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Found 8 results

  1. As a single player main player I find it a hassle when a zombie is nearly onto my face and the time speed up only stops when the zed is 3 steps near, I use walk to with 2x so I speed things up and don't have to use the sprint or jog and speeding things up means I have lesser time to react when a zed is about to devour my face. How about you guys? I was just hoping the dev's add a setting where we can adjust it by decimals, of course it should be limited cause setting the number into a higher one can be used to cheat into knowing if there's a zed around. Let's say the 2x, 3x, 4x speed stops whe
  2. Alright, based on my most recent death experience, I'm reading a book in a my house on the edge of town. Everything is barricaded. I triple-accelerate the play speed in order to plow through the book. I begin to hear a very rapid thud; it sounded like the helicopter. I thought, "Well, I haven't made a peep and I can't be seen, I'll just wait here and let the action pass me by." Turns out, for some reason, a zombie mystically sensed that I was in the corner of this particular house. It had started pounding on the boarded window, but due to the triple acceleration, it sounded
  3. Hi all, First time posting. I was wondering if there was a way to change zombie lore during a game? Is there a lua table for this? As an example lets say I wanted to change zombies from fast shamblers to shamblers depending on an event in game, is that possible or is it something that can only be set at the beginning of the game? If there's no global table that effects all zombies in real time then does each zombie have it's own settings table I can potentially loop through and change? Hope that made sense. Thanks for any responses.
  4. Zombies don't move very fast and there has been lots of talk about making them faster. But what about things to make the player slower? Recently I fractured my leg then had to flee/crawl from my safe/dangerous house. I slowly make my way from one end of muld to the other to get to my other safeish house. not being able to out walk zombies makes life alot more interesting. I had a great time completely changing my style of play and truly fearing the zombies. Adjusting how weigh, exertion, lack of sleep, illness, health and terrain affect speed could really slow us down and force us to thi
  5. I've lurked here and on the old forums pretty much since PZ began. Never felt the need to make an account until now, but I need to get this off my chest. Zombies in PZ used to terrify me. The days of the tutorial, baldspot and Kate, the looter... The first time I left my oven on and the house caught fire, waking up to a hundred zombies at my door. I freaking sh*t myself. I barricaded myself inside my house and inside my room. They eventually got in. I've never been so excited to die before. I'd never experienced anything like it. I was hooked. The next time I thought I'd steal the looter's
  6. Basically when wearing certain bags running speed is reduced, something like this: Schoolbag: no change Duffelbag: -10% run speed Normal hiking bag: -15% run speed Large hiking bag: -10% walk speed -20% run speed Hiking bags and large hiking bags have internal frames made of metal that while increasing size and storage space slow you down. I think this should be modeled in the game.
  7. Would another speed setting between fast shamblers and sprinters be fun and worth the effort? I've been trying sprinters since the fast shamblers aren't as fast as I get spooped by, but then some of the sprinters are too fast and I get too spooped. I would like it and appreciate it, but I might be in the minority and not warrant this being added in the future while they have the time and resources and energy and tea. Spoiler Just to further clarify, I'm definitely not suggesting this be added in the near-near future.[<3]<3[/<3]
  8. Hello guys ! I'm Chris, an indie game developer, and I've just released a mobile game on Apple Store + Google Play Here is a 45s trailer to present the game : I'd love to read any feedback ! you can download the game for free here : http://www.uralys.com/the.lightning.planet.html TTYS Chris
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