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Found 5 results

  1. Are there some smart guys who know how to update this mod to build 31.5?, its work right now but it's created for 5 skill lvl http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/10036-additional-skill-books-mod/
  2. I think that the skills books aren't all that great. I mean so far they're just called "expert trapping" and have a red book for their picture. I think that PZ should take a leaf out of fallouts book e.g. each skill book on fallout has a a different cover and name, this could add a lot more to the game considering in a fishing store you are more likely to find an actual fishing magazine rather than a books. and if your characters job fits the book it could provide entertainment for your char. Awful MS paint example of what i'm talking about below
  3. With the firearms overhaul a while back and the medical overhaul a few patches ago, I would very much love to see a carpentry overhaul worked into an update. Keep in mind, I am suggesting an entire overhaul, not a small change or addition; i'm not asking them to add everything I have suggested in the next update, I understand that some/all of these suggestions will take lots of time and may not even be possible to add to the game. That being said, please read on. What I would like to see included in this overhaul: Completely redo the carpentry system (and the skill books as well). In order to be able to craft certain things you must read a skill book, these books will "teach" you how to create certain objects/structures (meaning they will no longer be grayed out in the crafting window ) allowing you to create more and better structures Perhaps metalworking (unless your character was employed as a metalworker in his past life, he will have to read a few carpentry books to learn how), welding, electricity work (add an "electrician" character, some books on electric work, etc.), and other things like this could be added to the game. Some more recipes like: different sizes of boxes/crates (have a different inventory count and take up different amounts of space), the ability to add wooden/metal security bars to doors, craft-able ladders and hatches, reinforcing doors/walls/windows/ with metal bars (you will have to know how to weld, skill books! ), and concrete/brick walls (again, skill books... or just choose to be a construction worker when you're creating a character). The construction worker should spawn with a few levels of carpentry already unlocked (do this with the other jobs as well, like a police officer, doctor, etc.). New tools like drills, jackhammers (not sure what we'll do with this, would be cool tho ), wrenches, chainsaws, box cutters, tire irons, mallets, hatchets, sheers... those are all that are coming to mind currently :/. Tool boxes: contains several tools, nails/screws, and other items like wire, twine etc.That is really all that I can think of/want to include in my suggestion. If you want to add to this suggestion, ask me to remove an item from this suggestion, or whatevs please post a comment. PS: I know that they wouldn't have made a suggestions thread without wanting people to suggest things, but writing this suggestion made me feel selfish D: ... Thank you devs for creating such a great game and for taking suggestions, love what you all have created for us! PPS: The " :P" face may have been overused... . This was the first thing I posted on here btw, please be nice peeps! ALSO: I'm sure some of these may have already been suggested so sorry for re-suggesting them. These were just my suggestions, not trying to steal somebody else's idea or spam the forums.
  4. A quick mod I slapped together in 10 minutes but I figured the community might like a chance to use it. TRAPPING BOOKS MOD This mod creates and distributes the missing Trapping skill books throughout the PZ world at the usual locations for skill books to be found. Enjoy! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/go2m60e4ec87uaa/Trapping+Books.rar Updated to v1.1: Forgot to edit a server file that applied the skill multiplier upon reading the books. Whoops! Fixed now! Sorry about that!
  5. Dyslexic (positive points) You have a lot of difficulty with reading and writing, therefore: - reading skill books takes longer - literature is less effective at reducing boredom/stress/unhappiness Bookworm (negative points) You are fascinated by books and obviously read a lot, you are able skip words and still understand sentences, therefore: + reading skill books is faster + literature is more effective at reducing boredom/stress/unhappiness The factors longer/faster/less/more can be defined so that they do not make the game a lot more easier. (You could also theoretically have both traits, which would give a "reading bonus" of certain level, where the tradeoff for trait points could be tempting) (Offtopic: English is not my first language and I may, myself, appear to be dyslexic. I can assure you this is not the case. I'm not a bookworm either, though )
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