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Found 8 results

  1. tested & works on - "Debian 8 jessie" - "Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS trusty" NOTE: for PZ-Version 32.2x and above DOWNLAOD How to use? 1. ) download "spiffo-service.sh" 2. ) put the script into your root account folder 3. ) open the script with "nano" or "vim" and add your steam account details 4. ) execute "./spiffo-service.sh" or with "sudo ./spiffo-service.sh" ** script must be run as root! enjoy && have fun ****** Spiffo's Zomboid Server Service Center ****** Author: Nightmare @ http://n8m4re.de
  2. So, again for post-NPC era, what about instead of creating just one character, you could make a whole group to start with? And there will be a tactics system like in many games, to give out orders or let them do what they want if they need to eat, rest or whatever. Also, an ability to switch player controls between your group members, so that while one sleeps, other stays on watch... Or goes on a raid. That'd make sense in multiplayer with the sleep implementation, but the problem is, you can't roleplay a loner, unless you need to sleep for not more than only 5 minutes (game hours), and have contraptions so players or bandits won't get you. Also, I'd like a feedback on my idea about offline AI characters - you log off a server, your avatar goes AI and does whatever you assign for it (just an option, I don't mean it to be everywhere, I know it's probably hard and quite a bold idea which would cause some more random or butthurt for some players)
  3. So I recently bought Project Zomboid and saw everything I could ask for in a zombie game. Ever since I was 10 , I've always wondered how I'd do in a zombie apocalypse. Currently NPCs and Vehicles are in the works but after they are released into the public, I was thinking of all the zombie movies and comics I've seen where everything is normal up until the middle of the day where they start noticing something's up. Usually, this is where everything get's crazed up and becomes hard. At this point, it is hard to think as everyone runs around and all chaos is happening. I'd like to get that adrenaline. I'd love to see cars crashing and see how the infection spreads. It starts off with just spawning one zombie, then some people getting bit (if the player decides to stop the infection quick, might as well spawn multiple zombies) but that all depends on the re-animation time. I've always loved this part in every zombie films,comics and games but usually on a linear point of view. Project Zomboid plays on how the player reacts to every situation. That's why I came to like this game I just hope this really gets added into the game. If not, oh well. There's no harm in trying to suggest.
  4. This mod simply adds items to a players inventory upon starting a new game with a specific profession. Made by request of the community. Mod Features Fire Officer;Fire axe Police Officer;Pistol9mm Bullets Park Ranger;Matches, Tent, Campfire kit, Kindling, Water Bottle Construction Worker;HammerSawBox of nailsBox of screwsScrewdriver(Will include toolbelt container on next update) Security Guard;Baseball Bat (Possibly change to custom baton on next update)TorchBattery Baseball bat Vitamins It was suggested that each player spawn with a utility style belt to hold the items/tools they start with, so that feature may be implemented. Mod was built on stable build 23, however it should work or any other version you are running. Download v.1
  5. So I purchased Project zomboid today, and I downloaded it and it would not play no matter what, I've look all through the forums but nothing has helped. This pops up when I try to play it. this is my pc: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/15-6-touch-screen-laptop-8gb-memory-1tb-hard-drive/3703007.p?id=1219093053506&skuId=3703007&st=pcmcat287600050003_categoryid$abcat0502000&cp=1&lp=2 Any help is appreciated
  6. hi there^^ . my idea for the suggestion post was, profession related clothes . for an example: a construction worker will have - an helmet + tshirt + jeans. and a ranger - will have, raincoat or other outdoor clothes with boots. what do your think? not necessary but it would be cool to have srry for my bad english...
  7. Merrin

    Quick start

    For those of you who still don't get it but want to play PZ multiplayer badly - here's how I did it. Kirrus added this: There are bugs. Lots and lots of bugs. Read the full release release details here: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/5577-multiplayer-open-test-details-inside/ This is merely for joining already existing servers. - open steam - Right-click PZ and click properties - Select Beta tab - Select onlinetest - Close Project Zomboid [onlinetest] will be the name of PZ in steam now. - Various servers are being posted on the forums, choose a public server and copy that (ip) address - Start up PZ - Select Join Server - Add server - Fill in IP, Port, Username and Password. IP will be offered on the forums, and a specific port can also be provided, but my default port 16261 works for most public servers right now. Username and password can be random, fill in whatever you like. - Save - Join Server In short, if I had seen this guide, I would've played it sooner. I hope this helps. To return to single player, go back to the beta tab under properties and opt out of beta.
  8. so ya, I'm starting a business in the next few weeks, my first.. Also asking permission to post link for it in my profile or something... Members from here would get a discount. For TIS it would be a bigger discount.
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