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Found 22 results

  1. EraZer

    Thunder soundtrack

    Hi, this is not a real problem and shouldnt be on the priority list, its just something that i noticed and wanted to share. (english is not my main language so sorry if its hard to read ) So, i noticed that the Thunder Soundtrack was recorded inside of a building or something like that because you can hear water dripping on the ground right after a thunder if you listen carefuly. (imagine a broken pipe from where water drops down on the concrete inside a building, while you listen to the rain with a open window) Its not that big of a deal, but if you are walking outside of a building, like a forest or so, and hear the water drop on concrete, it will sound odd. I mean you can clearly hear that sound, and i analysed it for some time now so thats why i'm making this post. It would be great if the Team could like "remove" this backgroundsound from the Thunder Soundtrack or something like that. (sory for this strange post lol)
  2. This is weird, sometimes sound playing and sometimes not... it's a cooldown feature or bug? i remember builds ago sound playing ever when select another itemcontainer. This happen on SP, not tested in MP.
  3. UterusMaximus

    Change Alert Sound

    Hi! Is there a way to change the alert Sound? You know, the sound that is played when you see a Zomboid. I would like to have the MGS Sound. I found something here: But that didn´t work. I don´t have any OGG files. Only BANK files. Don´t know how to replace something :-S
  4. Recipes: Butcher Small Animal Butcher Rabbit Butcher Bird They have PZ_FoodSwoosh sound... needs to be changed to SliceMeat.
  5. Faalagorn

    Issues with hot drink recipes

    I really like the addition of the Hot Beverage evolved recipe, as now you don't need sugar to make a tea or coffee and you can also mix it with milk, honey and even more possibilities for future additions/mods. You can also add poison or rename it as any other recipe, which is a nice addition as well. However, what I currently don't know is the purpose of the older Hot Cuppa and the relatively newly added Cold Cuppa recipes, at least that couldn't be replicated with the evolved recipe? Generally the old recipes got removed by the time evolved recipes replaced them (boring soups etc.), so why extend the old one? Currently Hot Cuppa give (way) more bonuses, to the point it's slightly OP, but that should be easy to adjust in evolved recipes. The only way that can't be recreated easily is to use kettle (which requires preheating), but really – it a survival game where you don't currently even use forks and spoons, you could as well preheat it otherwise (not to mention that you can preheat kettle in microwave or ovens that lack burners, plus the recipe doesn't makie it clear you have to preheat the water), and even if the mechanic of doing your hot drink proper way with the kettle get to be implemented, guess it could be a proper way, preferably with eating food on plates and kitchenware . Plus the old limitations stay, that is requirement for sugar and hot cuppa never cools down while cold cuppa can never be heated. Either way, back to the actual bugs: it seems that you can add infinite amount of sugar to your drink, as seen in the attached screenshot below (I've yet to see if there's a limit for this monstrosity) and that's one hell of a diet drink – ton of sugar and 0 carbs! I think the problem stems from the fact that sugar is still a drainable, not food. It also makes it so it doesn't have any carbohydrates in it. I already suggested making sugar food item, and seeing how coffee and tea bags became food, can't sugar be one as well? Preferably a spice, similar to salt, pepper, ketchup, mustard, marinara, mayonnaise and hopefully remoulade in future. Would be cool to have option to use it in more evolved recipes too. Finally, sound cue for making or adding ingredients to Beverage recipe should use a pouring water sound instead of the usual chopping sound.
  6. It seems that the carpentry (sawing) sound cue plays instead of the welding one (the one that's used for barricading with metal sheet for example) when dismantling metal items. It's similar to the cutting sound cue playing while preparing hot drink I mentioned in this bug report:
  7. xphylum

    In-Game Music

    Hello, I had a great idea to import(or)replace some new music into my Project Zomboid game, does anybody have any clue how to do this or if it is even possible? If it is, I would really appreciate a guide or tutorial as I have not even tried making my own mods for Project Zomboid so you can understand why I would need some help.
  8. I'd like to find a way to make a mod that changes the ambient sounds with seasons. Such as when the leaves change in autumn you'll hear leaves rustling, maybe less bird songs and more crows or geese as birds migrate, etc. Then in winter the sounds might change to more cold wind, less leaves. In spring maybe the sound could be more birds, and in summer more insects. I think it would really improve the immersion and atmospheric-ness of the game. What do you all think? I've tried editing the .bank files but I don't know scripting well enough to make these changes happen in game. Any suggestions?
  9. Hello! I drove on new cars, tested the update and crushed the zombies. I wanted to see the possibilities of the car. I opened the windows, moved to another seat, looked at the amount of gasoline, and then came to the radio. I turn it on and I understand that there is no sound, but instead of a sound, the text line is running. Of course i know that this is a game style «project zomboid»! But! But! But you can't imagine a huge desire to destroy the dead along with quality atmospheric music content! The one who watched the series called "walking dead" probably will understand me. Under the musical accompaniment, I don't mean any musical tracks, it can be simple melodies as well as those that are now involved in the game. Considering this idea, you can also add some simple sound for TV. It can be just a hissing sound with an illegible voice on the background. It can also be a variety of other extraneous sounds, like the squeaking of a microwave or an open faucet with water. (I confess, I don't remember maybe this sound is already in the game). The bottom line is, I think this absolutely does not break the general style of the game! You know in the game a «project zomboid» in principle, not many sounds... But it was very important for me, to hear in the game the sound of broken glass, recharging weapons, screaming zombies or a distant shot. I also understand that you are busy with more pressing questions. Like the animation (which we are waiting for) or the same machines, but I ask you not to forget about the importance of sounds, this invisible factor plays a very important role! I think that such a simple soundtrack, in my opinion, is simply necessary in order to feel this wonderful atmosphere of this wonderful game. Thank you, the creators <3 Sorry for my English Yours faithfully, the guy from cold Russia.
  10. Hi, Your work on this game is awesome. i search on other suggestions before, but found nothing, sorry if i talk about a thing an other time. I post electricity and plumbing separated to not to shuffle discuss. Openable mailbox (type container/bag) Implemented(plant on a crossroad with letter to be find by survivors or for "village" communication) Record and play sound (Mic) with tape player or phone. add to transmitter radio to diffuse audio message. infos/menu on other players, already discussed but : "visible items" on mouse over (cloth, bag, handed and apparent wounds or infection) exchange (and whisper chat) window capacity to bite players when infected All opinions and comments are welcomes !
  11. Hi, I love the atmosphere and immersion in this game, but eating sounds are completely unbearable for me (I have misophonia, google it) So my problem: How to play this fantastic game, but avoid the eating sounds? (I'm not interesting in trying the "deaf"-trait just yet.) My first thought: Mod the sound away! Replace the sound file! After researching a fair bit on how to mod sounds, I realize that there is now no (simple) way to find the sound file I'm going to replace, due to the FMOD/.bank file system. I'm not even sure single sounds can be replaced, even if I somehow managed to open the .bank files. Not to mention, is it even legal? Skipping this, for now.. My second thought: Get into the code! Intercept the sound somehow! After looking at this for a little while, I realize I would rather just stop playing the game. I know how to code, but getting myself deep enough into someone elses code, a whole game structure, a whole new system, just to mute a sound that I don't even know if can be muted... It's something I just won't even attempt unless I know it can be done. Putting this in the "maybe later"-box. Questions: - Can single sounds be replaced/muted/removed? (specifically all eating sounds) - What would be the best course of action to achieve such a thing? - Any coding hints that may give me a jump start? (maybe an event) Thanks for you understanding.
  12. theweef

    Screams of Pain

    Hey all, just thought about this. I did a search and this suggestion was spoken only like 1-3 times BEFORE October 2014. Anyways, I think there should be a new Scream mechanic that intertwines with traits and health. Similar to being sick, when a character is in pain or is wounded (or better yet at an agony level, making painkillers more important), there should be an RNG that every x unit of time or pressure, the character will either emit the following sounds: Death Scream - Upon death, the player's scream (that plays during death already) will attract more zombies, making looting your own body (or killing yourself-self) not a favorable option for a few days. Fracture Scream - Who on earth DOESN'T scream when they break their leg? Screams will get quieter as the character breaks more limbs, if they happen to live and fully heal Pressure Scream - If a character is wounded in an area that is healing, nerve reactions shoot to their brain and will cause a scream. Not louder than a fracture scream, but can be pretty dangerous. Bitten Scream - Have fun not screaming as you lose a chunk of your body. Heavy Pain Sighs/Grunts - Similar to a really bad stomach ache or bug, the character may heavily sigh or grunt from the pain they are experiencing. Sound radius shouldn't be too big, perhaps just an average room size. Medium Pain Sighs/Grunts - You know that feeling when you break a fall with your nose, or you scrape off a few layers of skin on a limb, and you're walking your sorry behind to some medical help while trying not to focus on your blood pouring everywhere? Yeah. keep in mind I don't want some sound imported from an 80's snuff film Any pain easier to handle than Medium will not emit a sound. To counteract these negative effects, some new traits will come in. Heavy Sports Player - -4 points, reduces sound radius from pain Loud Mouth - +4 points, increases sound radius from pain Being a Veteran or Police Officer will also reduce sound radius from pain. If the actual audio gets too annoying, just make it text like sneezing (or better yet, make it an option for audio, text, or both). What do you guys think? I'd like some feedback on this. I always got tired of my character not screaming or anything when he just fought through a horde of zombies, bleeding from all over.
  13. In the /media/sound/banks/Desktop there are several .bank files. Typically when confronted with unknown files, I try to open then with 7zip, but this didn't work out for those files. What's the format of the files and how to properly alter their contents?
  14. In real life we would be able to tell where the sound is coming from. Some kind of simple animation at the edge of the screen to give the user a general idea of what direction the thumping, gunshots ect sounds are coming from. thank you for your consideration.
  15. CzarUltra

    Clown Mod

    Zombie skins/textures replaced with that of clowns-- big red noses and bright and colorful wigs and makeupProbably also clown-related clothingClown blood is a colorful rainbow gradient!All zombie noise files are changed from eerie groans to hilarious honking noises, infectious clown laughter and other comedic sound effects such as party blowers or dolphin noises. And other zombie related sound effects, like banging on doors could be made humorous. In particular when a house alarm goes off I'm thinking it will play this I will make this mod myself if I have to, so if anybody has any idea how I go about this, let me know and I will start when I have free time.
  16. I have 2 problem as the topic title suggests. One of them being the problem that I dont know how to create a timer in lua. On a other project I was used to a sleep(float) function. The other thing that I tried was with os.time but that didn't work out as well.(crashed upon using it) The second problem is that I can't find a method to let me play a sound and set the radius for it.(like a weapon that was fired) I have found the playsound() method but I dont think it will be the same as a used gun, but more as a sound effect. sorry for the code in the spoilers it doesnt seem to like me .
  17. kidcool97

    looping helicopter sound

    When I entered this house,,0.08202034692124474,224.70568278201867 The helicopter overhead noise started,but then it looped over and over for 10 minutes until I stop playing This is on build 26. If anyone wants to go out there and see if it happens to you that would be awesome
  18. I'm on Ubuntu and I used "arecord -f cd -t raw -d 2 | oggenc - -r -o chainsaw.ogg" to record a file. oggenc crashed, but I can still play the file with ogg123, however, PZ won't play the file. Answer: (I can't seem to reply to my own post: the reply merges into the original) When I did ogginfo on a PZ sound ogg file that would play and my file I noticed that ogginfo pointed out that my file didn't have an EOF (which makes sense since oggenc crashed). I switched to record a wav file with arecord (-t wav) and then encoded the wav file with oggenc; after that PZ would play my (silly placeholder) ogg file.
  19. Major_Malice

    Sound Proofing

    Hello all, So I thought it would be a good idea to allow for sound proofing of windows, walls, and doors in the future of PZ considering the fact that generators will make quite a bit of noise and having several survivors in one room talking and what not would make quite the racket as well. It would be make-shift proofing of course, made of egg crates and what not pinned to the walls (doors or barricaded windows) via nails. Grant it, the proofing will not block out all the noise made inside but it could help. I figure it also could be somewhat of a double edged sword as well, reducing sound being emitted outside but also reducing the player's ability to hear things outside of the walls too. Just an idea. Thanks!
  20. Jose420

    Tv Idea

    If you play Twd did you remember the part when Sam Lee Break a glass in a shop of tv? And the zombies run to go to that shop and the distracted for a time. Okay that I recommend is to put the tv that you can turn them on until the electricity shut down. Whit that form we can create a decoy that can distract the zombies for a time but be alert the zombies can smell you or see you when you are trying to escape from that place.But you can turn them off too They can put a image that the tv no have signal and a sound of it. In multiplayer , coop and single player can be a option before you start the game that you can desactivate that action whit the tv (Anti Trollers) Image
  21. SO ya, What's That Sound? I am uploading a small sound clip. Identify the object that is making the tinking sound in the beginning. Only one guess per user, don't want to get to overcrowded.. Ahh who cares, post away with multiple guesses. Who ever gets it right gets a cookie.. And I'll post the picture. Edit: *Hint* If you know what fight scene and what movie it is from, keep it to yourself for now. The thing that makes the sound was dropped on the floor. So what it is not: Sword, beer, any type of medical injection, a poor scout dispenser, drum sticks. Added mp3. Top one is ogg, bottom is mp3.
  22. kinyoshi

    food eating sounds

    Adds a few tags for food and drinks to add sound effects while eating. This sound effect with start as soon the item is started to be eaten or drunk. If it is looped it will continue until the food item is depleted, this will allow for looping sounds such as chewing, crunching, gulping etc.. One time sounds like the pop top will only play once. The primary sound plays at the start of eating or drinking and the secondary sound plays right after that and loops until the food or drink is depleted, this loop can be made to run once by setting the loop tag to "FALSE". To make it so it only does the gulping sound, both primary and secondary sounds would be "WaterGulp" with looping "TRUE". The Loop only applies to the second sound. It would always play the first sound, then the second, then loop second if true. Sounds like the "SodaCanPopTop" will have a radius. This makes eating with zombies close by dangerous, as I would imagine it would be in real life because let's face it, eating is really noisy. I'll use an item from the beer mod for the example: This will make the can open sound, then gulp sound until gone item Beer{Weight = 0.6,Type = Food,HungerChange = 0,ThirstChange = -70,DisplayName = Beer,Alcoholic = TRUE,Icon = Beer.png,OnEatenPrimarySound = SodaCanPopTop,OnEatenPrimarySoundVolume = 15,OnEatenPrimarySneakSoundVolume = 5,OnEatenPrimarySoundRadius = 20,OnEatenPrimarySneakSoundRadius = 6,OnEatenSecondarySound = WaterGulp,OnEatenSecondarySoundVolume = 5,OnEatenSecondarySneakSoundVolume = 1,OnEatenSecondarySoundRadius = 5,OnEatenSecondarySneakSoundRadius = 1,OnEatenSoundLoop = TRUE,UnhappyChange = -10,}This will make the can open sound, then gulp sound onceitem Beer{Weight = 0.6,Type = Food,HungerChange = 0,ThirstChange = -70,DisplayName = Beer,Alcoholic = TRUE,Icon = Beer.png,OnEatenPrimarySound = SodaCanPopTop,OnEatenPrimarySoundVolume = 15,OnEatenPrimarySneakSoundVolume = 5,OnEatenPrimarySoundRadius = 20,OnEatenPrimarySneakSoundRadius = 6,OnEatenSecondarySound = WaterGulp,OnEatenSecondarySoundVolume = 5,OnEatenSecondarySneakSoundVolume = 1,OnEatenSecondarySoundRadius = 5,OnEatenSecondarySneakSoundRadius = 1,OnEatenSoundLoop = FALSE,UnhappyChange = -10,}Edit: Added sound radius. Edit2: Added volume. (duh) can't believe I forgot this. Edit3: Added OnEatenPrimarySneakSound tag suggestion (and poll) ***SodaCanPopTop sound is royalty free from SoundFXNow, converted and edited to ogg by me.*** ***ChipBagSoundEffects sounds are royalty free from SoundGator, converted and edited to ogg by me.*** SodaCanPopTop