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Found 1 result

  1. PackerHavoc

    Doors and Keys

    With the addition of Keys into the new build I think a nice addition to go along with it would be the ability to dismantle doors using a screwdriver and be able to retrieve all the hinges and door knobs. As with the current situation of destroying the door there is a chance that the door knob could be lost, rendering the key useless. I know that the problem with that is that technically a door is then made with screws, so would that require the need to add screws? In the long run I would say yes, but to be fair I have never had a door assembled with nails, or without a drill. Just saying To make it fair you could only dismantle a door from the inside, as most doors can only be dismantled from the inside. But don't make it 100% effective, instead it would just have a higher percentage of dropping. Since some things just break from age. The door can still break to planks like it does currently. This would be a safer option for base builders as it would give a higher chance of items, and it would allow people to take the door knob for a key that they just found, instead of not knowing what house the 5 keys you have go to. This would also give the screwdriver more use in the game.