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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone. I'll make an official thread for posting my custom buildings so that I won't fill the forums every time I do something that I consider worthy or in the mood of sharing. Hope you'll like this Questions, comments and criticism is welcomed ! <3
  2. I started looking into modding last night, and I am not looking back again. I have two clear ideas for two mods that are simple enough for me to do by myself. They involve new recipes and new items and how to repair the items that can be used as weapons. What I wonder now, is: Should, items, recipes and fixing all go into the same .txt file? Or should I split them up? I see other mods have several files for this. Are there more advanced reasons for this or simple reasons? And are there anything I should think about when it comes to making sure to keep the mods as compatible as possible?I will post my mods in the WIP-section as soon as they have become a bit more substatial.
  3. Hi, I've recently started working on a mod and decided i wanted to add a couple structures that the player could build, Where should I start? Is there a tutorial or something i haven't heard of? I'd also like to have a basis for the textures of my structure, like a frame/generic texture to use as a reference.
  4. Hello, I'm new to modding Project Zomboid and, if someone has a moment, I'm having a few difficulties. My questions revolve around an issue I'm having where I'm not able to use 'require' to get my other modules like I normally would. Here is what I would like to do in a bare bones example: --File: media/lua/server/MyMod/MyMod.lua MyMod = {} print('Setting up...'); MyMod.module1 = require 'MyMod/Module1.lua'; print('Loaded module: '..MyMod.module1.foo()); --File: media/lua/server/MyMod/Module1.lua local M = {} function M.foo() return 'I\'m Module1!'; end return M; When I load the mod I get an exception telling me MyMod.module1 is null, when I expect to get my returned Module1 table, or an exception that it could not find the file. --Output: Loading: ../media/lua/server/MyMod/MyMod.lua Setting up... ----------------------------------------- attempted index: foo of non-table: null ----------------------------------------- So, if you bare with me I have three related questions: 1. Does PZ stop me from using require to load other lua files? why? (or am I doing it wrong?) 2. Why does PZ load every .lua file in my mod. I normally expect a single point of entry, such as loading the file "MyMod/MyMod.lua" which would then allow me to decide what modules the mod loads. Is there a reason it doesn't have a single point of entry and how should I be using this to my advantage? 3. Other mods declare their modules using their mod name as a prefix to avoid possible conflicts; I was hoping I could avoid pollution of the global scope and just have everything under one roof, i.e inside MyMod, instead of MyMod;MyModModule1;MyModModule2;etc. Is there any way to do this? Thanks for reading, Any questions/clarifications please ask! Logan. Update: I'm guessing my issue with require() has something to do with the differences between Kahlua2 and Lua 5.1? (only because my example works fine using Lua 5.1)
  5. I was going to build a wall around my place and then realized that it would be more beneficial to just create a bunch of doorways, place doors in them, and barricade the doors (except one, of course). Now you might ask why! Here's the kicker! Zombies will only try to break through doors and not walls (at least what I have experienced so far). So if I build all walls around my one door, when a horde comes they will only attack this one door and easily break it down. If I build many doors, the zombies will be more evenly spread out, making it harder for them to break through. Also, this would cause me to have to maintain my walls (an idea, if not one already) or else the next time a horde comes, I will have weak spots in my walls. TL;DR - Zombies should attack walls so you don't have to create a wall of doors.
  6. I think it would be pretty interesting to see the implementation of some sort of weathering to houses and structures both pre-placed and player built. For example, over time, old homes began to have weed invasions through cracks and crevices, wood starts to rot from rainfall, and walls and roofs become discolored from that as well. And maybe grasses begin to grow taller and wild plants begin to sprout from the earth, or maybe warehouses become covered in vines. As the older the player's adventure lengthens in time, they can watch their environment change too. This would add to the immersion i n the game.
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