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Found 4 results

  1. I'd like to suggest to you: Gabions aka wire mehs walls Ingredients: Make use of and to create the wire mesh with the metalworking skill, , and Using to dig a trench for foundation Creating the foundation with , (?), and Adding the mesh to the foundation with (from ) and the use of Finally filling these with excess stones ( and ) from foraging (good way to get rid of them) Procedure: 1 - Shovel: Dig a small trench for a concrete foundation 2 - Bucket: Create a unit of concrete from sand out of sandbags (optional - finite resource?), cement bags and water 3 - Metalworking: Craft mesh units from wire and metal scrap 4 - Assemble: Pour concrete into trench, wait some hours till cured (optional), screw mesh unit onto concrete, add stones to wire mesh 5 - Profit! These walls could possibly be an alternative to the log walls in mid / late game Please like, share and discuss on these
  2. Version of the mod : 1.3 - Metalwork update (25/03/2018) Compatible with build 38 and vehicle test 39.5 English/French Compatible Necroforge Compatible SP/MP Download Link : Steam Workshop Nexus Mod Mirror Installation : 1.Drag and drop the folder MegaviBlades of the zip in the mods folder of Project Zomboid (C:/Users/(your name)/Zomboid/mods) 2.Launch Project Zomboid 3.Mods > MegaviBlades > Enable Enjoy Video : Youtube Items list and infos : Weapons : -Katana - Can be found very rarely on zombies and at somes places of the map. -Little Axe - Can be found pratically in the sames places of the axe a little bit more commonly. Can be found on zombies too. Can cut trees but can't be handled in two hand so less efficient than a true axe. -M9 Bayonet - Can be found pretty everywhere but rarely, can be more common at somes places. -Assassin's Blade - Extremely rare. -Stone Knife - Can only be crafted with 1 chipped stone, 1 tree branch and 1 ripped sheet (or dirty one) or twine. Can't be used for cooking (or only to remove skin of animals) and can't be repaired. -Metal knife & sword - Can be respectively crafted at level 3 and 5 in metalwork. Can be repaired a good amount of time with sharpening stone and easy to make : 1 sturdy stick, 1 sharp metal blade (or 2 for sword) and 1 ripped sheet (or dirty one) or twine. The sword need propane torch and welding mask to be make. Items/Drainables : -Metal Blade - Can be obtained at level 3 of metalwork with a little metal sheet. It is used to craft Metal Knife & Metal Sword, but have to be sharp with sharpening stone before. -Sharpening stone - Allow to repair many many times the metal weapons made by the player and a decent ammount of times for the others edged weapons (axe too). -Stone Saw - Can't be found, only craftable with 3 chipped stones, 1 tree branch and 1 ripped sheet (or dirty one) or twine. Can cut only wood and become unusable with the time. #### Changelog : #### 05/03/2018 - 1.0 : First Release : Adding Katana, Little Axe, M9 Bayonet and Assassin's Blade 06/03/2018 - 1.1 : Adding Stone Axe 10/03/2018 - 1.2 : Adding Stone Knife 25/03/2018 - 1.3 : MetalWork Update : Adding Metal Knife and Sword, Sharpening stone and metal blade. Review of durability & swingtime stats of many weapons. ### Inspired by : ### LBMKnives - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=859341915 Home Made Saw - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=593493209 ################# Hi everybody, this is my first mod for the moment, I'll probably try to make others I hope this one can be useful for some of you and I'm sorry for my bad english, i do my best for that ! Feel free to give me ideas or ameliorations, you can even use my sprite for your mod if you want but credit me
  3. Prelude So I'm not the proud owner of 229 stones or more*. Got me thinking there should be more uses for them then making crude stone hammer... especially when I'm the proud owner of 260 hammer (most of them in mint condition). Below you'll see a list of suggestions that I'll try to update with community input to give an ongoing list. List of suggestion for stone use - Crafting Campfire kit Make this an ingredient in the campfire kit as there is already some in the sprite when you place it on the ground. No need to go crazy... just a couple of them as they are fairly easy to get. Failling that, have an heavier version of the campfire kit that requires and offer more resistance to fire spread. Stone wall and stone fences (see post #2 for extra reading) I think there could be 2-3 versions of each full wall and half wall (fences). The first two are my real suggestions. Stacked stones : require quite a lot of stones, long building time, offer slightly more resistance then a log wall (assuming this wall is a feet thick or so and 3 or 6 feet high... that's quite a lot of stone and weight to move around) Mortar (concrete?) and stacked stone : offering a higher degree of sturdiness, require slightly less stones, longer to build and may require to do a multi stage building. Stones in a concrete mix to thin out the mix : lowering the effectiveness of the concrete in some ways (cohesion), less concrete required and some stones needed. Stone pathway (see post #2 for extra reading) Nothing says... I'm an awesome survivor, like being able to make a stone laced pathway to your or around your base. It could require gravel/sand beneath or through it to fill the gaps. List of suggestion for stone use - Weapon Siege like weapon (see post #3 for extra reading) Nothing is easier then dumping a ton of stones on some attacker at the foot of walls. It requires only that the stones are there in a container of sort that can be pivoted to make the stone fall (in some cases they are merely held against a cliff by a support). Some high end version could require very little time and effort to activate (removing or breaking a support so it pivot down... instead of having to pivot up). It's actually easier to do then using burning oil and stuff. Now there is a question of quantity required though, as I understand those stones are fairly small (i.e. not boulders). Sling (not to be confused with slingshot) Stones could be used as ammo for a sling. It would be a cheap, quiet, and early game alternative to firearms. The sling could be made with some twine or rope and a sheet. Remember David? Credit due to @HiveMinder (see post #1). List of suggestion for stone use - Fun stuff Decorative stones This may also be considered crafting. With the soon to come custom logos on T-Shirt, it may expend the possibilities for other objects. You could paint some stones with faces, or anything for that matter, to decorate your base and/or ward-off the loneliness of being a lone(ish) surviver. Kind of like Wilson in Cast Away. Credit due to @SaltandPretzels, see post #3. Skipping stones The sun is setting slowly, frogs and crickets are filling the air with their chants and fishes jump to catch flies. You're leisurly throwing a few Skipping stones accross the Ohio River while you contemplate what nature offers you. For a brief moment you can almost forget you are in a Zombie appocalypse and feel good. Skipping stones could provide a boost to happiness, reduce boredom and stress. It could also serve in contest of who make the most bounces. Credit due to @uberevan, see post #4.
  4. using the stuff in the post by magnum2016. using vanilla textures and sprites for now. Had to name it something food related . Adds four new blades that spawn in the world. From weakest to strongest: Gumbocket Knife, Gumbofly Knife, Gumbowei Knife and Gumbochete.The stats vary widely between them, trying to be realistic (at least in my opinion). Adds a Gumbo Stone (sharpener) that can be used on them to sharpen them, however sharpening reduces quality and damage even though it restores durability. Using vanilla textures for now. DOWNLOAD: Main Download (PZ-Mods) || Mirror Download (My Dropbox Link)
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