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Found 2 results

  1. Nightsinger

    Wooden Stakes

    As I mentioned in another post, game needed a craftable, easy to produce stabbing weapon. We can craft raw axes and hammers, and wood glue offers excellent repair chance for baseball bats and axes. On the other hand, stabbing weapons are limited. Butter knives are too much fragile. Kitchen knives are not that much fragile, but not reliable; if you also take consideration that they are not available at every kitchen. Hunting knives are very rare, I find 2-3 in gun shop (West Point) and nowhere else in immediate vicinity (there are also 2-3 of them in gun range, eastern part) So, when it comes to stabbing, screwdrivers were my favourite in terms of availability and durability. Unfortunately, we cannot repair them. So I thought it would be a good idea to add some craftable, stabbing weapons. Crude Stake: somewhat equivalent to butter knives in performance/durability Material: Tree Branches. Tool: KitchenKnife/ButterKnife/HuntingKnife/Chipped stone Wooden Stake: somewhat equivalent to kitchen knives in performance/durability Material: A Plank produces 2 stakes. Tool: Saw and Kitchen Knife / Hunting Knife. Requires woodworking level 1. And also a "fire hardened" version. Hardened Stake: A little inferior to the screwdriver in terms of durability Material: Wooden Stake. Tool: Matches or Lighter. Also can be craftable if you have a campfire kit in your inventory. Requires woodworking level 2. I will add the file shortly. Any comments and suggestions are welcome
  2. GodWaffle


    I just had a little idea for a defence system that could be added to the game. This would work both as a deterrent for both zombies and survivors. Basically, using a log and a saw you can craft 2 wooden stakes. Stakes can be placed individually on the ground, taking up one tile, however you can still walk around them. Four wooden stakes could be used to make a stake wall (just four stakes in the ground upright, taking up one tile like a regular wall). Regular stakes can be used to display dead bodies, so assuming you had tons of these set up around your base, the smell would help to mask your base from zombie hordes and would also deter most NPC's from getting too close. Now as a defence, you could create stake trap and barriers, the traps would be single stakes in the ground at a random angle, a zombie could then be lured to walk into the stake and get stuck. Now do this around the entire base and you have a minefield of zombies for trespassers to get through (and if they do get through it they'd make a ton of noise killing all the trap zombies). Trap zombies would be tough to deal with since you can't push them off of you, they could grab you and pull you in for a snack. Worse yet, if the angle is right, they could pull themselves off the stake and then you'd have a bigger problem. Stake barriers would be similar to trap stakes, but would be more like a wall. Basically you'd craft it using 7 stakes (3 for supports, 4 for the actual barrier), and it'd be at a 35-40 degree angle facing N, S, E or W. These would work well as one-way routes, people would have a lot of trouble getting over the sharp end of the barrier while people on the other side could walk up it and hop off the end. I'm kind of thinking similar to the medieval style barriers which I believe were effective against cavalry, these would work well against zombies (they can still break through them though) and humans who would need to get past the sharp stakes and any zombies that might be stuck on them. Anyway, let me know what you think, personally I think this could be really cool when it comes to survivor group wars and would just be awesome to see hundreds of zombies placed in a big minefield style defence. -GodWaffle