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Found 2 results

  1. Whenever you forage and get some berries, they got mixed up in you inventory. It would be really easier to separate and discard the poisonous ones if they were sorted by type by default. At least for me, I think it's not that easy to check those "inner images" to differentiate the colors and see which ones are the poisonous (considering you already know which one is). Seems way easy to implement and I guess would help. Another possible way would be to just decrease the transparency of the "inner" images.
  2. PART ONE : FIRST AID SKILL As everyone know, First aid skill are mostly useless. The only benefit from them is healing broken bones ( much faster,so much! ) So, i want to suggest some balancing,to make that skill must have for players. 1. Increase the healing time with 0 level of First aid. For example - with 5 level we apply bandage with 3 seconds. So,with 0 level we will do that in..10 second?Maybe even 15 or 20? Panic will increase that time a lot. 2. Without any knowledge, a person can apply only poorly bandage. About scratches / bites / burns First aid level 0 : you can apply poorly bandage. Healing time is very long,even for scratches. High risk of getting blood poisoning ( If this is scratch - only with maximum level of injury ) First aid level 1/2 : You can apply good bandages! Healing time depends on skill level. First aid level 3/ more : You can apply good bandages! Healing time depends on skill level. You can know grade of the injury About deep wounds : First Aid level 0 : you can't sew your deep wound,only apply bandage and disinfect it. First Aid level 1 / 2 : You can poorly stitch your deep wound ( only stops bleeding - need better stitch. Otherwise, after a while you may die from blood poisoning ) First Aid level 3 / more : You can sew deep wound good! Time depends on skill. You can know grade of the injury About broken limbs : First aid level 0 : You can apply a splint, but it's bad. There is a danger that the bone will recovery сrookedly ( Arm - less damage, foot - less speed ). Also,you can try to broke your bone again to avoid it,but that will cause lot of hurt,especially without first aid skill. First aid level 1 : Same,but faster healing time First aid level 2 / more : You can apply good splints! Time of healing depends on skill. You can know grade of the injury P.S "Knowing injury grade" already in the game and i know it,just can't don't mention that. PART TWO : Bandages I know that PZ has special parameter for bandages,called "Bandage power". 1.Adhesive bandages Make they only applicable to scratches,but increase healing rate more than other bandages,so adhesive bandages stop being useless. UPD : I just watch the wiki again and it says,that bandages has more "bandage power" that rags. I was wrong.. Bandage - bandage power 4 Rag - bandage power 2 Adhesive bandage - 1.5
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