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Found 2 results

  1. So with the implementation of the random chance of starting injury (Which I think should also include random thirst/hunger/mood when NPC's arrive) there have been a few people who were less than accepting of the situation, and a few who love it. I suggest a compromise. A new trait, which costs 0 points called 'opt out'. All it does is give you standard starting stats for hunger/thirst/injury and mood. Everything else remains the same. (Potentially there could be a list as well, like remove random from hunger or thirst or mood or injury so you can still have some random fun) This way people who don't want it can just opt-out, and those who do can revel in the challenge of randomly having a really CD-DAy. EDIT: As well comments have made a good point about this also being a checkbox during world/sandbox creation.
  2. Hey guys, I've been suggesting a few ideas over the past couple of days, and while this is a slightly larger addition, I think it would be a great feature in the game. First of all let me make it clear that I am not asking for the start of the apocalypse with all the NPCs running around! What I'm suggesting is having a number of 'starting scenarios' that could be either an addition to sandbox or a new mode altogether. The idea is that when you create a new save, rather than spawning in a random house on your own, you will have a very basic 'backstory' of sorts, for example you may wake up in a hospital, you may start off with your NPC brother or sister in an already barricaded/sheeted window house(could be kind of cool to have actual family members, could cause some emotional impact on the player when they finally die), you might start off drunk in a toilet somewhere. Basically these are just unique little scenarios that give you a 'different' start than just appearing in the middle of a room, and especially with NPC's that your character would know from before, it would make you inclined to stay with that person and make sure they don't die (and thus losing them eventually may be pretty hard on the player) How this would be implemented doesn't sound too difficult, for example you would spawn the player in a toilet cubicle, with the 'tipsy' moodle, which would give the impression that you passed out there after drinking too much, or spawn the player in a house with sheets on the windows/maybe barricades, and create an NPC with pre-established relationships to the player, maybe even have a 'best friend' NPC that lives in a house nearby. Some of it seems pretty far-fetched, but I think it could be an interesting idea to consider so I thought I'd throw it out there anyway and see some opinions. Let me know what you think -GodWaffle
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