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Found 2 results

  1. Eldurn

    Missing weapon sound.

    Sup boys, finally after 150h+ without any problem i have to report bug I don't have gun shoot sound, without problem with reload noise. I tried change audio settings but all sounds are set loud. I can too test missing sound in advanced options. I find more player with this same issues. Have a nice evening Edit: I try some way to repair this by myself and i find this: before i start game in advance sound options i have normal sounds category. After trigger missing sound (like shoot by 9mm pistol) in advance sound options are created new category AUTO with missing sound but i can't hear it if i push test button.
  2. Shooting down to street level from higher floors. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One of the many strategies I've used, is rush with a buddy to a 2nd story building and barricade the door leading to the ladder. Sometimes there is a LOT of hordes waiting for me outside. It's kind of frustrating being able to see some of them but not being able to shoot. So what if, When standing next to a window, if you shoot it shoots on the first floor. This would work very well once, hunting rifles come out, you just sit on your safehouse, and if you see a zed. just Shoot. I would also like to implement the idea of being able to peek and look down windows. Because sometimes that's where i'm jumping down to, and sometimes there's just zombies waiting for me there.