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Found 26 results

  1. Hello everyone! Very simple question, as I'm new to mapping with Zomboid: If I were to make a map where the ground in the entire cell or the majority of the cell was, say, at level 2, level 3, etc; would the zombies spawn on that, or would they be "under the map" and still spawning at level 0? Just wanted to ask before I get too crazy and start building, only to find out that all the zeds are underneath everything with no way to nibble on the player. Thanks!
  2. I'm getting all my ducks in a row to work on a map + tiles mod, and here's some questions I haven't been able to figure out. I'm a fan of not having to redo a bunch of stuff late in a project, so any help is much appreciated! Are the road tiles behavior hardcoded? I'd like to make a couple more, but I don't see any properties or relevant scripts that make a road tile give a smooth ride (compared to driving on grass). I just want to make some tire marked roads so they aren't so uniformly clean; I could do this with an overlay, but if I'm going to do that, then why not save a little and make them a full opaque tile? In my test map, I can't get zombies to NOT spawn. I have a sandbox preset that works just fine with the vanilla map, no zeds spawning. The same preset on my map has a small amount of zombies everywhere, including where I spawn, and inappropriate places like water or in kitchen counters for example. In this case, I was using an all-black spawnmap. I thought maybe some slight noise was getting saved or something, but that wasn't the case. I also tried other combinations of spawn settings with some painted white spots in my spawnmap, but still seeing the loose zombies peppered across the cells. The map with the painted spots is increasing population density there, so that works as expected. But having them spawn on top of the player spawn or anywhere else they shouldn't is a problem. What am I missing here? (afterthought to point out that I am using the correct pixel size for the spawnmap) I've gathered that most of the named zone areas (TownZone, Forest, etc) relate to trapping and scavenging through a couple thread and looking at scripts. Since I can't open the vanilla map in the editors to see exactly how things are laid out, just a few questions here. Nav zone: What is this used for and where? I assume I would lay these zones out on roads, but what about say, a sidewalk system on a school campus? And should a Nav zone overlap a Town Zone, or does the game expect them to be broken down so they don't overlap? Also, is it possible to use custom zone definitions? I've got a half-baked idea for adding random barricade type things similar to the car wrecks.
  3. quite simply put, i found a light switch that should be part of a section of the living room, but instead its in the washroom, thus giving the washroom 2 light switches and a permanent light in the living room near the backdoor https://map.projectzomboid.com/?#0.718883258923851,0.2483100986760063,418.96425128510725
  4. As I complete more and more of my map, I've noticed that zombie spawn density is the opposite of what I'd like it to be in some areas. - Homes are about right with at most 1 zombie per 200sqft (ie, 1600sqft house has about 6-8 zeds inside) - Small gas stations have maybe 0-3 inside - Fast food places have maybe 1-4 inside My issue is with Large buildings/stores having ZERO zombies inside... I've got displays, shelves, mannequins, checkout stands, light switches, bathrooms, etc... placed in the store, so it's not like an empty warehouse... and despite being within the ZombieSpawnMap image, absolutely no zombies spawn inside. So I'm wondering, is there a particular type of object, or something I can place to increase the zombie density of certain buildings ? Lets say I wanted to create a huge 12 theater cinema just jam packed with zombies.... is that possible ? Seems like such a waste to create large empty structures, where in most zombie situations they tend to congregate inside large structures like shopping centers, and such... I did notice that a Prison building I made is just stuffed with Zombie spawn.... And the only real difference between this building and lets say a Walmart store, is that the Prison has a extreme number of rooms in relation to its footprint... Does number of rooms in a building affect spawn density ? Just thought I'd throw that question out there, as I continue to mess around with different combinations.
  5. Well, when i loot object containers, sometimes items spawns outside of itemcontainer. Example: Sometimes items for schoolbags spawn directly in lockers and not inside of schoolbags. This happen on build 39 and 40. (Detected when i create a mod, and checked if this bug happen with base items and itemcontainers) A few months ago, i report all items spawn outside all times, fixed but not at all (now spawn sometimes). Sorry about my language i speak spanish.
  6. As asked in the title I was curious if there's a command for it? or something that an admit can do that I've missed say similar to instant construct Had to restart my personal friendship server due to HDD death and I wanted to get me my Cossette back, Though with a decent 45 mins of Google and the what not can't find nothin'
  7. Good afternoon. After having discussed an issue on the General Thread, several people revealed to me that I am experiencing a bug instead of ignorance. You can also see the issue by clicking this link. Thank you for any assistance you may have. -TURTLESHROOM
  8. Hellow, and thanks for your time. someone know if is possible instantly move a fridge (or any other furniture)to a specific X,Y map point? something like that... game start then ( Move instantly any furniture placed in (x,y) to = 123 , 400 ) or..... exist some way to spawn a furniture (like a chair or a wood box) in a specific map point? thats all. sorry for my poor english, and have a good day
  9. (Note that I already made this suggestion on mod ideas section) It's simple. Characters would spawn in with job-specific items. By example, if your character is a police officer, it's most likely that he would spawn in with a pistol, or have one in his household, and along with the keys for the police station's gun storage. Of course, many jobs would need some serious nerfing (Woodcutter), but it would be sensible to have them spawn in with something that fits their job.
  10. I think that March Ridge is a pretty underrated and under-utilized location in PZ, though others may think differently. It's actually got some of the best locations to build a huge base, especially for MP. So I thought hey, why not have the option to spawn there? Give it a little more appreciation? Personally, I'd love to spawn on the top floor of the dormitory. I can imagine it now: you're a student at March Ridge's tiny community college (I'm assuming, why else would a school that small have such a big dormitory). The phones are dead, the Internet's dead, and all your dorm buddies are dead. The halls below you are filled with shuffling corpses. You only have the things in your dorm to help you survive. Wat do? There's a lot of potential, I think.
  11. If I were a braver man and weren't so scared of learning to code I would try to do this myself... Would it be tricky to throw together a mod that does something like this in MP (local co-op): -Trigger: Any player dies -Spawn 10 zombies near random player -Trigger noise on said random player to draw zeds to them immediately -Add a counter to create +5 additional zombies next time this event is triggered. Easy? Difficult? Could someone throw that together for me? I'm trying to get my buds to stop friggin dying all the time without consequence, while also adding a challenge for everyone else.
  12. Pretty much what it says on the tin. A while ago, I read on the wiki that your character has a chance to spawn with their home's key(40% IIRC), but after making several new characters it seems that that rarely if ever happens. I'm wondering then if it is at all possible to increase the chance of, or guarantee, that you spawn with your housekey? If there's an option for such deep inside the game's files. I'vwe looked but I didn't find anything of the like, so I thought to ask here. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. You can now spawn injured at the start of a survival game. It might not be fair but I think it is cool. I would like to have more random starts. Not all of these need to be bad! Spawn house- looted/empty good loot/job related loot on fire barricaded broken windows/doors Zombies- zombies in rooms of spawn house zombies banging on Windows/doors horde out side Character- injured any positive/negative moodles good/bad equipment Environment- different times of day different weather meta noises/helicopter location- house/shop warehouse/factory forest/field/tent highway/railway track hospital/fire station/police station
  14. So here's the deal, I made some basic starter kits based on the occupation, but I'd like to be able to do things like spawning the pistol fully loaded as opposed to giving the player a handful of rounds to load manually (unsuccessful attempt below). Something else I've been wondering, is there a more elegant way of spawning an item multiple times? (see burgerflipper) I've already tried my best in finding a solution for both, but I've come up with nothing. Most people just seem to resort to the more simple and crude solutions. Thank you in advance.
  15. I have taken the leap into modding and I am starting with a items/recipes mod. But I want to test it without having to loot half the map: Is there a way I can cheat/spawn items into my inventory to test out recipes and items I create?
  16. They're Crawling Out! PZ Mod v 0.1 Killed all zombies in the area? Happy with your impenetrable fortress? Bored with living in a backwater all your life, cultivating carrots and daisies? (grim laughter) The forces of darkness have risen coprses lying for many years below ground. The dead and buried come to life. They are emerging from under the ground, crawling out, searching for the only survivor, smelling fresh meat! The deeper their grave is, the longer their way out from down below, and the stronger they are. ------------------------- Well, enough pathetics The purpose of this mod is to vary the late game a bit. After some days of gameplay (their number can be modified in settings) new zombies start to appear not far from the player. Because they can't appear out of nowhere, I've decided that they should appear from under the ground, cause it's the only place (in theory) where corpses can be found after you cleared the area (yeah, I know, it's dragged in by the head and shoulders, but .. why not?). So be careful, they can appear inside your fortress. Anyway, they can't break through house floor or asphalt road. If there's much asphalt/floor/water in the area, it would be unlikely for a zombie to find the way out. The plants also stay intact (because the soil was digged up already and no corpses were found). The time between zombie appearances can be modified in mod settings. New zombies walk towards player position. As time goes by, new zombies become more tough (this can also be turned on/off in settings). A little bonus: as the groung becomes digged up while zombie is crawling out, sometimes a worm or two can be found near.. Installation: Unpack into \Users\<Username>\Zomboid\mods\ Settings: Mod settings are kept in file "settings.ini" in mod folder. Notes: As it's my first mod and I spent only a couple of days making it, it's a bit ugly and must have some bugs. So be careful with your long-played-games. Anyway, it works for me. As i play only single player, I have no idea how it'll work in MP. As I'm using VirtualZombieManager, the zeds are not permanent. If someone could help me making them permanent on the map and/or modifying their stats (except health), that would be very much appreciated Download: Latest version v0.3 is here. Thanks: To all modders & devs, I learned a lot from their source code
  17. Topic says it. Couldn't find a similar suggestion. Also, maybe a package of tent pegs...
  18. So can anyone explain me with details how i can edit spawn chance of certains items? For example i would like to increase number of empty jars but what's those numbers mean excatly? So numbers after name of items are spawn chances but what they mean excatly? "Base.Mirror", 3, - is it mean that mirror has spawn chance of 30% or 3% or something different? How number of rolls interact with those number next to item's name. I would like to remove some items from spawning at all. How do it?
  19. With the addition of "ConstuctionStopsLootRespawn" (EasyPickins, great thanks!) We have noticed a new problem. Because they can now construct and not affect the loot spawn, they stay nearby (like a building away from the police station, etc) From my knowledge this will stop/reset the timer for the loot respawn in the whole zone because a portion of it is seen. ------------------------------- My suggestion: Add another server option: "SeenChunkStopsLootRespawn" or Make a more intuitive option that allows the timer to tick at half rate when the zone is currently being seen, instead of resetting the time or stopping it. ex. Loot respawn set to 6 hours. If players are inside the zone and its been free of players for 5 hours, it will then take 2 hours more (instead of 1) to spawn loot, then if the zone stays seen and the respawn time starts over, it will start counting to 12 hours, instead of 6. But if the player leaves the zone it will go back to 6 hours. ------------------------------- This would work because the player could sit there for 6 hours and get nothing. Then leave, once the zone is unseen it will half the amount of time. So the time would then be 3 hours instead of 6. Then it would only take 3 more hours for the default loot spawn value to spawn more loot. But if the player stays in the zone the rest of the time it will take 6 more hours instead of 3 hours. This encourages players not to camp, or they slow their loot spawn a lot. If they do decide to camp the location, others will surely clear them out. With 34 players this is an issue for places like Gigamart and Pharmahug as well as the Hardware store which are essential loot spawn areas. We intend to up our server cap as well so it will only cascade the problem. Setting the loot respawn lower will make less used places spawn too much loot. Just a suggestion as a balance for multiplayer. Edit: This can also apply to zombie spawns. Instead of having a timer that resets make it count down and if it hits 0 and it's time to respawn zombie... pause it till the chunk has been unloaded by all players, then add the zombies, timer resets.
  20. Hello PZ-Community In this post i only want to ask, how i can costumize the zombie spawns in my map. I made the smallest German island as a map in PZ and at this island do only live 11 people, so i leave the zombie_spawn.png complete black, but there are still spawning zombies, and a lot more than 11, so my island becomes very unrealistic. Did anyone know if i can edit the spawns better as example in lua? Thanks for your time reading my post And i hope you understand me, because my native language is german so my english isn't that nice. MrGoldenLP
  21. Hello everyone! That's my first post in the forum, since i discovered PZ not so long ago. I've been amazed by the map tools, and i started doing some early experiments: however, i would like to do even much taller and wider buildings, where the player(s) can explore and fight zombies in the floors. However, i'm worried about the spawn rules: do zombies spawn inside the buildings? What about multi - story buildings? do zombies spawn in each floor with the same chance? I understand that the same question might be asked in the past but: 1 - i did some search and i got no answers 2 - the game is developing really fast, and things might have been changed. Besides, probably i'm doing it wrong, Anyways, when i try to "play" a last stand with my map, i can see my buildings but when i try to approach them they disappear. Is that a common error due to a common mistake? Thanks for your time and comprehension. I'm an enthusiastic newcomer, but still extremely noob. Cheers Jack
  22. This mod simply adds items to a players inventory upon starting a new game with a specific profession. Made by request of the community. Mod Features Fire Officer;Fire axe Police Officer;Pistol9mm Bullets Park Ranger;Matches, Tent, Campfire kit, Kindling, Water Bottle Construction Worker;HammerSawBox of nailsBox of screwsScrewdriver(Will include toolbelt container on next update) Security Guard;Baseball Bat (Possibly change to custom baton on next update)TorchBattery Baseball bat Vitamins It was suggested that each player spawn with a utility style belt to hold the items/tools they start with, so that feature may be implemented. Mod was built on stable build 23, however it should work or any other version you are running. Download v.1
  23. (I made the sprites, yay) They spawn in a-lot of places. Some are weak while others are deadly. Bugs: (kind of) Can't do carpentry with them, I tried renaming the normal ones Hammers, hoping that the game would recognize them as Hammers, like some of the items can do, but it didn't work.. So use these hammers to kill things with and the vanilla hammer for construction (these ones can barricade though). Hammers Added: Tire Hammer Weak unless a charged swing but faster with good knockdown.Upholsterers Hammer Weaker than normal hammers but faster with average knockdown.Machinist Hammer Weaker than normal hammers but faster with average knockdown.Ball Pein Hammer Weaker than normal hammers but faster with average knockdown.Straight Claw Hammer As close to the vanilla hammer as you can get.Masons Hammer Strong, a little heavy and slow with good knockdown.Mallet Hammer Strong, a little heavy and slow with a big swing radius with good knockdown.Dead Blow Hammer Strong, a little heavy and slow with good knockdown.German Hammer Very strong, heavy and slow with good knockdown.Maul Hammer Very strong, heavy and slow with a big swing radius with good knockdown.Splitting Maul Hammer Very strong, heavy and slow with a big swing radius with good knockdown. DOWNLOAD: Main (PZ-Mods) || Mirror (My Dropbox)
  24. I kinda agree with this, it seems that wherever you are zombies just begin to eventually spawn. I could be wrong but the meta game events seem spread around the player, which causes any meta game event to draw zombies into your area. If you go to the western farm, and stay there minding your own business, farming crops and building walls, then the odds of a large horde arriving should be minimal. It could have course happen. But it should be rare. Right now it seems that wherever you settle, a big horde will arrive on your doorstep in a few days. The spawning is also a little off. I even had a zombie spawn inside my fence once, I was gardning with my back turned to a blind fence that surrounded a very small and uncluttered area, then suddenly a zombie appeared behind me. Even Ezio Auditore could not have repeated that feat. Great way to keep me on my toes. But not as realistic as I'd hope. If a zombie is inside my walls, I expect the barrier to be broken. Ok so I posted this to the forum, went to bed in the northern farm, not a zombie in sight. The next morning I wake up, save, reload, brush my teeth, look out over my new porch and shat my pants. I don't understand why they're there or have any idea on how to get rid of them. I've heard no gunshots or other meta game events, and even if I had, I'd figure I'd be out of earshot. Maybe 2 or three would show up but that would be it. The area was deserted, I walked around to be sure. I arrived at the farm two days before the screenshot. I wanted to build a fortress here and go for a long term self sufficiency game staying away from the town and just laying low, trying to finally get some seeds to grow. The day before I chopped some wood and broke the door to the hen house because there was one of those deadheads hiding in there. I also planted some seeds and watered them. I'm posting this in bugs, to hopefully raise this functionality to bug status, because I very much doubt that just planting 100 zombies in formation in the players backyard is intended. I'm sure there are better ways of doing it. If it were the first time I'd see this I'd consider it a fluke, but it isn't, this happens a lot (See quoted post). And to be honest, it ruined this game for me. I could roll with the punches and go someplace else. But I keep doing that, the game before this one the same thing happened, I wanted to try my hands at base building. But I'm pretty sure that if I go someplace else and start building in just a few days I'll find a horde parked outside in a similar fashion.
  25. So ya, is there a better way than below to spawn items? I've been running into Swap Buffer errors when starting games and sometimes loading a save-game (maybe one in every 20 starts error out, but I start hundreds of games daily, testing stuff out..), only with a load of items mods that spawn a massive amount of stuff. table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["bin"].items, "EntomophagyMod.KMDragonFly1");table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["bin"].items, 1.7);
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