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Found 3 results

  1. I'd like to suggest to you: Gabions aka wire mehs walls Ingredients: Make use of and to create the wire mesh with the metalworking skill, , and Using to dig a trench for foundation Creating the foundation with , (?), and Adding the mesh to the foundation with (from ) and the use of Finally filling these with excess stones ( and ) from foraging (good way to get rid of them) Procedure: 1 - Shovel: Dig a small trench for a concrete foundation 2 - Bucket: Create a unit of concrete from sand out of sandbags (optional - finite resource?), cement bags and water 3 - Metalworking: Craft mesh units from wire and metal scrap 4 - Assemble: Pour concrete into trench, wait some hours till cured (optional), screw mesh unit onto concrete, add stones to wire mesh 5 - Profit! These walls could possibly be an alternative to the log walls in mid / late game Please like, share and discuss on these
  2. So I was laying in bed last night and a thought ran across my mind: "When putting a door together, you don't use nails to put the hinges on, you use screws." I think by giving the door a "dismantle" option with a screwdriver in your inventory, you should be granted a door, two hinges, a door handle, and a few screws. All of these could also drop broken versions, planks and scrap metal, depending on how high your carpentry level is and how the D20 rolls. This would give screws a use in building doors, give players a chance to use the type of door they wanted for aesthetic reasons, and also drop scrap metal for use in the metal crafting (currently in IWBUMS).
  3. Esa es mi pregunta, se pueden usar los tornillos como Municion? O debo crear propiedades especiales para los tornillos? That's my question, you can be used as ammunition screws? Or should I create special properties for screws? Sorry for my English.
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