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Found 3 results

  1. There could be added a small use for those two items - first it always got me curious why can I rip sheet underwear, but not socks... It should be usable just like all the other clothing items for that small use (it shouldn't make any major difference gameplay-wise, seeing how rare socks are and the cloths for rip sheets are widely available on zombies in the first place, but it would give this item some use, who knows, maybe saving someone's wound in a pinch . The second thing is crayons, which I think can not be used as a writing tool (correct me if I'm wrong, I don't have a journal to check on my save game). Obviously, they wouldn't make any kind of improvised weapon like pen and pencil, but they certainly could serve as a writing tool for those who feel the need to write some journals - and also giving a use to yet another item :). Both the requests should be easy enough to implement too, as there is no need to add any new graphic, model or recipe - just add them as another item that can do things already implemented.
  2. Hi, it would be great if we could wear more clothes like gloves, hats(for winter), socks... -They could get dirty with the time and/or lose efficiency. -When it rains they would get wet and we would have to dry them (in front of a fire?) or we could get very cold. -With the rain, puddles could appear on the ground and if we walk or run into them, our shoes and socks (pants too?) gets wet. -Again with the rain, the grass would become muddy, and running or walking in it would wet our shoes & socks and we would run slower. -Running in the grass/forest we could fall (or if it's impossible, at least being slowed) due to a branch on the ground or a root ? Especially if we're tired or panicked... -Also there could be termites eating the wood sometimes ? For example we should check our log wall from time to time to see if it's not infected with termite and if we don't do anything the log wall could break or at least become very weak ?
  3. TL;DR - Adding in a few varieties of shoes and socks, each with their advantages and disadvantages, would give the player a realistic (and essential) piece of equipment to scavenge, repair, or craft during the zombie apocalypse. If the medical overhaul allows foot trauma such as blisters, fungal infections and trenchfoot, acquiring good footwear becomes essential, but could be ignored for the most part by beginning players. ========== Had a thought today, inspired by the idea of a character wearing high-heels in another suggestion post. Footwear. We all need it, but not everything you put on your feet would be suitable to wear on a hike, let alone a life-and-death survival situation. Heels could snap under the duress of sprinting over broken ground, steel-capped boots might be too heavy to let you vault over fences easily, and even the best pair of shoes wear out over time. Socks are important too. You could be wearing the best pair of hiking boots in the world, but if you're wearing some thin business socks, you can forget about walking around for too long. Where am I going with this? Allow the player to scavenge and wear different types of shoes, boots and socks. Each with differing characteristics, each with different benefits and disadvantages. Suddenly, finding or crafting the right equipment to wear on ones feet could mean the difference between life and death. Wear shoes that are the wrong size, wrong type, or don't wear socks, and suddenly you could face painful blisters, ingrown toenails, or even trenchfoot. All conditions that make it painful, if not impossible, to walk, let alone jog away from the horde rumbling up the street. Suddenly, crafting or repairing socks/shoes/boots could become a hobby, profession, or skill the player could select at character creation. Here's some examples of footwear ideas, and some effects. Keep in mind these are examples only. I wouldn't expect (or want) dozens of types of shoes/socks to wear, but breaking them up into classes could simplify things immensely. Bare feet - Sometimes, necessity makes a fool of us all. Possible buff to sneaking around (less noise), offset by the high chance of foot trauma if walking/sprinting long distances, blisters are no fun. Stepping on something sharp would certainly ruin your day. Perhaps a small happiness buff when you first remove your shoes indoors. After all, everyone likes to kick off their boots at the end of the day.Sandals/Thongs - A wild and varied bunch. Better than wearing nothing on your foot, light weight, and reasonably easy to make/repair using scavenged materials. You could luck out and find some hiking sandals, or be stuck with a $2 flip-flop from the local supermarket. Either way, lower durability on average compared to other types of footwear, but most types don't require socks, and could provide a bit more comfort in warm weatherBusiness/Formal footwear - Quite poor for running and sprinting around in, let alone walking long distances. Low durability, high chance of getting blisters from wearing thick socks. Possible buff to interpersonal relations (Everyone likes a man with good shoes), or relations with the opposite sex (high heels?). But is that little buff worth the risk of being unable to escape when the horde comes a calling? Might good as a source of raw material for shoe repairCasual/Common shoes - Sneakers, sandshoes, runners, and all that. The average shoe the average Joe wears when out and about. No real downsides, unless you have to wear the wrong size or have poor socks. Decent durability, but better for moving around in urban areas instead of the wilderness or farm country.Boots - Steelcaps, hiking boots, combat boots, things like that. The holy grail in terms of footwear for a survivor. Fantastic durability and comfort, at the expense of a bit of sneaking ability and rarity. Might have a 'breaking in period', Stupid durable, but tricky to fix if they break or wear out. And let's not forget socks. The best pair of boots in the world mean nothing if you're wearing a crappy pair of socks. No socks - Welp, you dun goofed. Depending on the size and quality of your footwear, blisters and chaffing are a forgone conclusion. Unless you're wearing sandals or thongs. But what if it's cold. or wet? Freezing feet are as painful to walk on as overheating, blistered feet. And lets not forget the possibility of infection or frostbite...Business/formal/cheap socks - Something's better than nothing. Thin, unpadded, and made of flimsy material. Provides little warmth to your feet, and likely to have holes worn through them after a few days of constant use. Bound to be plentiful in supermarkets, but there's always something better. Being made of poor material, darning or repairing may be impossible.Casual/Everyday socks - Much the same as everyday shoes. Average, nothing to write home about. Good durability, common, and you can darn them a couple of times. But, eventually, you'll have to toss them when you wear too many holes in them.Hiking/Thick/Military socks - Rare, but comfortable as hell. Extremely durable, so patching the inevitable holes would be an extremely worthwhile way to extend their usable life. Only downsides are their rarity, incompatibility with certain shoes (especially tight ones), and their sensitivity to moisture. After wading through knee-high water you'd want to change into dry socks quickly, to avoid chaffing, blisters, and some of the nastier mosit-foot ailments such as trenchfoot over the long term.Footwraps/Portyanki - Nothing more than a square of good cotton or flannel wrapped tightly around the foot, ankle and shin. Extremely easy to make, only slightly harder to repair. A survivalist's dream, and a staple of the Russian Army since the 17th century. Great durability, but most likely impossible to find in Kentucky, so you'll have to make your own from bandages, sheets, any good fabric you can appropriate and tear up. Takes time to wrap and unwrap your feet, and you have to know what you're doing. Fail to wrap your feet good and tight and it's blisters ahoy. Toss in the medical overhaul in the future, and the treatment of foot ailments can be a major deal, as it is in real life. Fail to look after your feet, wear the wrong size shoes, thick socks, keep them moist... Suddenly, every step is agony. Tracking down antifungal creams, antibiotics, applying bandages to blisters... There's plenty of things there to play with. Is it realistic? Yes. Proper footcare and footwear are major issues in a survival situation, and have been important in military conflicts since time immemorial. Just look at trenchfoot in World War One, or the differences between German and Soviet footwear in World War Two. Does it fit in the spirit of Project Zomboid? I'd say yes. Zomboid's aiming for a realistic survival scenario. Cutting up car tires to make crude sandals, or prying the boots of a corpse would certainly fit in with the atmosphere of the game. Besides, it'd give us a use for all the shoes we find in containers or on bodies. Would it make the game too easy (or difficult)? A bit of a tough one here. Foot trauma, blisters and the like, would certainly fit into the upcoming medical overhaul. Even if it's a case of the shoes and socks in game taking durability damage over time, and the odds of a blister rising as a result. Having a handful of 'classes' for shoes and socks (i.e: Poor, Average, Great, Homemade), like the examples I've given above, wouldn't complicate the game immensely, and would just add another class of loot for players to search for. We already have several classes of torso and leg coverings (i.e: Sweaters, vests), why not expand this to include shoes and socks? The beginner player could bounce from house to house, using and discarding the typical shoes over time, but an advanced player would keep an eye out for better footwear, and keep said footwear in peak condition by repairing it. And remember, the durability on even the poorest pair of shoes is still quite high. Sure, you might need to replace the inner lining of the shoe and the laces a bit frequently, but the shoe itself isn't going to wear out for a least a month. A player wouldn't need to replace their shoes that frequently, but darning a sock could soon become a favourite way to pass time in the safehouse. Would it add enough to the gameplay? I think it would. The key would be limiting the amount of shoes/socks to a few 'families', similar to the examples I've given. Then it's simply a matter of placing any new shoes, etc. into these families as they're added to the game. This would allow for a huge variety in the appearance of the footwear (and admittedly, we do need more and varied clothing, even if it's cosmetic), but avoid an excess of coding. As for adding something to the gameplay... During the apocalypse, what would be more valuable to you? A thick paperback book or a good pair of thick woollen socks? An extra handful of bullets, or a pair of boots without a hole in them? Okay, that's it, post over. Apologies for rambling on for so long
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