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Found 2 results

  1. Citadel Servers is now offering Project Zomboid hosting! We offer from the server on a RAM basis from 1.5GB to 8.5GB per server. Our servers are in Europe, USA and Canada at the affordable price of $7.42 | £4.99 | €6.84 per GB. Our Recommendations of players on servers We suggest getting more Ram if you intend to run mods on your server. Sale! - 512mb extra on all Ram! 1536Mb (1.5GB) 1-12 Players 2560Mb (2.5GB) 1-18 Players 3584Mb (3.5GB) 1-26 Players 4608Mb (4.5GB) 1-38 Players 8704Mb (8.5GB) 1-70 Players Need more than 8.5GB? Contact us. Our Locations: USA New York, Nevada , Kansas, Vermont, Texas, Washington, Florida Canada Montreal Europe United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands | | | | | | Order for a year and get 10% off your order! We have a nice discount using the code PZ10OFF This will give you 10% off your order. Features Full FTP access. easily accessible configuration files. Easy access to log files. Web Console. Steam Update button. Your Server, You decide your Slots\Players. Option to password servers. No Branding. Start/Stop/Reinstall your server at a click of a button. We support PZ Beta builds such as IWBUMS from the click of a button New! Update: We now support IWBUMS 31.11 Beta builds on our Project Zomboid servers, with a click of a button you can install the latest IWBUMS build. With all of our dedicated servers running ECC high frequency Ram with Intel Professional grade Xeon Servers, your server performance should never be a concern. All servers are connected to atleast a 1Gbps uplink to achieve low latency. All the staff at Citadel Servers are willing to help and support you if you have questions or something stops working. Buy your server now with near instant set-up! If you have any questions before purchasing contact us at CitadelServers.com Click here to Order Your Server Citadel Servers Team https://www.citadelservers.com
  2. I currently have my Firewall disabled, as well as TCP/UDP ports 16261-16270 open, with several port programs confirming that they are open. However, I am only capable of logging into my server through an internal ip. I am currently unable to log into the server using the external IP, and neither are my friends. I have tried several troubleshooting methods, but none of them work. A little info if it helps is I currently use a 2wire 3801hgv router. Also, although it says my ports are open, some programs claim they cannot ping my router. Is there any known solution to this at the moment? Everything I have googled so far has produced zero results, and it is extremely frustrating. Thanks in advance, I will be keeping an eye on this topic if anyone will have an answer for me.
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