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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone, I've got an Ubuntu Server 64 bit VM that I would like to host a Project Zomboid server on. I have used this VM for hosting an Ark: Survival Evolved server in the past. I was able to manage this very easily with a tool called arkmanager. It did everything from installing the game, starting/stopping the server, and updating the game/mods. Does anyone know of a tool similar to this for Project Zomboid? If not, could anyone point me in the direction of a current (most scripts I've found seem to be outdated) script that will automatically start the server on Linux. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Hello, Is there a way to access in a lua file an item introduced via script file (located on the script folder)? I need to access an item and modify a value without overriding it (improving future compatibilities).
  3. I´m currently trying to enhance the performance of my server and therefore need some help. With build28 we can directly manage the server with console-commands, so it should be possible to do a grace restart. Some time ago I used a script which will simply kill the process and restart the sh-script, but I deactivated it because of potential damage to the map/save. I have decent linux skills but I´m kinda stuck here. What I would like to achieve with the restart-script: 5min before restart send a message to all playerssend the "quit"-command to the serverwait a couple of minutesrestart the serverI´m stuck at the communication from my script to the actual game-server. Hope there are some Linux-cracks around here (looking at you Kirrus )
  4. I made a mod for build 25 and 26 where I created my own occupation and traits based on some "The Walking Dead" characters. Now I can't get them to work on build 27. Did something change? What am I missing?
  5. Hello, i tryng to make some mods, and anyone can post the wheelie bin script please, really i didnt find . Where i can find? I searched in all 0.2.0 versions. Sorry bad english
  6. Hi guys I only just now found out zoom is back in the game (IKR only just 5 minutes ago...) Would it be possible to make a script to auto zoom in the camera all the way as i enter a building(such as every thing you can walk into from the outdoors).Then zoom out to its default zoom as i exit the buildings. How hard would it exactly be? I would think of this being useful maybe not only to me but others aswell.As the thought of this idea popped into my head i was overwhelmed with excitement
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