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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys i have a little logical issue with the game. First of all i know there is the sandbox where we can set our own zombieapocalypse Settings. And i know that it is for game balancing reasons but i find it a bit Strange that 3 days After the Initial outbreak there are no supplys or just one fooditem in a fridge or all cars are out of fuel and look like they were in Multiple car crashes. I mean if a zombieinfection breaks out today there would be every household full with resources. Even if they were looted in this 3 days from some guys the cars would still be perfectly intact. At least that is something that Got through my mind playing the game. Dont get me wrong i love the game so far and with the new update it has gotten sooooo much better than it already was but thats something thats a matter of logic for me....maybe its because i cant stay alive for more than 5 Minutes since the new update
  2. So post your PZ lore snippets caught while listening to the radio and watching the TV in-game
  3. I was wondering how to set up a server? I've followed the guides that I've found but nothing seems to work. I've tried forwarding ports, I've tried Tunngle, I've tried Hamachi, but nothing has worked. Can anyone give me a detailed walkthrough of the process? Honestly, I would prefer not to forward ports, but if that's the best way then I'll do it.
  4. The setting of zombies speed " Sprinters " are glitched a bit, becouse they sprint fast, okay, but they have same movement speed as a player, so player cant run away from them or loose in a corners of city. By the way, when they reach you they just STOP like on a millitary command and slowly bite you, then again they sprint very fast, and when they reach you, they stop and slowly bit you. It should be fixed, they should have more rage, like in really 28 days later movie
  5. Hello! In the Sandbox Presets thread, I said I'd make a little collection of some different sandbox loadouts with a few that resemble the lore of different zombie films, like 28 Days Later, Dawn of the Dead, I am Legend, All Alone, etc., so here it is! Please feel welcome contribute one you've thought of if you'd like to share it and stuff, or correct or improve an existing one so this seems a little less dismal and barren and stuff. 28 Days Later: Dawn of the Dead (2004): The Walking Dead/Night of the Living Dead (1968): All Alone: Stinky Walking Corpses: My Own thingy-bajiggle: Hellishly Hardcore: I am Legend: (probably much much much better with a mod or official night active feature thing to balance it) DayZ-ish: Left 4 Dead-ish:
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