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Found 2 results

  1. Zomboid community, indie stone team playing zomboid I always had a lot of idea how to make it even better a lot of them I forgot those that aren’t and now I’ll leave new ones here. I will try not to touch on issues that require a lot of time I don’t want to “shoot milk” you think to yourself (crazy Russians)) in SNG countries it means to do meaningless things so please if you belong to part of the development team and read this sentence write what you are ready to take or vice versa or maybe already working on it I will edit this list by deleting or vice versa adding, depending on your reaction. I will divide the ideas into Important (that is, it seems to me that this will be extremely positive or strongly affect the gameplay) and Simplifying (that is, this change will simplify or introduce more realism but will not affect the gameplay much). I will update this list. I apologize for your pain while reading this Google translator is to blame))) 1. The volumetric weight of things. Important Despite the fact that I wrote that laborious I will not add it seems to me very important. You have already begun to move in the direction of retreat from the casual game and it impresses me. Problem:situations in which a character transfers dimensional objects that cannot actually be folded and transferred, for example, 15 empty gas cans in a backpack or inventory. I suggest: to make two parameters for any of the containers is the actual weight and volumetric weight respectively, the same for items Example: The backpack has 22aw and 10vw * The empty canister has 0.1aw and 5vw * (* all values are shown for example). In this situation, only no more than 2 empty or full cans will fit in a backpack, which will fill the backpack completely. Example 2: A backpack has 22aw and 10vw the pistol magazine has 0.8aw * and 0.1vw * So the backpack will contain 27 stores 0.8x27 = 21.6aw despite the fact that the volume of the backpack 0.1x100 = 10vw will accommodate 100 units. Also set the dimensions for each of the containers and objects. box: width 60, length 60, height 60cm that you’ll make it impossible to place objects with the largest parameter exceeding 60cm. 2. Processing of tea and coffee, vitamins. Simplifying Problem: the game offers many features of the character tied to fatigue, but at the same time does not provide adequate, realistic ways to shoot it, and those that cause unpleasant feelings and, moreover, diverge from real positions. I suggest: add a box of tea (like a bag of sweets) with a random number of bags from 0 to 50 (if possible or 25 fixed bags that I like less) to dose the coffee package for 50 servings (again a random amount). This will create a little comic excitement when opening tea boxes, finding empty or almost empty coffee cans and it is also extremely realistic. To balance the number of items that reduce fatigue, you can: a) reduce the likelihood of their occurrence in the world; b) reduce the recovery of fatigue and boredom; c) slightly reduce the recovery of vitamins or simply rework their influence that I like more. 3.Adding new protective equipment. Simplifying Problem: with the complication of the gameplay and the arrival of more recreational players, it makes sense to add more defenses that I think will positively affect all players by slightly increasing their chances. I suggest: Hockey elbow pads, knee pads, neck protection, gloves. I think for them you can make high protection chances up to 100% but make them rare enough. 4. Open cans. Simplifying Problem: discrepancies with realism and an increase in complexity for some situations in which. I suggest:The player should be able to open the tin can: with any knife (losing knife strength), with his hands. You can add a magazine to add the option of opening cans with your hands, because this is a very important option on hardcore difficulties and also attach this skill to one of the professions or classes. 5.More different bags. Important Problem:You miss a huge layer of interesting mechanics. large reduction in the weight of backpacks and the lack of volumetric weight values make lutting too easy stage, is a huge part of the gameplay and it is impossible to simplify it. I suggest: add tactical backpacks, backpacks for fastening a skateboard, climbing backpacks, backpacks refrigerators various tools can be attached to a tactical backpack as well as to a backpack with a skateboard mount, with integrated drinking system, backpacks with a refrigerator can use dry ice to maintain temperature. I propose to review the weight reduction and make the maximum value of 60%. 6. Different weight of backpacks. Simplifying Problem:A backpack equipped on the back should be easier for the character. I suggest: I think you need to make less weight when equipping a backpack on your back and, accordingly, when equipping in your hand, more weight by about 25%. 7. Increase in capacity of cars. Simplifying Problem: The inability to expand the capacity of the machine. I suggest: Why not give the opportunity to increase capacity by removing the seats, besides, excessive fuel consumption in the conditions of the zombie apocalypse is not a good idea I think when removing the two rear seats you can get for example 80 kg instead of 40kg while I think you need to block the exit through the rear seats if there is loot in the back seat. 8. Reading in the dark, sitting, standing. Simplifying Problem: cannot be read in the dark) I suggest: Inability to read in extremely low light, add the ability to read with a flashlight or candles in an extra hand. It would be nice to increase the reading speed in a sitting position by suppose 10-15%. 9. Using a CD player. Simplifying Problem: lack of use of discs and player I suggest:Why not build a base or drive a car to use a CD player? Is it possible to add some audio tutorials to a CD? For example, in order not to take away the meaning of books in the game, you can use the corresponding discs to gain a little experience. You can also add just collections of songs, let them slightly reduce boredom.. 10.Spiffo and luck ************* Problem:-. I suggest:Is it possible to get feature when finding a Spiffo toy? (very lucky) and make this perk unique. It seems like the chance to find it is very low and the presence of such in the game is very interesting. 11. Perk problems with the back. Simplifying Problem:Why not punish players who mindlessly overload their character and not give them this perk with an unexpected crunch? I suggest: I offer -6 points for this feature if the player chose it himself. The character, depending on the degree of overload, will experience pain that will remain on it for some time, you can also slightly reduce the transferred weight. 12. Storage room underground. Simplifying Problem:lack of an additional way of storing products for later stages of the game or in addition to hardcore settings I suggest:Creation will require a magazine or perhaps the binding of skills to one of the professions, hobbies. I propose to make two types of cellar and add a magazine for each the first will require only a shovel but will have drawbacks (insufficient temperature in the warm season, too low in the cold); the second one will require not only a magazine but also a high building skill, perhaps metalworking resources (concrete, metal as reinforcement, wood for an extension) but will be more perfect. 13. Sewing car windows. Simplifying Problem: security I suggest:Sacrificing the review, brew the side windows with sheets of metal. Skill Requirements: mechanics 2, metalworking 2*. 14.Doping . Simplifying Problem: there are many perks that affect strength and fitness, these skills themselves are very long-lasting to pump, there is nutrition which, as I understand it, also affects the rate of increase in strength and still I would like to have more tools to influence the character. I suggest:There is a medicine skill that does not have proper application in the game, why not tie this skill to the use of pharmacology, make an appropriate journal, add a syringe, steroids. In the craft menu "medicine" add craft "use course" with requirements availability: medicine 2; the skill "pharmacology" obtained by reading the magazine; syringe, cotton wool, disinfectant or wipes. It seems to me that this technique should slightly increase the multiplier for gaining fitness skills and strength. 15.Energy drink. Simplifying Problem:I don’t know what to write here is simply an indispensable attribute of medium, long sorties I suggest: add of a bank weighing 250 grams restoring -15 stamina, -15 drowsiness. 16. Rise on a rope. Simplifying Problem: unrealistic I suggest:It seems to me that it is necessary to introduce a limit of 15 kg of weight for all characters except strong and athletes, in addition to make it impossible to climb with bags / objects in hand. 17. Traps. Simplifying Problem: encouraging laziness of players I suggest:It may be worthwhile to reduce the chance of catching prey if the player sets a lot of traps in a small area or makes a fixed distance of one trap from another, or attach the maximum number of traps to a certain area (if possible).
  2. I think new weapons should be introduced to the Project Zomboid universe! (I'm sure I'm not the first to say this) I think Antize Weapons and bags Mod is a good start if you guys weren't already working on one, or is there a way to upvote/vote for a mod to be implemented into the core game? I've tested it and it seems fine, and you can tweak the balance of the weapons easily too.
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