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Found 5 results

  1. Good afternoon. I am reporting a bug in "Project Zomboid" concerning sickness. My character got sick and, as everyone knows, that's a death sentence unless you have Antiboitics. I tried to feed her and he lp her sleep, but when I went to bed, she died in her sleep. In her Inventory , she had a Tote Bag as a secondary item and a Big Hiking Bag on her back, as well as a wealth of rarer items and skill magazines in her arms. Note that she died in the bed while the sleep clock was skipping forward. When she died, I started as a new character and went to where sh
  2. Wouldn't it be nice if you actually sat down in a chair to reduce fatigue instead of a bar hovering over your head? Wouldn't it also be nice if you could lay down to help alleviate some nausea or illness so you could recover faster? That's the idea! I'm a stickler for the details, and the fact I can't actually sit or lay down bothers me. I got a major burn wound once, and I thought to myself the whole time I should be laying down and babying my leg for this! Something else that I'd love to see, is if you are sitting down - why not let people read books or do other activities while sitt
  3. As the title says, this mod will give you food poisoning if you drink from a toilet or rain barrel. It also lets you take water from water tiles that you must distill before you can drink it. Features of dirty Water: Get sick drinking from a toilet or rainbarrelGet sick drinking water from a bottle, kettle, bowl, etc. filled from a toilet or rainbarrelCollect water from natural water sources (river, ocean, ponds, etc.)"Dirty" water in a bottle that is filled with "clean" water from a faucet is still considered "dirty" by pollution.Empty your "dirty" bottles before filling in "clean" water fr
  4. Sorry if this has been asked, I used the search function and found people answering for single player. How does one cure sickness in a multiplayer server? I host a local game for my girlfriend and a few friends, and one of them got sick, but with no way to sleep, it seems she is unable to fight being sick? She's trying to stay "Slight fed" or "Fed" as a buff, took painkillers once in the morning, once at night, vitamins, (Even though they seem useless in multiplayer), but she just continued to detoriate, eventually killing her. Is there a way to help this?
  5. To me it doesn't make sense that you can take the dirty, bloody, and most likely germ infested from being on a rotting corpse, clothes off a dead zombie, tear them up, and put them on an open wound and not be infected, sick, or something. An easy way to fix this problem as well as add another use to bleach, would be using bleach on each of the pieces of clothing to kill any diseases or germs. Each piece of clothing should use 15% of the bottle of bleach. If anyone has any ideas or wants to discuss this I'm open to criticism and this idea could be expanded on. Also I'm new to the PZ community a
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