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Found 8 results

  1. I am very interested in how to play if both players use the keyboard.
  2. When i play Latest IWBUMS player 1 and player 2 field of view (visible tiles) overlap each other causing a flickering effect ,only happens when both players are close to each other, and walls cuts are in both screens when one player stand close to the wall
  3. IWBUMS version 41.33. When any player "inspects" an item in splitscreen, it always uses the same window (of player 1). We also can't seem to close the window unless the item is transferred into storage, upon which the window auto-closes. For an impression, see time 9:05 and further in the video below. Example:
  4. There seems to be an issue with player 1 (the mouse player) respawning in split screen. Anytime I do this both player 1 and 2 disappear and all control is lost. Upon reload the new character that player one created is there.
  5. I was playing with someone on the splitscreen, and was going through the health and protection menus, and when they open the protection menu, they lose control of their player and menus, until I close the protection menu with my mouse. We've figured out its only that menu, not the info, health or skills. So we have a temporary fix for it, but thought we should share it none the less.
  6. I dunno if this is the right place to post this, so sorry if it isn't. My brother and I are playing on the same save, and we'd like to be able to play our own character even if the other person isn't on. Is there a way to change player 1 in these situations?
  7. So here is what I want to do. I want to be able to locally have my sandbox game with my wife on split screen but we want to make multiple characters to switch between to play as. But the first character can't be switched out eg. I make Bob she makes Jill we quit reload make other characters, Bill and Jane, but now the screen is split into four and Bob is now sitting where I left him last. So I want to be able to start the game and and make Bill be on the left and Jane on the right and have the screen only split in two. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Hey Guys, i recently started playing Project Zomboid and i love the game. Right now i have an established Safe House with a small Farm and water barrels to survive. It wasnt easy to come that far into the game but it was a lot of learning by doing, which made it a unique experience. But right now i´m getting a little bored cause there isnt not much left to do now. So i started to try out every way to start a splitscreen game . (Dont worry that wont be another when do you release Coop Thread). I really just dont like the way the screen gets split. And this is where i came up with 2 ideas for the upcoming feature: Partially Splitscreen: I wanted to know if its possible to add, a splitscreen based on how far the players are from each other. Like player 2 moves out of screen so he gets a splitscreen (like in most sidescreen jumpn runs). I think that would be the best situation because usually you will try to stay together anyway. Full Splitscreen (Dual Monitor) - As i have 2 Screen for my computer i came up with the idea to make the splitscreen able to use both screen (each for 1 player). I made the thread with a poll cause i wanna know your feedback for my suggestions and i would love to see a dev posting here. best regards Michael PS: If there was already someone else posting this idea am sry, but i did a lot of background checks to get splitscreen running.
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