Weapons will follow a similar concerns whereas some folks are going to want differing amounts of personal weapons and ammunition to defend themselves and their families, but at the same time it makes sense to establish a community pool to draw on in emergencies. Along similar lines, building supplies would not be particularly efficient distributed across multiples houses within the community. Rather than having to collect a handful of planks, nails, door knobs, hinges, etc, from each house(some of whom may not even need or use them in the first place), it seems reasonable to establish a centralized location for these supplies where raw materials are dropped off autonomously and which is automatically the first point supplies are drawn from for community building projects. With all of that in mind, such a depot needs to be efficient and easy to both manage and interact with. Understand, I'm all for realism in a game like this. I appreciate that an important part of the game is time management and both distributed resources and efficient storage are not trivial components to the suspense and mood of the game. That said, I also appreciate that time management for the player character should not lead to tedium for the player. For example: I established an interim base in one of the big warehouses and have spent an exorbitant amount of time emptying crates, moving the items to other crates, destroying the original crates, building new crates, then moving the supplies into the new crates to organize types of supplies into general areas for future use. It's tedious both for me the player, and the character(they're constantly getting board despite me putting them to work smashing crates all day). Moreover, each crate's storage limit(while perhaps realistic) means I have to have a large number of crates(less than the warehouse originally had, but still quite a lot) to hold everything, making remembering where everything is later a real pain. I'd suggest a system whereby a room, or pile of crates, could be designated a cache or depot. This could be represented by a graphic(maybe that changes according to how many items are stored there) of the pile of crates. You don't have the ability to interact with the individual crates anymore(or the room just fills up with them), as it is treated as a single storage object with either have an unlimited storage limit, or at least a limit that is very high. Time management could be handled by assigning a timer to how long it takes to pull something out as a factor of how many items are stored there modified by how many different types of items. If it's a cache containing 200+ items ranging from matches, to food, to wooden planks, the "access time" to pull out one plank could well be quite high. However, if it contains 200+ planks alone, pulling out one plank would be pretty quick as you wouldn't need to sort through everything else(pulling the matches and 30 cans of food off the pile of planks) to get that one plank. With the addition of wheel-barrows or the like to get supplies from the cache to work sites, community building and management would be a lot less tedious. When NPCs come into play, they could be made aware of any caches that have been established in their area and set to interact with them autonomously as determined by their personalities and traits. Standard actions would be to drop extra supplies off in accordance with what kind of cache it is, but other interactions could include stealing from it(to the detriment of the community), organizing it(reducing access times), guarding it(reducing theft), distributing supplies to work sites(allowing workers to keep working and not waste time fetching), or cataloging them(leading to one or more survivors being a record keeper or being able to tell others where remote caches are and what they contain for later supply runs).
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